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21st June 2018


The Waldstadtbrauerei in Iserlohn has been open for about a year. They supply around a dozen bars and restaurants in the town, half as many in the surrounding area plus around thirty shops.


19th June 2018


Benjamin Brauner has opened a brewery in the cellar of his parent's house in Musberg, a suburb of Leinfelden-Echterdingen. He sells his Fux Bier direct from source on Thursdays and Saturdays.


American Paul Higgins has started a brewery in the cellar of a former bakery in the Maxvorstadt district of München. I have emailed him for more information regarding his Higgins Ale Works.


The Fleisbacher Brauerei opened last month. The brewery opens for sales daily except Sunday.

Does anyone know anything about Oberländchen Braumanufaktur in Hattenhof, south of Fulda?

The owners of the Weidmann & Groh distillery in Ockstadt started Kultland Brauerei as a sideline in 2016. Current production is 250hl a year, all of which is sold in either barrels or 5 litre containers.


There are plans for a new brewery in Großburgwedel. The Burgwedeler Brauhaus is expected to be housed in a former butchers cold store.

Brewing on a scale just up from your average home brewer is Hillthaler in Kayhausen, near Bad Zwischenhahn. The website lists three outlets.

Ralf Hellmer has installed a small brewery in a former chicken coop in his back garden in Rastede. His eponymous brewery is open for sales on Friday evenings.

Janna Claußen has begun to make use of the prouducts at his home brewer supplies shop in Tungeln, near Oldenburg. My Bier makes numerous small batches of Tungeler beer which can be bought in person at the shop.


Hanno Dähne has been brewing in Herne for more than a decade and officially registered to sell beer since late 2009. However, it's only now he's come to my attention and I suspect only recently the beers have been generally available. His Aktionsbrauerei Dähne website lists four outlets in addition to his cellar brewery.

Does anyone know anything about Bäm Bäm Bräu in Köln? Several of their beers were available at the recent Festival der Bierkulturen but I suspect they are simply hobby brewers.

Also in Köln, Scharrenbräu is the first confirmed new brewery in the city since 2001.


Bierbrüderschaft Duzenowe is not allowed to sell the beer they make on site. Their commercial beer is brewed elsewhere, most recently Munruffer Bierfabrik in Mogendorf.

Mid-March saw the opening of Temmelser Braukeller 2018, the brainchild of Alexander Baltes, a brewer from Temmels who currently works at Brasserie Simon in Wiltz, Luxembourg. The brewery opens 10.00-13.00 each Saturday for sales.


The long-promised brewy in Tangermünde finally opened last autumn although it is called Schulzens Hofbräu rather than Alte Brauerei.


Gaststätte Hoier Boier in Bergenhausen is home to the tiny Klapperbräu. The beer is made in the kitchen.

New in the Friedrichsort district of Kiel is Czerny's Küstenbrauerei.

Neumünster has a brewery for the first time since 1986. Wittorfer looks to have had some money thrown at it.


17th June 2018


Kulmbacher Brauerei has had a rather snazzy looking mobile show brewery for the last five years. The Mönchshof BrauMeisterei appears at several local events over the year and it is possible the beer made does get sold (the litre bottle labels certainly indicate that). Confirmation would be welcome.

I have decided the Weizenbierglasmuseum in Nürnberg fails to meet the criteria for inclusion so have removed it.

The research brewery at TUM's famous Weihenstephan campus in Freising now makes beers that appear commercially on occasion plus the regular range for Noam of München.


16th June 2018


Schloßbrauerei Arnstorf stopped brewing during 2016. Their beers are now made at Graf Arco in Adldorf.

A brewpub is planned for the Technical University of Munich's (TUM) new 'Galileo' campus north-west of Garching. Campus Bräu is expected to open later this year and will have a capacity of up to 5,000hl. In the meantime, their beer is brewed at Camba Old Factory in Gundelfingen.

There are plans for a new brewery on the site of a petrol station in the southern München district of Obergeising-Fasangarten. reviving the name of a brewery taken over by Unionsbrauerei in 1905, it is hoped the Münchner Kindl Brauerei will open next year.


7th June 2018


Brauerei Brauda has opened in Büchl, a hamlet north-west of Ering.

There may be a new brewery, or at least plans for one, in Geisendorf. Does anyone know anything about Braumanufaktur Bichlmeier?

Heinen's Craft Beer is the second nanobrewery to open in Hösbach, north-west of Aschaffenburg. The beers are available in 0.5l and litre flip top bottles and, bizarrely, seems to be regularly available at the Griether Hanselädchen shop in Grieth - on the west bank of the Rhein near Kalkar!


Beers from the new Wildwuchs Brauwerk should be available next month. (Andy Pratt)


Having brewed in Bautzen for several years, Bierblume opened their own brewery in Görlitz during April just metres from the Polish border.

Bierfabrik Erzgebirge started brewing recently. Although officially in Wünschendorf, it's next to the river Flöha a kilometre east of the village, close to Reifland-Wünschendorf station.


6th June 2018


There is a small brewery in Neuensee at the Werkstätten St. Joseph, a foundation that helps the handicapped. The beer (Werkstöffla Kellerbier) is available at the on site Glas Café

Unser Dorfbräu opened in Seeshaupt last year. Their website lists three outlets including the brewery.


5th June 2018


There is a revival planned for Brauhaus Garmisch, closed in 1970. The beer is currently made at Herrnbräu in Ingolstadt.

Thomas König has confirmed his Kini Bier has been brewing in Gersthofen since September. I await further details on outlets.

Armin Pillmeier has opened his own brewery in a barn in Langquaid. Pillmeier Bräu is more traditional than many recent openings with a typical Bavarian beer range.

More on Wagner in Oberhaid. Apparently, the brewery is currently undergoing renovation and the beers are being made elsewhere until work is complete.

Remonte Bräu was founded in Schleißheim last month. Initially, their beer will be made at Gut Forsting.


26th May 2018


Zum Sternen in Hambrücken closed at the end of 2016. (Sascha Bruns)

The Barfüßer in Heilbronn closed last August. (Sascha Bruns)


The Kleines Rüsselsheimer Brauhaus in Alt-Haßloch is now simply called Das Brauhaus. (Paul Lockwood)


The proposed brewery in Lindlar opened last year. 2T is part of a business which also operates climbing walls; the beers can be bought from the on site shop and a tap is planned. (Roman Drüg)


It appears Prinz Ludwig in Haßloch has closed but it also seems the owner has relocated and opened the nearby Hasslocher Brauhof, increasing the size of his brewery. More information would be welcome. (Paul Lockwood).