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16th May 2018


Zum Bahnhof in Köndringen appears to have closed, making the already tricky task of finding Köndringer Dorfbräu beers that much harder. (Paul Harrop)


Hinterhofbräu in Aichach has had an on-site tap since January 2016. The Backyard Brewpub is open on weekday evenings. (Paul Harrop)

Landbierparadies Hexenhäusle in Fürth is know known as Bierhimmel. (Paul Harrop)


Brauerei Flügge opened in the Schwanheim district of Frankfurt earlier this year. (Paul Harrop)


I think I'd previously overlooked Ratskeller Buxtehude as I'd mistakenly taken it for the closed Buxtehuder Brauhaus. It opened just over two years ago. (Paul Harrop)

Robens Kerkerbräu is now called Robens Craft Beer. (Paul Harrop)


Privatbrauerei Bach moved to a new site last year and renamed themselves slightly to Bachs Braumanufaktur. Their former tap, the Kirkeler Brauhaus has closed. (Paul Lockwood)


The Ratskeller in Leipzig now brews. Lotteraner beers have been made there since March. (Paul Harrop)

The famous Ohne Bedenken also has its own brewery. Located in the beer garden, they've been making Gose there since July. (Paul Harrop)


15th May 2018


Germering should have a brewery from July. Brauhaus Germering will be in Friedenstraße.

There may be a new brewery in Gersthofen called Kini Bier. I have emailed Thomas König for more information.


There's been a brewery in the Lechenich district of Erftstadt for around a year. Blue Cat only makes a Wiess (an unfiltered Kölsch-style beer). (Roma Drüg)


14th May 2018


Red Castle Brew in Gräfenbergerhüll closed during February due to financial difficulties.

A brewery has been installed at Die Fischerei in Kosbach, near Erlangen. Hofbräu Oberle opened in March.

The tap at Gutsbräu Straßkirchen is currently closed.

Despite opening a much larger brewery in Seeon, Camba Bavaria has confirmed they do still brew at their original site in Truchtlaching.


11th May 2018


Marcus Jentsch from Institut Romeis has been in touch to say that although brewing beer for public consumption is very much a sideline for their business, they do consider themselves commercial. As such, I'll include them.

Camba Bavaria opened a new brewery in Seeon, a few miles from their former base in Truchtlaching. Truchtlaching still has the tap but I believe all production there has ended - I've emailed them for confirmation.


9th May 2018


Roberts Genuss Bräu moved 9km south-east from Reutti to Attenhofen last summer. It is now located at Hotel & Gasthof Neumaiers Hirsch.

Does anyone know anything about Brauerei Schloss Berg? Is is apparently based in the former Zari restaurant in Sibichhausen, near Berg (Starnberger See). I suspect it may be a glorified hobby and have emailed the local council in the hope details may be forthcoming.

There's a nanobrewery in Hahnbach but I'm not convinced Gewölbe Bräu is commercial, more somewhere that hols brewing courses, etc.. I have asked the question.

Not commercial but more along the lines of one of the communal breweries is Hobbybrauer Himmelkron. Their beer is available at a couple of festivals each year.

Berggasthof Sonne in Imberg, near Sonthofen, has had a tiny brewery since 2016. Brewing evenings are held every couple of weeks or so but they warn on their website their beer is not infrequently unavailable. Most of the beer sold there is from the Zötler range.

There's a small brewpub in Laufen, a pretty town surrounded on three sides by the River Salzach. Interestingly, Laufener Braukuchl is actually closer to Oberndorf station over the river in Austria than Laufen, and the website has an Austrian address. They only open on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Institut Romeis outside Oberthulba has long had a research brewery but the beers are now making it into the wider world and two are currently available at Biershop Bayern. It's unclear whether they are truly commercial so I have sent an email asking for more details.

Does anyone know anything about Postbräu Osseltshausen, near Au in der Hallertau? It was another to appear at the festival in Ruderatshausen (below).

There may be a brewery in Ruderatshausen, near Au in der Hallertau. A beer festival was held at a farm in the village, Lengerhof, during July 2015. Amongst the breweries was Lengerbräu. I have emailed the probable owner for information

 Also at the festival were Postbräu Osseltshausen, Brauerei Pesenlern and Heidebräu Zolling, none of which I can find mentioned elsewhere. Does anyone know more?

There is supposedly a brewery at Beim Olivenbauer in Wertach. However, one photograph found of a bottle of their Tante Paula beer shows it has an identical label to the supposed brewery of the same name in Rosenheim which I have yet to receive a reply from. Even odder, upon investigation I found Tante Paula Gasthausbrauerei's website, although featuring an address in Rosenheim on the front page, has the business owner's address in Wertach. Clearly, the two are related and it is likely there is only one brewery between them. To further muddy the waters, Beim Olivenbauer apparently supplies three other restaurants (in Füssen, Hopfen am See & Waltenhofen). Does anyone know what on earth is going on? Is it all made by Flötzinger?


Buddelship and the Filisoof Jenever distillery have combined to open a tap. Oorlam is on the western edge of Neustadt. (Dave Brown)

Hopper Bräu has been renamed Landgang Brauerei. (Dave Brown)


8th May 2018


Nicole Wimmer of Gaststätte Scheuern (the former Scheuerer Alm), outside Aschau, confirms brewing has resumed.

Christoph Laschka of Steg Bräu Tölz has been in touch to say they only brew at special events. Although I could, possibly, justify including them, I won't.

Thomas Biller of Brauhaus Hopfenfreunde has confirmed they have their own brewery in the Stadeln district of Fürth. They have no regular opening hours - you'll have to get in touch first if you want to visit (Saturdays are usually the day to do so).

The Spessartstuben in Haibach was indeed, briefly, home to Shark Creek Brewing. Michael Amrhein, owner of the brewery, tells me it is currently closed while he looks for a new site.

Dein Bier is based in Hausen, a couple of miles east of Kaufbeuren. They have a mobile brewery that can be hired for brewing event or making house beers, etc., but also make their own beer which can be bought from them on Mondays and Saturdays. A list of outlets can be found on their website.

Andreas Kupfer of the Bavaria Lounge in Ihrlerstein has told me a brewery is being installed behind the restaurant which should be completed this year. In the meantime, their Ehrenthaller beer is made for them by another brewery; I believe this is Brandler Hausbrauerei and have emailed back for further details.

In 1992, Josef Papelitzky started brewing at his home in Wolfersdorf as a hobby. In 2015, the retired Hofbrauhaus Freising brewer went commercial with his Bayerische-Böhmische Brauhaus, albeit on a small scale. He makes around 150-200hl a year, all of which is sold direct from source.


4th May 2018


Steg Bräu Tölz has been around for 15 years but I believe it fails the commercial test. I have emailed them for info.

Started in Creussen during 2011 as a hobby, Creussen Bräu is registered to pay beer tax so the beer can be sold but it is not commercial, according to owner Johannes Hammoud. One to keep an eye on.

Deuerling has had a second brewery since 2015. Braustall opens for sales Friday evenings and hosts occasional festivals.

There may be a new brewery in Fürth. I have emailed Brauhaus Hopfenfreunde for more details.

It seems there may be a small brewery at the Spessartstuben in Haibach called Shark Creek Brewing. I await a response.

Tilo Heimberger has been brewing on a very small scale in Hösbach for several years. His Heimbergers Craftbeer has been commercial since about 2016 and is sold in bottles at his shop, Craftladen, and has also been available on draught at Zum Ochsen in Wenighösbach.

Yet another possible brewery, this time in Ihrlerstein, near Kelheim. The Bavaria Lounge is said to be home to Brandler Hausbrauerei - I have sent an email requesting info.

I believe Ehrabörch Bräu in Kirchehrenbach is just a hobby but photo's suggest it may one day go commercial.

Does anyone know anything about Bavarian Craft Beer in Kümmersruck?

And another. Schlossrestaurant Zeitlos in Oberschwappach apparently brews. Again, the question has been asked.

Another that may one one day go commercial is Minoriten Bräu, brewed by Brother Tobias at Kloster Schwarzenberg. The beer is not currently sold but has appeared at monastery festivals.

One bit of info from 2013 I've not followed-up is the status of Brauerei Michael in Weißenstadt. The traditional brewery stopped brewing around 2012 and the few remaining beers are now made by Lang in Schönbrunn. Happily, there is a much smaller (90 litre) plant used to make beers under the name 'Cervecium Hermann's Bierwerkstatt'.

Michael Sapor is brewing on a scale just beyond hobby level in Weilbach, between Amorbach and Miltenberg. His Hopfentroll beers are sold at the weekly Kunst & Krempel market in Amorbach.

Martin Ebnet has set-up a small brewery in Wölsendorf, near Schwarzenbach. He runs Malerbräu as a sideline to his painting and flooring business.


3rd May 2018


A glass brew kettle has been installed at Aldersbacher; they use it to make their 'craft' range and for brewing courses.

There may be a small brewery in Buch, near Wolnzach. Brauerei Shuba shares an address with Hops 2 Brew, a hop farm. I have emailed them for more info.

Does anyone know anything about Heute Brau Ich / Cervisia? They seem to have started in Geldersheim but may now be in Kulmbach.

I've finally been able to pinpoint the location of Bierwerk Kreativbrauerei / Hausbrauerei Wohlfart. It's in the village of Günthersbühl, north-west of Lauf. Willi Wohlfart has been brewing there since 1999, largely as a hobby, but now produces some special brews for Bierwerk Charakterbierbar in Nürnberg under the Bierwerk name. The majority of their beer he brews at Dreykorn in Lauf.

Luke Kennedy has been in touch to confirm he is brewing at his Mr Kennedy bar in Nürnberg although his house lager, Der Franke, is brewed elsewhere. Only the speciality Mr Kennedy beers such as IPA, Stout, Amber and Pale Ale are made on site.

The old Tucher brewhouse in Nürnberg has been renovated and a microbrewery installed. First used in November, Tucher Altes Sudhaus only brews a Rotbier. It is available from wooden barrels in the nearby Schillerklause.

Schanzenbräu moved to a new site in the Höfen district during January 2016 although the tap remains in Gostenhof. They are now capable of producing 15,000hl a year.


2nd May 2018


Further to my mention of Sonnenbräu in Lichtenberg being revived last year as SunBrew, it appears the story has come full circle and SunBrew has been acquired by Volker Hando from Frankfurt and the name returned to Sonnenbräu. The first beers (Pils, Dunkel & Weisse) appeared in February and plans are afoot for the tap to re-open. (Sascha Bruns)

Dominic Stallbauer has been in touch to confirm Brauerei Stallbauer exists, as mentioned below.


Erfurt has another new brewery. Braukeller Erfurt opened on 9th February in the Ratskeller. (Sascha Bruns)


1st May 2018


BayWa AG have installed a pilot brewery at their Bruckbach site, near Wolnzach. It opens officially on 10th June but it is unclear whether it will be used for making commercial beer of simply testing hop varieties. I have asked the question.

There are plans for a brewery in Feichten an der Alz. In the meantime, the sole Hopfenkopf Bräu beer is made at Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu in Bad Tölz.

Brauerei Fischer in Greuth no longer brews itself but gets its beers made elsewhere.

Herr Max & Frau Hopfen opened in Holzgünz, near Memmingen, last Saturday.

It appears there may be two new breweries to report in Nürnberg although I have my doubts about the first. Mr Kennedy is a craft beer bar not far from the castle. I have contacted owner Luke Kennedy for more information.

The second is StreuBräu, located in the south-eastern district of Moorenbrunn. The owners have just launched a crowd-funding appeal in order to expand and if successful, will move to neighbouring Altenfurt.

Having lost two breweries in the last decade, Oberaudorf is back on the brewing map with the Oberaudorfer Privatbrauerei, a brewpub that is run in conjunction with the nearby Sporthotel Wilder Kaiser.

In Rosenheim, it appears Flötzinger may have installed a small brewery in the Mail Keller although I suspect the kettles are purely for show. I have emailed Tante Paula in the hope they reveal all.

Brewing appears to have resumed at Gaststätte Scheuern (formerly Scheuerer Alm), outside Aschau. I await confirmation.

It seems part of the former Brauerei Wieser in Wiesmühl may now be occupied by Brauerei Stallbauer. I have emailed them for details.


30th April 2018

Firstly, apologies for the corruption of special characters on the website. The internet server provider I use recently got taken over and the new one doesn't seem to like umlauts, etc. If the problem doesn't get resolved soon, I'll be moving it elsewhere.

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu Poxau has been in touch. He's created a fantastic and very comprehensive Bavarian brewery map which can be found here. Just be warned it includes communal and future breweries as well as those currently operating. The following news has all been sourced from there and there's plenty more to come.


Andreas Schweiger has started brewing in the cellar of Getränke Oase, his parent's shop in Dorfen. KellerBräu Dorfen beers have been available since November last year.

There's now a brewpub at Freilichtmuseum Glentleiten, south-west of Großweil. The beers are made on site by the Schubert family, owners of Karg in nearby Murnau.

Closed circa 2011, the former Sonnenbräu in Lichtenberg reopened early last year as Sun Brew.

Paulaner's tap on the Nockherberg has been rebuilt with a brewery. The first beers went on sale during February.

Brauerei Gasthof Blomenhof 1571 opened in Neumarkt (Oberpfalz) during March last year. The building dates from 1571 but has never before been a pub, let alone a brewery. The reconditioned brew kettles came from the Hannover area.

There are unconfirmed reports that Wagner in Oberhaid has stopped brewing again.

A fourth brewery opened in Ostheim last year. Streutaler Brauhaus brews a Pils which appears to be available on draught only.

Son of the owners of Beim Gloser in Windischeschenbach, Moritz Popp plans to open his own brewery in Pirk by the end of this year. Pirker Bier will be housed in a former distillery.

Schmölz, near Küps, may have a brewery. I don't have an address for Schmölzer Dorfbräu but there is a photo on the internet of the brewery building being inspected last July and mention of a planning application for a beer garden. Further information would be welcome.

Sadly, Brauerei Hertlein in Staffelbach closed a year ago following the death of the brewer.

Closed following a dispute between owner Paul Schneider and tenants Dido & Rudolf Fottner, the Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen has re-opened as Alte Brauerei Stegen. Paul Schneider has formed a partnership with Brauerei Maisach and one of their brewers, Florian Schmitt, started brewing in Stegen last autumn. The tap reopens this Saturday.

Brauhaus Rosenberg (a.k.a. Brauvaricum) opened a little under a year ago in Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

Brewing has returned to Valley. Graf Arco closed their brewery there sometime in the mid-1990s but have installed a new, much smaller one in part of the castle called Valleyer Schloss Bräu. Bräustüberl Valley is directly opposite.


24th April 2018


The brothers behind Bad Urach's Uracher Kleinbrauhaus only do trial brews on their own kit. Their commercial beer is actually made in Austria at the Gusswerk Brauerei in Hof. (Paul Lockwood)

The new (2013) Wichtel in Ditzingen doesn't actually brew. The beers they sell come from the sister pubs in Böblingen and Stuttgart but not the Esslingen branch. (Paul Lockwood)

Tübingen's Freistil only do trial brews on their own kit. The stuff they sell is actually made at Löwenbrauerei Bräunlingen. (Paul Lockwood)


Rosenzwickel in Dirnismaning closed at the end of last year due to ill health and is for sale. (Paul Lockwood)

Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf has reopened under new ownership and is now called simply Brauerei Melkendorf. The first brew was last month and the beer should be available from early summer.

Brauerei Martin in Unterneuses reopened in February last year after almost three years closed.

Weyberbräu in Weyberhöfe, near Sailauf, has been closed since 2015, possibly even 2014. (Timo Alanen)


Wiesbadener Braumanufaktur is actually five miles east of central Wiesbaden in Medenbach, a village which is officially part of the city. (Paul Lockwood)


The Bosch tap in Bad Laasphe has closed but you can get the beers over the road at Zum Roten Ochsen plus most other pubs in town.

Thomas Kremer is a beer sommelier from Bonn who holds tastings, brewing courses and now has his own brewery, Toms Hütte. Confusingly, it's in the same building as Ale Mania but is a separate, much smaller plant. The first beer, White IPA, went on sale in December. (Roman Drüg)

Far from being closed, it appears Wolfsbier in Durchholz is still active as Paul Lockwood bought a 2 litre bottle of their beer in Witten last month. I'm listing it as open until anyone can offer solid evidence to the contrary.

Brauerei Hensen in Mönchengladbach started brewing around this time last year. It is housed in the former brewhouse of the original Brauerei Hensen (latterly Brauerei Hoefel), which closed in 1973. For a couple of years prior to the installation of their own brewery the beers were made by Bolten in Korschenbroich. (Paul Lockwood)


Hop on Top in Dresden don't yet have their own brewery. Their beers are made at Stonewood in Chemnitz. (Paul Lockwood)