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19th November 2018


Das Brauamt is a tiny new brewery in Heddesheim. Most of their beer is made at Woinemer in nearby Weinheim but they do have their own Braumeister 50 which is used for trail brews but also for small batches. Good luck determining where the beer was made should you be lucky enough to find it.


Lindwurm Bräu in Augsburg is not currently brewing but may resume in a few months. (Paul lockwood)


16th November 2018


Mangfallbräu in Heufeldmühle has closed due to the owner relocating to Switzerland. (Paul Lockwood)

A hop grower in Mainburg, Hopsteiner, has installed a small research brewery. The beers are apparently available at fairs but I'm not sure they could be considered truly commercial and don't mention beer as one of their products.

Brewing has been suspended at Brauhaus Oberstreu due to a defective mash tun. In the meantime, the beers have been made at Rother Bräu in Hausen.

The former Ziegler Brauerei in Waldsassen has been bought by Ratsherrn of Hamburg who are installing a small brewery there called Stiftland Brauerei. The first beers appeared at the town festival in July but were brewed in Hamburg.


Andreas Rauch currently makes his Braulust beers at Coltro Brauservice in Köln but has bought secondhand Dreher kit and is looking for a site in the Mülheim district to open his own brewery.


27th October 2018


Domänen Bräu stopped brewing in November last year. The beers are now made elsewhere.


Owner Ralph Senkel has confirmed Seven Craft is no more.


26th October 2018


Rommelmühle in Bietigheim-Bissingen closed last summer but then re-opened in November as Schnitzelhof, one of three Schnitzel restaurants owned by Brauhaus Pforzheim. The brewing kit remains in place and early reports stated they intended to send a brewer over a couple of times a week but they've confirmed that's not the case and the house beers are now made in Pforzheim.

Hausbräu Mülhaupt in Brombach has closed for personal reasons.

On a brighter note, Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach re-opened in June and has resumed brewing.


The future of Seven Craft in Ittenbach appears uncertain. Hotel Sangerhof where it's located closes at the end of next month but the restaurant has apparently been shut since February and it's not certain any beer has been brewed since then. (Roman Drüg)


25th October 2018


Wahnsinnbräu (Bistro Waldschenke) in Beutenhof (actually, Ochsenbusch), near Spraitbach, closed c.2014. llhaupt


Dr. Winni Maatz, owner of Winnis Brauwerkstatt in Olfen, has confirmed it is indeed commercial. The brewery opened a year ago this week.


24th October 2018


Hoffbruhuus Heidhoff opened in Oerdinghausen (near Bruchhausen-Visen) in 2016. It's part of a former farm that offers the chance to sleep in a hay hotel.


There may be a brewery in Olfen. I have emailed the owner of Winnis Brauwerkstatt in the hope he will confirm whether it is commercial or not.

Closed a decade ago, Mäckinger Bräu resumed brewing at the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke back in 2016. The beers are sold in beyond the museum as well as in the on-site bars.

Does anyone have any info about the Straelener Brauhaus? I suspect they are cuckoo's and have asked the question.


The Stendaler Privatbrauerei has been active in Stendal since last year although it was only in January this year they began brewing on a bigger scale than your average homebrewer.


Kirschenholz in Hüttenwohld is now called Beer Brauerei although they do still make a few beers under the former name.


Bad Köstritz has a second, much smaller brewery. M A A C has been active since 2016 and opens one Saturday a month for sales - see website for details.

Hirt's Bräu started in Liebengrün just over a year ago. It's located in Hirt's Gasthof.

Ziegenmühle began brewing in Schleifriesen in July last year.


23rd October 2018


Barfüßer opened their seventh brewpub last week (Nürnberg is independent). the latest branch is in the former station building at Pfullendorf.

Heuberger Biermanufaktur has been active in Stetten am kalten Markt for a couple of years. They currently supply two local bars.

Weissacher Tälesbräu is a brewery planned for Unterweissach.


Does anyone have any info about Karlsfelder Brauerei? The firm was regidtered early last year but both their website and Facebook page are inactive. I've tried emailing them but it got bounced back.

One change I'd forgotten to mention was the move of Paulaner / Hacker-Pschorr to a new location next to the A8 / A99 junction, 14km from the former site. This was completed in February 2016 and the old brewery has now been demolished.

Bottled beers for the Andorfer brewery above Passau have been made at the Löwenbrauerei for the last three years. Draught beer continues to be brewed in-house but there are plans to replace the current equipment with a smaller plant when it's life-expired.

I've mentioned this before but have been unable to get any confirmation. Does anyone know if Schalkhaus in Rück actually brews? They claim on the website to have done so for 10 years but I can't find a mention of the brewery anywhere else except Hans Carl's Brauerei-Adressbuch.


Motel Beer hope to start brewing next week. (Paul Lockwood)


Michelstädter Bier was bought by Pfungstädter in May 2016 an it's unclear if they still brew. I have asked the question.

Hausbrauerei Kramer in Rotenburg an der Fulda is now known as Biermanufaktur Rotenburg. The brewery has moved to the Schloßpark at Obertor 7 and now has a tap.


There's a small brewery in the village of Deibow, between Ludwigslust and Wittenberge. Hofbrauerei Deibow is part of a business that includes a bakery and organic shop.


The brewery at Öko-Markt Werretal in Vachdorf is know called Zaubierei. The beers are no longer sold at the restaurant there but are available in the shop and elsewhere.


22nd October 2018


Brauhaus Floß opened in the summer of 2016. The first brews were done using the equipment formerly at Hausbräu Schaller (see below) but they now use much larger kit. The tap opens every Wednesday evening plus one weekend a month.

Hausbräu Schaller in Floß seems to have stopped brewing around 2015.

Sadly, Brauerei Krug in Geisfeld has closed due to illness.

Brauhaus Germering started brewing in late June.


Motel Beer is a beer and coffee business run by an American, Canadian and New Zealander. They currently brew at Hops & Barley but are in the process of fitting-out their own brewery in Reinickendorf. (Ludger Berges)


Brauerei Schlüffken should open during December in the former signal box at Krefeld Nordbahnhof. The beer will be sold at the adjacent Nordbahnhof restaurant.


21st October 2018


Craftcell opened in Langenzell near Wiesenbach in July last year. They're basically a brewery for hire and are used by Axlbräu and Untraveled Road, at least.


The Weerhuus Privatbrauerei in Wathlingen is crowd funding to finance the purchase of brewing equipment. However, they also have beers on sale so these must be made somewhere. Does anyone know where?


19th October 2018


The village of Stettfeld near Ubstadt-Weiher has had a brewery sine May last year. Prestelbräu make a Pils, Dunkel and seasonal Weizen. The beers are sold in 1 litre bottles and are also available in barrels.

Stadtbräu Rimmele opened in Wangen a year ago. It is operated in conjunction with Farny in Dürren and the wort is taken there to ferment. Brew day is Thursday.


Yet another new brewery for Berlin. The Holzmarkt Brauerei is housed in three shipping containers at the Holzmarkt, a co-operative development on the north bank of the Spree, just west of Ostbahnhof. They have a small beer garden and appear to have been funded by Carlsberg.


The Heidenroder Craft Brauerei opened last year in a converted granny flat in Nauroth.

Ranseler Hofbräu has been brewing on a small scale for about a year. There are currently two beers, a hell and dunkel.


Lüdinghauser Brauwerkstatt has been active in Lüdinghausen for three years. They make two different Altbier and a pale ale. Two local restaurants sell one Alt each and the beers can be bought from the brewery on Wednesdays 17.00-18.30 (by appointment).


Pleiner Biermanufaktur has opened in the Waldschlößchen restaurant near the former railway station at Plein (closed 1981). They make one beer, a weizen called 'Pleizen' that's not always available.


Ybnstoker opened in Eibenstock at the end of last year. There are eight outlets listed on their website.

Norman Graf founded Nordmann's Bräu on an industrial estate in Torgau three years ago. He makes two beers - Schankbier & Starkbier.


Magdeburger Privatbrauerei opened recently near Magdeburg-Sudenburg station. They open on Friday afternoons.


16th October 2018


Does anyone know anything about Gässle Bräu in Bad Rappenau? They had a bar at the town's 'Craft' beer festival last month but I can find little except an address (Gässle 1) and an article form January 2017 reporting on the owner as a homebrewer. Is it now commercial?


An unusual new starter is G.Bräu in Brieselang which uses herbs rather than hops. Although they make some of their beer on their own 1hl kit (Schwarzes Schaf & Brüllender Bock), most is brewed at Petrusbräu in Trier and CraftZentrum in Berlin-Spandau.

Just 10km from Niederfinow (see below), Oderberg will soon be home to Haselbräu. Their beer garden opened last month but the first beer was brewed at Brewbaker in Berlin.


The long-awaited brewpub in Bad Sobernheim finally opened during August. rather than the previously anticipated 'Sobernheimer Brauhaus,' it's called Denkmalz.


Herz & Heimat opened last year on land that was once part of Brauerei Becker in St. Ingbert (closed 1997). It currently opens on Thursday and Friday evenings only.


13th October 2018


The Barnimer Brauhaus opened opposite the railway station in Niederfinow during June. They plan to open a small beer garden next year.


Anyone know anything about Brauzimmer? They appear to be commercial but don't publicise their address which always makes me suspicious.


The Burgwedeler Brauerei has opened in Großburgwedel but I've no information about outlets other than the local EDEKA.


The Ebbüller Brauhaus has been active in Emmelsbüll since last year. Their kit is also used by Branta Brauerei of Niebüll.


12th October 2018


There are plans for a new brewery in Bad Staffelstein but it's unclear whether it will be in the town itself or (like all other breweries in the area) one of the surrounding villages.

The Olivenbauer chain of Italian restaurants in the Allgäu continues to perplex. I visited the Füssen branch in July and was told by staff it brewed but I could see no sign of any kit and further questions were met with a shrug. It is now said another one brews in Waltenhofen. Gernot Wildung has told me he thinks all of them may brew with the deed done on what may be no more than a glorified homebrew kit but the beer in Füssen suggested something bigger than that - does anyone know what's going on?

Brauschmiede opened in Mainbernheim last month. It's run by seven friends appears to open around once a month.

Bruderherz opened in Nürnberg on 7th September. A short walk form the Hauptbahnhof, it's owned by Brauerei Gutmann of Titting but there is a brewery in the cellar.

Exactly one hundred years after it ceased, brewing has resumed at the Alte Brauerei in Uettingen. Zapfbräu is a small brewery in what was the pub butchery.


10th October 2018


Thomas Ernst opened a small brewery in Fürstenfeldbruck during the summer. His 'Silbersteg Bier' comes in four varieties - Hell, Dunkel, Weißbier and Bock.

Yet another new brewery opened in München during the summer. Haidbräu is in the Fröttmaning district and run by a mental health foundation. The first beer went on sale at the end of August.

There are plans for a revival of the Kommunbrauhaus in Neustadt an der Waldnaab, albeit at a different site to the original. The council has already bought a suitable building behind Stadtplatz 43.

Closed in 2015, it's been announced production will resume at Schneider in Weißenburg.


8th October 2018


Wolframs-Eschenbach should have a brewery again by the end of the year. Wolframs Bräu will be just inside the town wall.


7th October 2018


Krones have installed an experimental brewery at their Attaching site, between Freising and Munich Airport. To the best of my knowledge, it's purely for demonstration and not commercial.

There is a small brewery next to the mining museum in Goldkronach. Operated by a brewing club, the beer has appeared at least one event but I'm not convinced it can be considered commercial.

Just west of Rosenheim lies Stephanskirchen, a municipality of 48 communities. Stephanskirchen itself is now home to Simsseer Braumanufaktur, a microbrewery that supplies several local shops plus Wirtshaus Salettl in Landlmühle.

The brewery at Werkstätten St. Joseph in Neuensee is apparently trading as Main BräuWerk.


5th October 2018


Sudwerkstatt is actually in Mössingen, not nearby Belsen. (Paul Lockwood)

Only seasonal / special beers are made at BIERkulturGUT in Philippsburg. The standard range is brewed in Bad Rappenau. (Paul Lockwood)


Alles Elbe only brew occasionally in house with most beer being made at Landgang. They do advise when house-brewed beer is available on their website. (Paul Lockwood)

Only seasonal / special beers are made at Bunthaus in Wilhelmsburg. The standard range is brewed by Klüver's in Neustadt. (Paul Lockwood)


Der Amerikanische Freund in Bensheim closed at the end of August. (Roman Drüg)

Bramanufaktur Steckenpferd is yet another place which brews very little itself. Most of their beer comes from Witzenhausen, special and seasonal beers being made in house. (Paul Lockwood)


Brauerei Stebner relocated from Wolfenbüttel to Braunschweig last month. (Paul Lockwood)


It seems likely Zur Spitze in Bielefeld has closed as the restaurant did so in March. The hotel remains open. Confirmation would be welcome. (Paul Lockwood)

Brothers Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr opened Schnaff in Hückeswangen a year ago. The sole beer is an American Pale Ale called 'Jazz-Bier'. (Roman Drüg)

Weißbräu in Köln closed at the start of the year but reopened on Monday as Birreria - Deuxer Botschaft. They still brew. (Roman Drüg)


2nd October 2018


One of Franconia's largest breweries, Kitzmann in Erlangen, closed on Sunday. Kulmbacher have acquired the rights to the name and will brew some of the beers but presumably not the 16 that were made. (Gernot Wildung)


The mystery surrounding Lost Anchor Brewing has been solved. Their name changed shortly after opening and they are now called Einbar. Currently crowdfunding for a tap, the brewery can best be described as 'bijou'. (Ludger Berges)


The regular beers for Der Amerikanische Freund in Bensheim are brewed at Woinemer in Weinheim - only seasonal and one-off brews are done in house. (Paul Lockwood)

Atelier der Braukünste only trial recipes in Romrod. The beers sold to the public are made at Binkert in Breitengüßbach. (Paul Lockwood)


Mad Dukes Brewery is actually in Kissenbrück, not Wolfenbüttel. (Paul Lockwood)


Brauerei Kemker has moved from Lienen to a farm outside Alverskirchen. It appears the last brew in Lienen was at the end of April.

Privatbrauerei Rote Erde in Bad Holzhausen closed at the start of the year. (Paul Lockwood)

The Fleuther brewery should start brewing later this month, albeit on a small scale. Until now, the beers have been made at two other breweries.

Böcken-Bräu is actually in Hullern rather than Haltern itself. (Paul Lockwood)

Mein Sudhaus in Königswinter only brew on site during brewing courses. Their commercial beer is brewed in Bonn at Bönnsch, where the owner is the brewer. (Paul Lockwood)

Privatbrauerei Müller (a.k.a. Veischeder Landbier) in Oberveischede closed around 2014. (Paul Lockwood)

Hohler Landbier has been active near Olpe for around a year. (Paul Lockwood)

It seems I was too quick to claim two breweries in Wassenberg. Braukeller stopped brewing in 2016. (Arndt Sonnenschein)

The Rainer tap in Welz has closed but the brewery remains open. (Paul Lockwood)


1st October 2018


Bad Wörishofen's Löwenbräu closed on 29th August. The site is set for demolition and reconstruction as a shopping centre with flats but there are apparently plans for a brewpub in the new development. (Andy Pratt)

It appears the new pilot brewery at the Bruckbach site of BayWa AG is purely for test brews which are not commercially available. (Paul Lockwood)

Schmölzer Dorfbrauerei first brewed in July last year and their beer garden opened last month. (Gernot Wildung)


Bräugier is a cuckoo brewery based in Prenzlauer Berg that plan to open their own brewpub early next year. The beers are currently made at CraftZentrum in Spandau but have also come from Hartmannsdorf. Even when the brewpub opens, some brewing and all bottling will be done elsewhere. (David Hughes)

It seems Lost Anchor Brewing may have been active since July in Tiergarten. Unfortunately, their website doesn't work and I can find little information beyond an address (Alt-Moabit 80, 10555 Berlin). Does anyone know more?


Bad Pyrmonter Hofbrauerei appears to have been active in Thal for around 18 months. I have sent them an email seeking confirmation they do brew in house but am fairly confident that is the case.


Hofbrauerei Bruchhausen is currently closed. The owners are open to offers but it's far from certain it will reopen. (Paul Lockwood)

Biermanufaktur Sarton in Düsseldorf closed during February due to ill health and will not reopen. (Roman Drüg)

There are plans for a brewery in Geldern. Fleuther beers are currently made elsewhere and are available from their own shop (the future site of the brewery) on the first Friday & Saturday of each month plus at a number of other outlets. (Paul Lockwood)

Coltro Brauservice is to move to a new location in Hürth next year, complete with a tap.

Marco Ottawa has visited Bäm Bäm Bräu in Köln where they confirmed they are hobby, not commercial brewers.

Wassenberg has had a second brewery since 2014. Brauerei am Roßtor / Rossberger Bier doen't appear to have a tap but the beers can be bought for the adjacent Bier & Wein shop, owned by the brewer's parents. (Paul Lockwood)


21st June 2018


The Waldstadtbrauerei in Iserlohn has been open for about a year. They supply around a dozen bars and restaurants in the town, half as many in the surrounding area plus around thirty shops.


19th June 2018


Benjamin Brauner has opened a brewery in the cellar of his parent's house in Musberg, a suburb of Leinfelden-Echterdingen. He sells his Fux Bier direct from source on Thursdays and Saturdays.


American Paul Higgins has started a brewery in the cellar of a former bakery in the Maxvorstadt district of München. I have emailed him for more information regarding his Higgins Ale Works.


The Fleisbacher Brauerei opened last month. The brewery opens for sales daily except Sunday.

Does anyone know anything about Oberländchen Braumanufaktur in Hattenhof, south of Fulda?

The owners of the Weidmann & Groh distillery in Ockstadt started Kultland Brauerei as a sideline in 2016. Current production is 250hl a year, all of which is sold in either barrels or 5 litre containers.


There are plans for a new brewery in Großburgwedel. The Burgwedeler Brauhaus is expected to be housed in a former butchers cold store.

Brewing on a scale just up from your average home brewer is Hillthaler in Kayhausen, near Bad Zwischenhahn. The website lists three outlets.

Ralf Hellmer has installed a small brewery in a former chicken coop in his back garden in Rastede. His eponymous brewery is open for sales on Friday evenings.

Janna Claußen has begun to make use of the prouducts at his home brewer supplies shop in Tungeln, near Oldenburg. My Bier makes numerous small batches of Tungeler beer which can be bought in person at the shop.


Hanno Dähne has been brewing in Herne for more than a decade and officially registered to sell beer since late 2009. However, it's only now he's come to my attention and I suspect only recently the beers have been generally available. His Aktionsbrauerei Dähne website lists four outlets in addition to his cellar brewery.

Does anyone know anything about Bäm Bäm Bräu in Köln? Several of their beers were available at the recent Festival der Bierkulturen but I suspect they are simply hobby brewers.

Also in Köln, Scharrenbräu is the first confirmed new brewery in the city since 2001.


Bierbrüderschaft Duzenowe is not allowed to sell the beer they make on site. Their commercial beer is brewed elsewhere, most recently Munruffer Bierfabrik in Mogendorf.

Mid-March saw the opening of Temmelser Braukeller 2018, the brainchild of Alexander Baltes, a brewer from Temmels who currently works at Brasserie Simon in Wiltz, Luxembourg. The brewery opens 10.00-13.00 each Saturday for sales.


The long-promised brewy in Tangermünde finally opened last autumn although it is called Schulzens Hofbräu rather than Alte Brauerei.


Gaststätte Hoier Boier in Bergenhusen is home to the tiny Klapperbräu. The beer is made in the kitchen.

New in the Friedrichsort district of Kiel is Czerny's Küstenbrauerei.

Neumünster has a brewery for the first time since 1986. Wittorfer looks to have had some money thrown at it.


17th June 2018


Kulmbacher Brauerei has had a rather snazzy looking mobile show brewery for the last five years. The Mönchshof BrauMeisterei appears at several local events over the year and it is possible the beer made does get sold (the litre bottle labels certainly indicate that). Confirmation would be welcome.

I have decided the Weizenbierglasmuseum in Nürnberg fails to meet the criteria for inclusion so have removed it.

The research brewery at TUM's famous Weihenstephan campus in Freising now makes beers that appear commercially on occasion plus the regular range for Noam of München.


16th June 2018


Schloßbrauerei Arnstorf stopped brewing during 2016. Their beers are now made at Graf Arco in Adldorf.

A brewpub is planned for the Technical University of Munich's (TUM) new 'Galileo' campus north-west of Garching. Campus Bräu is expected to open later this year and will have a capacity of up to 5,000hl. In the meantime, their beer is brewed at Camba Old Factory in Gundelfingen.

There are plans for a new brewery on the site of a petrol station in the southern München district of Obergeising-Fasangarten. reviving the name of a brewery taken over by Unionsbrauerei in 1905, it is hoped the Münchner Kindl Brauerei will open next year.


7th June 2018


Brauerei Brauda has opened in Büchl, a hamlet north-west of Ering.

There may be a new brewery, or at least plans for one, in Geisendorf. Does anyone know anything about Braumanufaktur Bichlmeier?

Heinen's Craft Beer is the second nanobrewery to open in Hösbach, north-west of Aschaffenburg. The beers are available in 0.5l and litre flip top bottles and, bizarrely, seems to be regularly available at the Griether Hanselädchen shop in Grieth - on the west bank of the Rhein near Kalkar!


Beers from the new Wildwuchs Brauwerk should be available next month. (Andy Pratt)


Having brewed in Bautzen for several years, Bierblume opened their own brewery in Görlitz during April just metres from the Polish border.

Bierfabrik Erzgebirge started brewing recently. Although officially in Wünschendorf, it's next to the river Flöha a kilometre east of the village, close to Reifland-Wünschendorf station.


6th June 2018


There is a small brewery in Neuensee at the Werkstätten St. Joseph, a foundation that helps the handicapped. The beer (Werkstöffla Kellerbier) is available at the on site Glas Café

Unser Dorfbräu opened in Seeshaupt last year. Their website lists three outlets including the brewery.


5th June 2018


There is a revival planned for Brauhaus Garmisch, closed in 1970. The beer is currently made at Herrnbräu in Ingolstadt.

Thomas König has confirmed his Kini Bier has been brewing in Gersthofen since September. I await further details on outlets.

Armin Pillmeier has opened his own brewery in a barn in Langquaid. Pillmeier Bräu is more traditional than many recent openings with a typical Bavarian beer range.

More on Wagner in Oberhaid. Apparently, the brewery is currently undergoing renovation and the beers are being made elsewhere until work is complete.

Remonte Bräu was founded in Schleißheim last month. Initially, their beer will be made at Gut Forsting.


26th May 2018


Zum Sternen in Hambrücken closed at the end of 2016. (Sascha Bruns)

The Barfüßer in Heilbronn closed last August. (Sascha Bruns)


The Kleines Rüsselsheimer Brauhaus in Alt-Haßloch is now simply called Das Brauhaus. (Paul Lockwood)


The proposed brewery in Lindlar opened last year. 2T is part of a business which also operates climbing walls; the beers can be bought from the on site shop and a tap is planned. (Roman Drüg)


It appears Prinz Ludwig in Haßloch has closed but it also seems the owner has relocated and opened the nearby Hasslocher Brauhof, increasing the size of his brewery. More information would be welcome. (Paul Lockwood).


16th May 2018


Zum Bahnhof in Köndringen appears to have closed, making the already tricky task of finding Köndringer Dorfbräu beers that much harder. (Paul Harrop)


Hinterhofbräu in Aichach has had an on-site tap since January 2016. The Backyard Brewpub is open on weekday evenings. (Paul Harrop)

Landbierparadies Hexenhäusle in Fürth is know known as Bierhimmel. (Paul Harrop)


Brauerei Flügge opened in the Schwanheim district of Frankfurt earlier this year. (Paul Harrop)


I think I'd previously overlooked Ratskeller Buxtehude as I'd mistakenly taken it for the closed Buxtehuder Brauhaus. It opened just over two years ago. (Paul Harrop)

Robens Kerkerbräu is now called Robens Craft Beer. (Paul Harrop)


Privatbrauerei Bach moved to a new site last year and renamed themselves slightly to Bachs Braumanufaktur. Their former tap, the Kirkeler Brauhaus has closed. (Paul Lockwood)


The Ratskeller in Leipzig now brews. Lotteraner beers have been made there since March. (Paul Harrop)

The famous Ohne Bedenken also has its own brewery. Located in the beer garden, they've been making Gose there since July. (Paul Harrop)


15th May 2018


Germering should have a brewery from July. Brauhaus Germering will be in Friedenstraße.

There may be a new brewery in Gersthofen called Kini Bier. I have emailed Thomas König for more information.


There's been a brewery in the Lechenich district of Erftstadt for around a year. Blue Cat only makes a Wiess (an unfiltered Kölsch-style beer). (Roma Drüg)


14th May 2018


Red Castle Brew in Gräfenbergerhüll closed during February due to financial difficulties.

A brewery has been installed at Die Fischerei in Kosbach, near Erlangen. Hofbräu Oberle opened in March.

The tap at Gutsbräu Straßkirchen is currently closed.

Despite opening a much larger brewery in Seeon, Camba Bavaria has confirmed they do still brew at their original site in Truchtlaching.


11th May 2018


Marcus Jentsch from Institut Romeis has been in touch to say that although brewing beer for public consumption is very much a sideline for their business, they do consider themselves commercial. As such, I'll include them.

Camba Bavaria opened a new brewery in Seeon, a few miles from their former base in Truchtlaching. Truchtlaching still has the tap but I believe all production there has ended - I've emailed them for confirmation.


9th May 2018


Roberts Genuss Bräu moved 9km south-east from Reutti to Attenhofen last summer. It is now located at Hotel & Gasthof Neumaiers Hirsch.

Does anyone know anything about Brauerei Schloss Berg? Is is apparently based in the former Xari restaurant in Sibichhausen, near Berg (Starnberger See). I suspect it may be a glorified hobby and have emailed the local council in the hope details may be forthcoming.

There's a nanobrewery in Hahnbach but I'm not convinced Gewölbe Bräu is commercial, more somewhere that hols brewing courses, etc.. I have asked the question.

Not commercial but more along the lines of one of the communal breweries is Hobbybrauer Himmelkron. Their beer is available at a couple of festivals each year.

Berggasthof Sonne in Imberg, near Sonthofen, has had a tiny brewery since 2016. Brewing evenings are held every couple of weeks or so but they warn on their website their beer is not infrequently unavailable. Most of the beer sold there is from the Zötler range.

There's a small brewpub in Laufen, a pretty town surrounded on three sides by the River Salzach. Interestingly, Laufener Braukuchl is actually closer to Oberndorf station over the river in Austria than Laufen, and the website has an Austrian address. They only open on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Institut Romeis outside Oberthulba has long had a research brewery but the beers are now making it into the wider world and two are currently available at Biershop Bayern. It's unclear whether they are truly commercial so I have sent an email asking for more details.

Does anyone know anything about Postbräu Osseltshausen, near Au in der Hallertau? It was another to appear at the festival in Ruderatshausen (below).

There may be a brewery in Ruderatshausen, near Au in der Hallertau. A beer festival was held at a farm in the village, Lengerhof, during July 2015. Amongst the breweries was Lengerbräu. I have emailed the probable owner for information

Also at the festival were Postbräu Osseltshausen, Brauerei Pesenlern and Heidebräu Zolling, none of which I can find mentioned elsewhere. Does anyone know more?

There is supposedly a brewery at Beim Olivenbauer in Wertach. However, one photograph found of a bottle of their Tante Paula beer shows it has an identical label to the supposed brewery of the same name in Rosenheim which I have yet to receive a reply from. Even odder, upon investigation I found Tante Paula Gasthausbrauerei's website, although featuring an address in Rosenheim on the front page, has the business owner's address in Wertach. Clearly, the two are related and it is likely there is only one brewery between them. To further muddy the waters, Beim Olivenbauer apparently supplies three other restaurants (in Füssen, Hopfen am See & Waltenhofen). Does anyone know what on earth is going on? Is it all made by Flötzinger?


Buddelship and the Filisoof Jenever distillery have combined to open a tap. Oorlam is on the western edge of Neustadt. (Dave Brown)

Hopper Bräu has been renamed Landgang Brauerei. (Dave Brown)


8th May 2018


Nicole Wimmer of Gaststätte Scheuern (the former Scheuerer Alm), outside Aschau, confirms brewing has resumed.

Christoph Laschka of Steg Bräu Tölz has been in touch to say they only brew at special events. Although I could, possibly, justify including them, I won't.

Thomas Biller of Brauhaus Hopfenfreunde has confirmed they have their own brewery in the Stadeln district of Fürth. They have no regular opening hours - you'll have to get in touch first if you want to visit (Saturdays are usually the day to do so).

The Spessartstuben in Haibach was indeed, briefly, home to Shark Creek Brewing. Michael Amrhein, owner of the brewery, tells me it is currently closed while he looks for a new site.

Dein Bier is based in Hausen, a couple of miles east of Kaufbeuren. They have a mobile brewery that can be hired for brewing event or making house beers, etc., but also make their own beer which can be bought from them on Mondays and Saturdays. A list of outlets can be found on their website.

Andreas Kupfer of the Bavaria Lounge in Ihrlerstein has told me a brewery is being installed behind the restaurant which should be completed this year. In the meantime, their Ehrenthaller beer is made for them by another brewery; I believe this is Brandler Hausbrauerei and have emailed back for further details.

In 1992, Josef Papelitzky started brewing at his home in Wolfersdorf as a hobby. In 2015, the retired Hofbrauhaus Freising brewer went commercial with his Bayerische-Böhmische Brauhaus, albeit on a small scale. He makes around 150-200hl a year, all of which is sold direct from source.


4th May 2018


Steg Bräu Tölz has been around for 15 years but I believe it fails the commercial test. I have emailed them for info.

Started in Creussen during 2011 as a hobby, Creussen Bräu is registered to pay beer tax so the beer can be sold but it is not commercial, according to owner Johannes Hammoud. One to keep an eye on.

Deuerling has had a second brewery since 2015. Braustall opens for sales Friday evenings and hosts occasional festivals.

There may be a new brewery in Fürth. I have emailed Brauhaus Hopfenfreunde for more details.

It seems there may be a small brewery at the Spessartstuben in Haibach called Shark Creek Brewing. I await a response.

Tilo Heimberger has been brewing on a very small scale in Hösbach for several years. His Heimbergers Craftbeer has been commercial since about 2016 and is sold in bottles at his shop, Craftladen, and has also been available on draught at Zum Ochsen in Wenighösbach.

Yet another possible brewery, this time in Ihrlerstein, near Kelheim. The Bavaria Lounge is said to be home to Brandler Hausbrauerei - I have sent an email requesting info.

I believe Ehrabörch Bräu in Kirchehrenbach is just a hobby but photo's suggest it may one day go commercial.

Does anyone know anything about Bavarian Craft Beer in Kümmersruck?

And another. Schlossrestaurant Zeitlos in Oberschwappach apparently brews. Again, the question has been asked.

Another that may one one day go commercial is Minoriten Bräu, brewed by Brother Tobias at Kloster Schwarzenberg. The beer is not currently sold but has appeared at monastery festivals.

One bit of info from 2013 I've not followed-up is the status of Brauerei Michael in Weißenstadt. The traditional brewery stopped brewing around 2012 and the few remaining beers are now made by Lang in Schönbrunn. Happily, there is a much smaller (90 litre) plant used to make beers under the name 'Cervecium Hermann's Bierwerkstatt'.

Michael Sapor is brewing on a scale just beyond hobby level in Weilbach, between Amorbach and Miltenberg. His Hopfentroll beers are sold at the weekly Kunst & Krempel market in Amorbach.

Martin Ebnet has set-up a small brewery in Wölsendorf, near Schwarzenbach. He runs Malerbräu as a sideline to his painting and flooring business.


3rd May 2018


A glass brew kettle has been installed at Aldersbacher; they use it to make their 'craft' range and for brewing courses.

There may be a small brewery in Buch, near Wolnzach. Brauerei Shuba shares an address with Hops 2 Brew, a hop farm. I have emailed them for more info.

Does anyone know anything about Heute Brau Ich / Cervisia? They seem to have started in Geldersheim but may now be in Kulmbach.

I've finally been able to pinpoint the location of Bierwerk Kreativbrauerei / Hausbrauerei Wohlfart. It's in the village of Günthersbühl, north-west of Lauf. Willi Wohlfart has been brewing there since 1999, largely as a hobby, but now produces some special brews for Bierwerk Charakterbierbar in Nürnberg under the Bierwerk name. The majority of their beer he brews at Dreykorn in Lauf.

Luke Kennedy has been in touch to confirm he is brewing at his Mr Kennedy bar in Nürnberg although his house lager, Der Franke, is brewed elsewhere. Only the speciality Mr Kennedy beers such as IPA, Stout, Amber and Pale Ale are made on site.

The old Tucher brewhouse in Nürnberg has been renovated and a microbrewery installed. First used in November, Tucher Altes Sudhaus only brews a Rotbier. It is available from wooden barrels in the nearby Schillerklause.

Schanzenbräu moved to a new site in the Höfen district during January 2016 although the tap remains in Gostenhof. They are now capable of producing 15,000hl a year.


2nd May 2018


Further to my mention of Sonnenbräu in Lichtenberg being revived last year as SunBrew, it appears the story has come full circle and SunBrew has been acquired by Volker Hando from Frankfurt and the name returned to Sonnenbräu. The first beers (Pils, Dunkel & Weisse) appeared in February and plans are afoot for the tap to re-open. (Sascha Bruns)

Dominic Stallbauer has been in touch to confirm Brauerei Stallbauer exists, as mentioned below.


Erfurt has another new brewery. Braukeller Erfurt opened on 9th February in the Ratskeller. (Sascha Bruns)


1st May 2018


BayWa AG have installed a pilot brewery at their Bruckbach site, near Wolnzach. It opens officially on 10th June but it is unclear whether it will be used for making commercial beer of simply testing hop varieties. I have asked the question.

There are plans for a brewery in Feichten an der Alz. In the meantime, the sole Hopfenkopf Bräu beer is made at Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu in Bad Tölz.

Brauerei Fischer in Greuth no longer brews itself but gets its beers made elsewhere.

Herr Max & Frau Hopfen opened in Holzgünz, near Memmingen, last Saturday.

It appears there may be two new breweries to report in Nürnberg although I have my doubts about the first. Mr Kennedy is a craft beer bar not far from the castle. I have contacted owner Luke Kennedy for more information.

The second is StreuBräu, located in the south-eastern district of Moorenbrunn. The owners have just launched a crowd-funding appeal in order to expand and if successful, will move to neighbouring Altenfurt.

Having lost two breweries in the last decade, Oberaudorf is back on the brewing map with the Oberaudorfer Privatbrauerei, a brewpub that is run in conjunction with the nearby Sporthotel Wilder Kaiser.

In Rosenheim, it appears Flötzinger may have installed a small brewery in the Mail Keller although I suspect the kettles are purely for show. I have emailed Tante Paula in the hope they reveal all.

Brewing appears to have resumed at Gaststätte Scheuern (formerly Scheuerer Alm), outside Aschau. I await confirmation.

It seems part of the former Brauerei Wieser in Wiesmühl may now be occupied by Brauerei Stallbauer. I have emailed them for details.


30th April 2018

Firstly, apologies for the corruption of special characters on the website. The internet server provider I use recently got taken over and the new one doesn't seem to like umlauts, etc. If the problem doesn't get resolved soon, I'll be moving it elsewhere.

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu Poxau has been in touch. He's created a fantastic and very comprehensive Bavarian brewery map which can be found here. Just be warned it includes communal and future breweries as well as those currently operating. The following news has all been sourced from there and there's plenty more to come.


Andreas Schweiger has started brewing in the cellar of Getränke Oase, his parent's shop in Dorfen. KellerBräu Dorfen beers have been available since November last year.

There's now a brewpub at Freilichtmuseum Glentleiten, south-west of Großweil. The beers are made on site by the Schubert family, owners of Karg in nearby Murnau.

Closed circa 2011, the former Sonnenbräu in Lichtenberg reopened early last year as Sun Brew.

Paulaner's tap on the Nockherberg has been rebuilt with a brewery. The first beers went on sale during February.

Brauerei Gasthof Blomenhof 1571 opened in Neumarkt (Oberpfalz) during March last year. The building dates from 1571 but has never before been a pub, let alone a brewery. The reconditioned brew kettles came from the Hannover area.

There are unconfirmed reports that Wagner in Oberhaid has stopped brewing again.

A fourth brewery opened in Ostheim last year. Streutaler Brauhaus brews a Pils which appears to be available on draught only.

Son of the owners of Beim Gloser in Windischeschenbach, Moritz Popp plans to open his own brewery in Pirk by the end of this year. Pirker Bier will be housed in a former distillery.

Schmölz, near Küps, may have a brewery. I don't have an address for Schmölzer Dorfbräu but there is a photo on the internet of the brewery building being inspected last July and mention of a planning application for a beer garden. Further information would be welcome.

Sadly, Brauerei Hertlein in Staffelbach closed a year ago following the death of the brewer.

Closed following a dispute between owner Paul Schneider and tenants Dido & Rudolf Fottner, the Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen has re-opened as Alte Brauerei Stegen. Paul Schneider has formed a partnership with Brauerei Maisach and one of their brewers, Florian Schmitt, started brewing in Stegen last autumn. The tap reopens this Saturday.

Brauhaus Rosenberg (a.k.a. Brauvaricum) opened a little under a year ago in Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

Brewing has returned to Valley. Graf Arco closed their brewery there sometime in the mid-1990s but have installed a new, much smaller one in part of the castle called Valleyer Schloss Bräu. Bräustüberl Valley is directly opposite.


24th April 2018


The brothers behind Bad Urach's Uracher Kleinbrauhaus only do trial brews on their own kit. Their commercial beer is actually made in Austria at the Gusswerk Brauerei in Hof. (Paul Lockwood)

The new (2013) Wichtel in Ditzingen doesn't actually brew. The beers they sell come from the sister pubs in Böblingen and Stuttgart but not the Esslingen branch. (Paul Lockwood)

Tübingen's Freistil only do trial brews on their own kit. The stuff they sell is actually made at Löwenbrauerei Bräunlingen. (Paul Lockwood)


Rosenzwickel in Dirnismaning closed at the end of last year due to ill health and is for sale. (Paul Lockwood)

Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf has reopened under new ownership and is now called simply Brauerei Melkendorf. The first brew was last month and the beer should be available from early summer.

Brauerei Martin in Unterneuses reopened in February last year after almost three years closed.

Weyberbräu in Weyberhöfe, near Sailauf, has been closed since 2015, possibly even 2014. (Timo Alanen)


Wiesbadener Braumanufaktur is actually five miles east of central Wiesbaden in Medenbach, a village which is officially part of the city. (Paul Lockwood)


The Bosch tap in Bad Laasphe has closed but you can get the beers over the road at Zum Roten Ochsen plus most other pubs in town.

Thomas Kremer is a beer sommelier from Bonn who holds tastings, brewing courses and now has his own brewery, Toms Hütte. Confusingly, it's in the same building as Ale Mania but is a separate, much smaller plant. The first beer, White IPA, went on sale in December. (Roman Drüg)

Far from being closed, it appears Wolfsbier in Durchholz is still active as Paul Lockwood bought a 2 litre bottle of their beer in Witten last month. I'm listing it as open until anyone can offer solid evidence to the contrary.

Brauerei Hensen in Mönchengladbach started brewing around this time last year. It is housed in the former brewhouse of the original Brauerei Hensen (latterly Brauerei Hoefel), which closed in 1973. For a couple of years prior to the installation of their own brewery the beers were made by Bolten in Korschenbroich. (Paul Lockwood)


Hop on Top in Dresden don't yet have their own brewery. Their beers are made at Stonewood in Chemnitz. (Paul Lockwood)


29th March 2018

It's been a while.

First of all, apologies for the long delay in posting any updates, particularly to those of you who contributed information and heard bugger all.

I'm sorry.

It's fair to say I lost interest in the project for quite a while but I'm back and determind to see the book completed. To that end, I've roped in the services of Paul Lockwood, a name I'm sure is familiar to all who've followed this site over the years.

Paul has almost certainly visited more breweries in Germany than anyone else, and I can think of no-one better to help me complete the task. We've already started working on the book together (well, he's written lots and I've pissed him off by changing it), and if progress continues at the current rate, I think something may appear next year.

There. I've said it.

And now, the news...


Brothers David & Daniel Bürker started the Uracher Kleinbrauhaus in their parent's cellar in Bad Urach during 2015. The tiny plant is too small to meet demand so most beer (and all bottles) is made elsewhere.

Glasmännlebräu has stopped brewing in the mountain top Glasmännlehütte above Baiersbronn. The equipment remains in place but they now sell Alpirsbacher unfiltered.

Michael Baumann has been making beer at his Sudwerkstatt in Belsen, near Mössingen, since last year. His brewery is about to expand although it's unclear whether than will mean a move elsewhere.

Beuren has been home to the Beurener Fels Brauerei since last spring.

One place I've continually overlooked is Brauhaus Löwenhof in Bretten. In my mind I'd listed it as not brewing but it seems I've never included it on the website at all. Does anyone know if they make their own beer or get it from elsewhere?

One to keep an eye on is Braustube Dachtel. Edwin Strasser offers brewing courses and beer tastings are also available. He will make custom beers in 33 litre runs but his beers aren't generally available so I won't include it for now.

The Eizenharzer Brauhaus closed last year.

Wichtel have opened a fourth brewpub, this time in Esslingen.

Mangold in Heilbronn has a small brewery.

Kasi-Bräu has relocated from Karlsdorf-Neuthard to Karlsdorf but without the brewery. The beers are now made by Kühler Krug in Karlsruhe.

I visited Brauhaus am Solitudeplatz in Ludwigsburg for the first time in twelve years and noticed the coppers looked dusty and disused. On asking, I was told the beers are now brewed elsewhere in Ludwigsburg, "But not at the other place!" I took this to mean not in Rossknecht, so the question is, where?

A small brewery has been installed at Gasthaus Traube in Ludwigshafen (Bodensee). Seebräu is available there and has been seen elsewhere locally.

Adler-Bräu in Moosbeuren has been brewing again since the summer of 2014 on newly-installed kit. The original brewery closed in 2002.

There's a microbrewery to report in Murrhardt. Hey Joe Brewing doesn't have a tap but the website lists ten outlets.

Alexander Giammarinaro has started a tiny brewery in Nendingen called HopfX Bräu. He supplies La Siciliana's Tagblatt, his family's restaurant and beer shop in nearby Tuttlingen.

The hamlet of Oberweiler near Durbach has a nanobrewery. As well as making his own Volksbräu beers, Markus Volk brews Ritter Bräu for Hotel Ritter in Dursbach.

The first of two new breweries in Offenburg is Badenstuff, apparently located in the owner's house.

A former bakery in Offenburg is now home to Friedrich Bier.

Kronenbrauerei has moved site to Gutenbergstraße 3 and been re-named Brauwerk Baden. There's also a tap at the new location, open daily except Monday. The old brewery has been demolished.

However, Markus Bräu is reported to have closed in 2016.

The unique brewing kit from Leopold's Brauhaus in Baden-Baden is now used by BIERkulturGUT in Philippsburg. Their beers can be bought from source on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Already hard to do with its one Sunday a month opening, the Poppel-Mühle in Poppeltal has become even more of a challenge as it now opens only for parties.

West of Konstanz, the island of Reichenau in the Ubersee has had a brewery since 2016. Reichenau Inselbier doesn't have a tap but there are ten outlets stocking the beer.

Does anyone know if Schwarzes Lamm in Rottweil brews? They have a house beer, at least.

The owner of Weingut Kunzweiler in Rust, Armin Kunzweiler, has turned his hand to beer. It's unclear where his Eagle Ales are made but given the miniscule quantity produced I don't think he'd qualify as commercial.

Edelbrauerei Pohl in Schopfloch apparently closed during 2016.

Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach closed a couple of years ago.

Markgräfler Brauwerk opened last year in Tannenkirch, between Bad Bellingen and Kandern.

Freistil is a beer shop in Tübingen with a nanobrewery. They open 17.00-21.30 on Thursday.

Barfüßer in Ulm relocated from Lautenberg to Neue Straße in January last year. A new brewery was installed and so they resumed brewing after ten years of receiving their beer from the Neu-Ulm branch.

Like the Poppel-Mühle (see above), meier in Wehr-Enkendorf now only opens for parties.

The tiny Freybier in Winden closed during 2016.

Zizishausen, near Nürtingen, has a microbrewpub. Bierwerk Gerstenfux opens on the first and third Saturday of each month.


Sadly, the wonderfully eccentric Brauerei Fößel-Mazour in Appendorf closed during 2016.

Seefranzl Bräu in Arget closed a week before Christmas due to ill heath.

Philip Widmann has set-up a nanobrewery in Augsburg. He currently makes his Lindwurm Bräu Pale Ale on the premises of Beißer Burger in Dominkanergasse but I suspect will move before too long.

Erlkönig in Bamberg is now known as Kronprinz.

There is a small brewery in Bayreuth University used by the student brewing club. Campusbräu beers have made it into the wider world but I'm not sure it can currently be classed as commercial.

Technically in Nürnberg, I'm listing the new Orca Brau under Boxdorf as it's in an industrial estate in that district, close to the Fürth district of Bislohe. It's so far from central Nürnberg that you can walk there from Vach station in half an hour (Nürnberg Hbf is 10km away). The brewing equipment was formerly at Heidenpeters in Berlin.

Brewing on a very small scale since 2014 is Rosenzwickl in Dirnismaning, a village close to the Allianz Arena.

Just off junction 100 of the A7 is Erbshausen-Sulzwiesen, now home to Waldschatz Bräu. The people who run it also own the adjacent Ines' Beer Store.

Does anyone know if Brauhaus Floß is brewing yet? The tap is certainly open but I can find no mention of the brewery.

If you've been paying attention you may remember Heufeldmühle (near Bruckmühl) briefly had a brewery a decade or so ago. Well, it's go one again. Andreas Lichtmannecker has set-up a nanobrewery in his mother's laundry room. Mangfallbräu's annual output is currently c.100hl.

Schneble Bräu in Hirschzell last brewed c.2014.

One place that I've overlooked thus far is Starnberger Brauhaus in Höhenrain, officially part of Berg but closer to Wolfratshausen. Some 2 million Euro has been thrown at the project and it has the potential to brew around 15,000hl a year. Two beers are made, Hell and Spezial.

Schloßbrauerei Holnstein closed at the end of September.

In case anyone comes across it there's a homebrewing club in Langenzehn that may superficially appear to be a little more than that. Lahma Bräu does hold occasional festivals but is not commercial.

Kulterstadel in Lauterhofen is now home to Brauwerkstatt Lauterachquelle.

Brauerei Mainstockeim opened in September 2016 and on Saturday opened their new, larger premises. There's no tap but the beers can be bought from source on Saturdays from 13.00-15.00.

Rosenauer Hofbräu has been active in Marktgraitz since 2015. There's now tap but the brewery (which is a 20 minute walk from Redwitz station) opens for sales Thu & Fri.

The Mühlfelder Brauhaus closed early last year.

München, now. It seems Nikolaus Starkmeth's interest in Kraft-Bier quickly waned. In October 2016 it was acquired by Thomas Girg and although officially officially called Münchner Girgbräu, it trades as Haderner Bräu. All beers are organic.

The Hacker Pschorr Bräuhaus closed in the autumn.

Around 500m south-east of München Hauptbahnhof is Schiller-Bräu, attached to the new mk hotel. It opened in June last year.

Trained brewer Werner Schuegraf was hobby brewing on a decent scale at his home in Neuried but has now gone full-time with Hopfenhäcker in the Haidhausen district of München.

The Nürnberg-based Barth-Haas Group (hop specialits) presented two beers at the recent Braukunst Live. It's unclear where they were brewed or if this is a one-off so I won't list them until more information comes to light.

Also Nürnberg-based, Bierwerk has a small brewery in a former pigsty outside the city that's used for experimental and one-off brews. The majority of their beer is made at Dreykorn in Lauf. Can anyone tell me exactly where their own plant is? I suspect it's close to Lauf. The beers are available at a number of outlets including their own tap, the Charakterbierbar in central Nürnberg.

Yet more Nürnberg news. Z-Bau, a building in the south of the city housing a number of small businesses, has a microbrewery. Seven friends started Z-Bräu and treat it almost as a hobby but the brewery is also used more by Roth resident Christian Honig for his Honig Bräu. He makes draught beers there but his bottled stuff comes from Hufeisen in Pottenstein.

The Kleines Brauhaus am Kloster in Ottobeuren has closed.

Vilstaler Stein-Bräu in Pöcking closed as planned on 17th September 2016.

Another small start-up is Kellerbrauerei Prittlbach, unsurprisingly located in the cellar of owner-brewer Dieter Scholz's house in Prittlbach. Hebertshausen S-Bahn station is a 15 minute walk away.

Fürstliches Brauhaus in Regensburg is now known as Brauhaus am Schloss.

Borderline commercial is Kommunbräu Rehau. Founded by nine locals in 2011, brewing began in late 2014 in the building that once housed Ludwigsbrauerei (closed 1914). They brew on the second Saturday of each month when all are welcome to visit and help out. The sole beer can be bought on these days and at various festivals through the year.

Sadly, Brauerei Weber in Röbersdorf has stopped brewing following the death of owner and brewer Friedrich Weber. It is believed the tap will remain open selling beer from Rittmayer in Hallerndorf.

Café Hein in Schwarzenbach is now brewing, albeit on a tiny scale. They currently make a dunkel and a bock.

One to keep an eye on is the new Forschungsbrauerei in St. Johann, near Train. As the name suggests it's a research brewery and is brews for others on an experimental rather than commercial basis. As such, it doesn't currently brew for the open market but then neither did the one in München initially...

The Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen closed last year.

Ferschl Bräu has been active in Stulln since 2014.

Zum Unterwirt in Türkenfeld has been home to the tiny Hartl's Hausbrauerei for a couple of years.

Libertus Craft Brewing has set up shop at Landgasthof zum Goldenen Kreuz in Unterthal, near Hammelburg.


Berliner Berg Brauerei didn't actually start brewing themselves until 22nd January this year. They now make sour and special beers in their own brewery but standard beers are believed to be made by Schlossbrauerei Hohenthann.

Bogk Bier no longer makes beer and I'm not entirely sure where it was made last. The closely-associated Schneeule get their wort from Bierfabrik in Marzahn and then transport it to Tegel where brettamonyces and lactobacillus are added before bottling. There is no brewery in Pankow.

Talking of Marzahn, Brewer's Tribute now have their own brewery at Zur Alten Börse 41.

BRLO opened their own brewery and tap in October 2016. It's housed in 38 converted shipping containers next to Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station. Their bottled beers are currently brewed in Landsberg (Pale, German IPA & Porter) and Neuzelle (Helles), but production of these will soon transfer to the new CraftZentrum in Spandau.

A new brewery has opened next to the Havel in Spandau. CraftZentrum has been set-up with the sole intention of providing somewhere cuckoo and other brewers can get their beers made and bottled. BRLO, for example, will move production of their bottled there from Landsberg and Neuzelle.

There is some doubt about how commercial Heldenblut is with mention they only brew for large events and are in the process of moving. One to keep an eye on.

Hops & Barley now brewed mainly in Marzahn although some beer is still made at their tap (not on the small kettles in the bar but in the room to the left of the pub). They own this second brewery and it's used by several of the Berlin cuckoos.

Brauhaus Mitte has been taken-over by Lemke and is now called Brauhaus Lemke am Alex. The brewery there now makes much of the beer for the chain with the original Lemke under the arches rebranded Brauhaus Lemke am Hackeschen Markt and only brewing specials. They've also now installed a bottling plant nearby.

Yet another brewpub for Berlin, this time in Neukölln. Although they brew their own draught beers, Brauhaus Neulich has the bottled Summer Ale made in Hartmannsdorf.

Jörg Adler started Quartier-Bier in the far north-east of the city last year. He brews on a 1hl system and currently opens from 17.00 Thu-Sat. Some beer is made at Brewbaker.

Schalander has moved the brewery a mile or so across Friedrichshain from Bänschstraße 91 to Revaler Straße 99, Haus 9. The new location also has a tap and the original location remains open, too.

Also on the move is Two Fellas, which relocated a couple of miles north-east to Pankow. They now have their own tap on site but it seems may only brewing test batches themselves. Information would be welcome.


Remarkably, a second brewery has opened in Boizenburg and right opposite the first. Braumanufaktur Marstall Boitzenburg supplies several outlets including the on site coffee house.

Having brewed elsewhere for a couple of years, the people behind Labieratorium opened their own brewery in Cottbus last summer.

Brewing very occassionally is the Historische Braumanufaktur von 1834 at Erlerbnispark Paaren. Don't expect to find the beer on a casual visit.

The old fire station in Schmerzke near Brandenburg has been converted into a brewery with a small tap. Hebenbräu opened on 7th November.

Just over the border from Berlin is Woltersdorf where the SchleusenBrauerei opened in 2016. It's at the SchleusenWirtschaft, close to the southern terminus of the Woltersdorfer Straßenbahn, an independent tramway which runs from Rahnsdorf S-Bahn using historic trams.


Grebhan's have opened a tap in the Fesenfeld district called Two Beers. The brewery itself moved out of the Schnoor in 2016 to much larger premises north of the A27.


Another brewpub opened in Hamburg during 2016. Alles Elbe is in the St. Pauli district.

Bunthaus is a tiny new brewery in the Wilhelmsburg district. The brewery itself is on the spit of land where the Elbe splits and they have a tap about for miles away on the edge of the Rathauspark.

And another. Circle 8 is a microbrewery in Alsterdorf, out towards the airport.

After four years of cuckoo brewing Pauls Spezialitätenbrauerei (a.k.a. elbPaul) should soon be independent. The brewing kit was delivered in January although I don't yet have an address for the new brewery.

As you may guess from the name, Birrificio Shanghait is run by two Italians and two Spaniards. They started brewing in 2016 in a room at the Jimmy Elsass restaurant in Eimsbüttel but have recently opened their own bar in Harburg and it's expected the brewing kit will move there before too long.

And yet another. ÜberQuell is on the St. Pauli waterfront, near the U-boat museum. They make the draught beer here but bottled beers come from Schnitzlbaumer in far away Traunstein.

Friedrich Carl Richard Matthies has been brewing his Wildwuchs Brauwerk beers in Bleckede since 2014 but should soon have his own brewery in Wilhelmsberg.


Brauhaus Linsengericht in Altenhaßlau closed four years ago.

Bensheim is home to Der Amerikanische Freund, a beer bar run by a Canadian and American that has a small brewery.

Braunshardt near Weiterstadt has had a tiny brewery since 2016. Hopfenherz is run by Andreas & Stefan Wigand.

Friedrich Drayß opened his second Back- und Brauhaus in Bürstadt on 30th March last year.

It seems certain Hausbrauerei Heuschkel in Fellingshausen last brewed in 2009.

Weingut Werk2 in Geisenheim has started brewing beers on a very small scale. They use wine yeasts and bottles.

After a two year absence commercial brewing resumed in Kassel during 2017, albeit on a small scale. Bramanufaktur Steckenpferd is close to the university.

A brewpub opened on the Mönchhof industrial estate south-west of Kelsterbach last summer. Firmly aimed at Frankfurt Airport travellers, WasserCraftWerk is in the Comfort Hotel Frankfurt Airport West, close to junction 48 of the A3, about two miles from the end of the runways.

Elisabeth Bräu in Marburg has closed.

Faselbräu started brewing in Mörfelden during January although they made some beer elsewhere in time for the Maizer Craftbier Messe in November.

Münster, a village near Selters, has had a brewery for a couple of years. Laubus Bier is made and sold at Petrimühle.

Schopfen-Bräu in Neckarsteinach appears to have closed in 2015.

Extra in Röhrigshof stopped brewing in 2011.

A small brewery has been installed at Schloss Romrod. The beers are produced under the Atelier der Braukünste name.

Rüsselsheimer Bräu opened in Rüsselsheim during October. Like Schiller-Bräu in München, it's a brewpub attached to an mk hotel.

A hobby but a commercial one, Wiesbadener Braumanufaktur was set-up by Daniel Benker and Holger Erbe in 2015. The two friend brew around five hectolitres of beer each Saturday.


The Fischland Brauerei opened around this time last year at the Räuscherhaus in Althagen, near Ahrenshoop.

Eick Bräu in Groß Gievitz closed on New Year's Eve 2016.

December saw the first beers were brewed at the new Braumanufaktur Ludwigslust. It's located in the orangery at the rather grand Schloss Ludwigslust.

Brauhaus zu Wallenstein in Neubrandenburg is now know as Wallensteinkeller.


First mooted in 2010, the Butjenter Brauhaus finally opened next to the Butjadinger Tor Hotel in Abbehausen in December 2016.

Hausbrauerei Reinecke in Bad Münder has closed.

It seems there may be a brewery in Barnstedt. Beers have appeared under the Barnstedter and Barnstedter Brau Kunst names, with Rittergut Barnstedt the favourite for the location, assuming these aren't brewed under contract. Any information would be welcome.

The Bennexer Brauhaus in Bennigsen closed a couple of years ago. It reopened in September 2016 but no longer brews.

The National Jürgen Brauerei opened in Braunschweig last year. Beers are produced under the 'CRABBS' label.

Brauerei Burgdorf has opened in a former butchers in Burgdorf, near Hannover. A number of outlets stock the beer.

Just big enough to qualify but still run as a hobby is the Häsefelder Brauerei in Daverden, near Langwedel. Martin Mittnacht usually opens for sale on Thursday evenigs and Saturday afternoon but it's advisable to call first. He doesn't charge a deposit on bottles but trusts they will be returned - I suggest you turn up with some empties.

The Paul-Lincke-Treff in Hahnenklee stopped brewing around seven years ago. They now sell Krombacher.

The Herrenhäuser tap in Hannover is now a betting shop.

Diekster Bräu in Norddeich closed around the end of 2015.

Osnabrück has a nanobrewery in Brauerei Beura. It's located in a cellar between the Hauptbahnhof and old town.

Gutshof Rethmar in Rethmar, near Sehnde, has had a brewery since 2016.

CM Keller Bräu has been active in Rössing since 2014.

Does anyone have any information regarding Sudhaus Schwülper? The website and blog detail progress towards opening but there appears to have been no update in almost two years and little information on the internet.

Schaumburger in Stadthagen closed two years ago after a second bout of insolvency. Some of the beers are still made elsewhere for a company called Schaumburger Bier, based in Nienstädt, a couple of miles from the old brewery.

Pibe's Brauerei can be found in the hamlet of Sülbeck, 10km east of Lüneberg.

Denver Künzer has opened a nanobrewery in a back room of his Teehaus in Wolfenbüttel.

Also in Wolfenbüttel and equally small is the Mad Dukes Brewery.

And yet another. It's fair to say Wolfenbüttel has experienced a brewing revival. Stebner started during 2016 in a garage in Sickte, north-east of Wolfenbüttel. In 2017 they moved to larger premises on the edge of Wolfenbüttel's old town, opening Braubar at the same time. A second outlet is expected to open in Braunschweig later this year.


The Altenrüthener Hausbrauerei has changed hands and name to Altenrüthener Landbierbrauerei. The tap has shut and it now works along the lines of a microbrewery.

The Altes Forsthaus in Bad Fredeburg has closed.

Brewing on a scale not far removed from the average home brewer, Kaiser Craft opened last year in Bünde.

Braugemeinschaft Edertal moved 100m to a purpose-built building in 2016. The attached pub opens semi-regularly on Saturday evenings from 17.00-23.00.

After several years as a cuckoo brewer Fritz Wülfung of Ale Mania now has his own brewery in Bonn.

I've long suspected Wolfsbier in Durchholz had closed and it seems it did so back in 2010.

Düsseldorf has a nanobrewery next to the railway line between the Hauptbahnhof and Bilk. Biermanufaktur Sarton opens occasionally for direct sales and there are a couple of outlets listed on their website.

Also in Düsseldorf is something a bit different. OH! macht Bier a.k.a. OH! die Kneipenbrauer is a company offering to brew using their own equipment in someone else's bar / pub. It's unclear whether anyone has yet availed themselves of this service but it will be interesting to work out how it should be counted.

Brauerei Eichendorff in Hemer has been closed for around two years.

The Helen Stube in Hengsen is now called Kreiseleck and definitely doesn't brew. In fact, I seriously doubt the Helenbrauerei ever did.

First slated for closure several years ago, the Hüchelner Urstoff Brauhaus in Frechen finally shut on 5th February last year.

Noch ein Nano. Haltern is home to the tiny Böcken-Bräu. It's located a mile and a half east of town at the Jupp Erlebnisbiergarten, next to Halterner Stausee.

Hildener Landbräu hasn't brewed since at least 2014.

Coltro Brauservice opened in Hürth last year. They do brew for themselves but appear to be targeting the house beer market.

Opening soon is the Waldstadtbrauerei Iserlohn. It's located just up the valley from the old Iserlohner Brauerei.

A brewery has been installed in a back room at Hotel Sängerhof in Ittenbach, in the hills above Königswinter. It trades as Seven Craft.

Does anyone know when or if Gaffel will move to Pörz?

All change in Lienen where Britannia Beers became Brauerei Kemker in 2016 with new owners. Herbs and Brettanomyces appear to play a large part.

The Felsenkeller Brauhaus in Monschau does not brew; the beers sold there are made by Rainer in Welz.

There's another new brewery to report in Münster. Bierbrauerei Dackel began brewing in a former bank on the Germania University campus at the end of 2017.

East of Pulheim, the hamlet of Orr has had a small brewery since late last year. Heienhof is located in an old barn. The first barrels of Landkölner Wieß were filled in January.

Confirmation from the owner that Peterbier in Raesfeld was very short lived, opening and closing in 2012.

Scheärmull-Bräu in Roetgen cloed in February 2016.

Edgar Ramiel has taken his home-brewing to its logical conclusion and gone commercial in Saalhausen. His beer is brewed and sold at Hotel Flurschütz.

Having has his beer made in Alt Walsum since 2012, Johannes Lehmbrock of Geilings Bräu in Saalhoff finally opened his own brewery in Autumn 2017.

La Bodega in Schwelm changed name and stopped brewing some years ago.

Close to the Dutch border there's a small brewery in rural Sang, south of Straelen. The Straelener Brauhaus has been active since October 2015 but opens only occasionally for direct sales.

Wermelskirchen has had a brewery since late 2016. Dellman's Bräu is on the industrial estate east of town.

Udo Kirschmann brews tiny quantities for his equally small brewing museum in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen. Howver, the beer is not commercially available - you have to visit the museum (by appointment only) to get a free sample as he's restricted by the home brew laws. It's not commercial so won't be listed here. 


Bendorf now has a brewpub in the centre of town called Bier-Schmiede.

If you like beer, pizza and bowling, you'll probably like BREXX in Grenzau.

After an eight year absence, brewing resumed at Brauhaus Grünstadt during 2016. The brewery is also available for hire by cuckoo brewers and is used in particular by Haardt Bier of Bad Dürkheim.

One closure that I've long overlooked is that of the Nassauische Privatbrauerei in Hahnstätten. I thought I'd mentioned it here before but apparently not; the brewery closed in 2008.

Hämm'scher Bier in Hamm/Sieg has closed following the death of the brewery in January last year.

Bierprojekt Landau has been active since last year.

Weißes Häus'l in Ludwigshafen has changed hands and no longer brews.

Another former cuckoo to open their own brewery is Kuehn Kunz Rosen in Mainz. Located at the junction of the railway lines from Frankfurt and Mannheim, the brewery opened in May last year and the tap in January. The beers were formerly made at Binkert in Breitengüßbach.

Brauerei Schnorres opened in Mehlingen during 2016. The brewery has a small tap which opens Thursday evenings only.

The Alte Apotheke in Otterbach moved up the high street into a converted cowshed at the end of 2015 and changed name to Merk's Scheunenbrauerei.

Winterbach is home to Brauwerkstatt Steffen Süs, a.k.a. Stugge.


The tiny Hop on Top started brewing in Dresden a couple of months ago.

Husband and wife Uwe and Sabine Krause have set-up Genusbrauerei Krause (a.k.a. GR-LI Bräu) in Görlitz. The beers are available direct from source five days a week and are also sold in Bürgerstübl.

In the village of Hopfgarten near Bad Lausick is the family-run Kräckerbräu.

Cliff Schönemann has taken the step from hobby to commercial brewing with the opening of Cliff's Brauwerk in Leipzig. His cellar brewery has a tap which  opens Tue-Sat.

Radebeul has a second, tiny brewery. Braumanufaktur Radebeul has been brewing since 2016.

More tiny brewing shenanigans, this time in Zwickau, where the Kevin Brewery has been active since last year.


Steffan Henning opened ElbBrauerei Frohse last year but had his beers made elsewhere for a year or so before that.

Die Gläserne Privatbrauerei closed in 2016. It has since re-opened but without an active brewery.

Brewckau in Magdeburg has moved a short distance from the back of Getränkefeinkost to Schönebecker Straße 16. The new location includes a tap.

After several years brewing his beer in Bayern, Ulf Steinforth opened the Sudenburger Brauhaus in Magdeburg last summer. Reviving the name of the VEB Sudenburger Brauhaus which closed in 1990, the new brewery has a potential annual capacity of 10,000hl.

Demmert-Bräu in Neuendorf has closed following the death of the owner.

Claudia & Steffen Lorenz have been brewing on a small scale in Warsleben since 2015. Lorenzhof is primarily a wedding and events venue with the brewery run as a sideline.


Fährhaus Bräu has been brewed in small quanities at the Burger Fährhaus since late 2015. The restaurant and hotel is next to the ferry landing, a mile south-east of Burg itself.

The Brewing Pack became Elmshorn's first brewery in more than 90 years when it opened last year.

Englishman Ian Faulkner should also now be brewing in Elmshorn. Incredibly, his Simian Ales brewery is directly opposite The Brewing Pack. He'd previously made his Balduin Ales at Alles Elbe.

Having brewed elsewhere for a few years, Lillebräu expect to open their own brewery in Kiel during the summer.

There's now a brewery in the northernmost settlement in Germany, List. Watt Bier, a.k.a. Sylter Bierbrauerei, brews using condensate left over from production of Sylter Meersalz.

Does anyone know if Das Kleine Brauhaus in Schwarzenbek is still active? Nothing seems to have been reported since 2015.

Although the website is still active, Corbeker is believed to have closed. Can anyone confirm this?


Heimathafen opened in an old railway goods shed east of Erfurt Hauptbahnhof in April last year. The beers are widely available in the city and direct from the brewery on Wednesday and Saturday.

Run by three friends, Braumanufaktur Schmalkalden opened in 2015. The brewery is on the Neumarkt and opens for sales Wednesday afternoons.


A sixth AIDA ship with a brewery was launched last year, the AIDAperla.

A seventh, the AIDAnova, is expected later this year.


15th October 2016


Jochen has been in touch to confirm the Brauerei Hirtler in Neuershausen does in fact exist. Although initially announced as an April Fool, the joke stirred something in the four protagonists and they went into production in May last year. Annual output is around 100hl.


New since December is CraftBrauSchmiede in Bad Vilbel. There's no tap but you can buy from the brewery Thu 16.00-19.00 and Sat 10.00-14.00. (Paul Lockwood)

Willinger Brauhaus has opened a new, larger brewery next door to the tap. The original equipment is still in situ but unused. (Paul Lockwood)


Nordeneyer Brauhaus has moved to new, larger premises. The tap remains at the original site. Eight outlets on the island are now supplied. (Paul Lockwood)


30th September 2016


It would appear Brauhaus Budenschuster is already brewing as their Kellerbier is currently available at Gasthaus Adelskammer in nearby Carlsgrün. (Gernot Wildung)


29th September 2016


Does anyone know anything about Brauhaus Budenschuster in Bad Steben? There are photo's of a somewhat unusual brewery under construction on their Facebook page which mentions they are converting two farmhouses, one of which will be a tap, but there has been little posted since April. (Gernot Wildung)

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu has been in touch to confirm they do brew. The brewery was expanded last year with new equipment and is not visible from the street, so what Paul Lockwood saw was presumably old kit in storage.


16th September 2016


The first of two new breweries to report in the Bad Tölz area is one in the town itself. Tölzer Binderbräu is a brewpub across the river from the centre.

The other is Brauerei Findler in Greiling, a few kilometres to the east.


Meanwhile, Brauerei Martini in Kassel closed last November. Output had fallen 90% since 2000. The remaining beers are now made in Einbeck and there are plans to covert the brewery into apartments.


Does anyone know anything about Braumanufaktur BH in Brotdorf, near Merzig? It appears to have opened in spring 2014 but the Facebook page has been inactive for over two years.


Brewing on a very, very small scale just outside Magdeburg-Buckau railway station is Brewckau. They appear to be based in the rear of Getränkefeinkost, a beer shop with a very decent selection.


Another little one is Braukeller Gotthilf in Bornhöved, just off the A21.

Much bigger is the Wacken Brauerei in Wacken, housed in a former netto supermarket so there's plenty of room for expansion.


Older readers may recall a plan for a brewery in the old Sächsischer Bahnhof in Gera, first mentioned on these pages way back on 25th May 2006. Well, Günther's Gutes Bier finally opened in June last year. However, it seems there has since been a change of ownership of the building and although the brewery is still operating it is not clear whether you can drink the beers there.


15th September 2016


Not too far from Berlin, Altlandsberg is home to the new Sozietätsbrauerei & Brennerei, part of the Schlossgut Altlandsberg complex.

Brandenburg itself has a new microbrewery. Privatbrauerei Heymann - Heymische Braukunst appears to be at owner Robert Heymann's brother's car servicing business.


There's a shiny new brewery to report in the Bahrenfeld district. Hopper Bräu is in an industrial zone around a mile from Altona station.


Zur Alten Fassfabrik is now known as Marlower Brauerei.


A third east Friesian island has a brewery. BrauManufaktur Baltrum is close to both the airfield and harbour.

Privatbrauerei Braugut Stuhr has been operating since 2014 in Fahrenhorst, near Stuhr. Details are hard to come by but owner Ulrich Knäblein makes four house beers for Schloss Wissen in Weeze, 180 miles away!

Brewing since April is Hildesheimer Braumanufaktur. You'll find it on the eastern edge of Hildesheim, near the hospital.


Yet another new starter is Privatbrauerei Haverkamp in Laggenbeck, near Ibbenbüren, opened this time last year.

Finne Brauerei opened in Münster earlier this year. Despite the name it is a brewpub,

Also new in Münster, Läuterwerk opened last October. Their website lists the five outlets they currently supply.


14th September 2016


Two friends in Dießen started brewing together as a hobby five years ago, taking the next step in 2014. They still have day jobs so Craft Bräu's tap opens on Tuesday (cheese night) and Thursday (live music) only.

More good news, this time from Englmannsbrunn near Waldmünchen where microbrewery Gabreta Silva / Böhmerwald Brauwerkstatt has opened.

Plans for a new brewery in Esting, near Olching, are at an advanced stage. Olchinger Braumanufaktur will be located in a building previously used for washing potatoes at the Hatzlhof farm. In the meantime the beers are being made at Postbrauerei in Nesselwang.

There is a brewery in Haselbach once more. The superbly-named Thomasbräu occupies part of the former Schlossbrauerei.


Zum Grünen Baum is a recently renovated gasthof in Boitzenburger Land, a smal town in northern Brandenburg. As you will have guessed, they have a small brewery.

Just 20km west of Boizenburger Land is Lychen, Home to another new starter. Storch Bier is located in the cellar of Henning Storch's house.


13th September 2016


Kronenbrauerei Halter in Biberach (near Heilbronn) has been bought by Haller Löwenbräu and if it hasn't already closed will do so imminently. Production will transfer to Schwäbisch Hall. (Alexander Thamm)

Yet another brewery has appeared in Karlsruhe. Neureuter Braumanufaktur is in the northern borough of Neureut.

Now, does anyone know anything about Brauerei Hirtler in Neuershausen? It seems to me the announcement on 1st April 2014 of a revival of the former brewery which closed in 1914 was an elaborate April Fools' joke but at least one beer site lists five beers and it gets a mention elsewhere.

Just outside Tettnang, Siggenweiler is home to Hopfengut No20, a hop farm with a museum, shop, pub and small brewery.


Gaststätte Daniel in Ingolstadt has been brewing since March.

München has a new brewery. Kraft Bier is in the Hadern district, around 8km south-west of the city centre. The brewer, Nikolaus Starkmeth, will be a familiar name to regular readers...


12th September 2016


It appears brewing may resume at the Barfüßer in central Ulm (not to be confused with the one in Neu-Ulm, which currently supplies it). Kaspar Schulz have a new 10hl brewery listed on their current orders page.


The well-known Landbierparadies chain of bars in the Nürnberg area has opened a very small brewery at the Hexenhäusle branch in Fürth. The sole beer is usually available once every week or so - see website for details. Not to be confused with the Hexenhäusle at Vestnertorgraben 4.

Vilstaler Stein-Bräu in Pöcking will be closing this Saturday.


Brewing on a very small scale is Hoppen un Molt in Warnemünde. All beers are top-fermented and available in 33cl bottles only - see website for list of outlets.


Despite there being no mention on their website, Hofschänke Wagenfeld (a.k.a. Steakhaus Töbelmann) has been brewing since last year.


There is a brewery in Monheim once more. Monheimer Biermanufactur is in the centre of the old town and brews an Alt, Helles and Pils plus seasonals.

Remscheid has a second brewpub, this time in the centre. Remscheider Bräu opened just under a year ago.


11th September 2016


It seems Wasseralfinger Löwenbrauerei's tap in Aalen has closed. Brewery staff recommended Gasthof Goldener Stern as an alternative. (Dave Waldron)


Red Castle Brew has moved from Heroldsberg to Grafenbergerhüll, a hamlet north of Gräfenberg. (Paul Lockwood)

Zum Gründla in Kulmbach is now brewing. There are two regular beer, Metzdorfer Edeltrunk and Meztdorfer Hopfentrunk, both named after the suburb in which the pub is located.


One to keep an eye on is Quartier Bier in Buch. They appear to be more a hobby than anything more commercial but their beer has been available at a couple of local events. (Ludger Berges)

Back in January I mistakenly listed Brewers Tribute as brewing. In fact, their beers are currently made at Bierfabrik in Marzahn. (Ludger Berges)


The brewery at Eckhoff's in Lühe stopped production over two years ago and has since been removed. They now sell Dithmarscher beers. (Olaf Michels)


Arnsberger Mühlenbräu opened in April. Annual output is around 500hl and they currently make a Pils, Dunkel and Weizen. (Roman Drüg)

April 1st saw the opening of Benno's Brauhaus in Witten. (Joerg Nierbauer)


There has been a brewery operating almost unnoticed by the wider world since New Years Day 2013. The Flammkuchenhaus in St Arnual, south of Saarbrücken, brews under two labels. The standard beers are branded 'Flammings Flammbräu' and they have a Craft range called 'Brauhof Saar'. (Paul Lockwood)


Bierseiderei in Dienstedt has closed. (Paul Lockwood)

The brewery at the Thüringer Freilichtmuseum in Hohenfelden is only used on a communal basis and is therefore not commercial. The publically available beers are made in Apolda. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap for Zur Golden Henne in Jüchsen has closed. It seems the only regular outlet is now Hotel Milano in Dietzhausen, near Suhl. (Paul Lockwood)

Also shut is the tap for Rhönbrauerei Dittmar in Kaltennordheim. (Paul Lockwood)


10th September 2016


Zum Stern in Bühlertann no longer brews and the equipment has been removed. (Paul Lockwood)

When is a brewery not a brewery? It appears Braurevolution in Notzingen doesn't quite qualify. Also they ferment and lager their beers on their own premises the wort is made at Stiftsscheuer in Kirchheim. A step closer than most Zoiglstube but not quite close enough. (Paul Lockwood)

Latterly of Sulzfeld and formerly Bretten, Michaeli Bräu no longer brews itself. The beers now come from Palmbräu in Eppingen. (Paul Lockwood)


An (unsuccessful) visit to Kalvarienbergbräu in Poxau during July found no-one at home and signs the brewery may not be in use (pipes appeared disconnected, etc.). Does anyone know more? (Paul Lockwood)


Büttenhof Bräu Volz in Biebesheim has closed although the brewing kit remains in situ. (Paul Lockwood)

It appears Schopfen Bräu in Neckarsteinach has closed. It was housed at the Alte Post but the latter has been visited several times without being open and has no menus in the display cabinet outside. Can anyone confirm this? (Paul Lockwood)


I had mistakenly placed Göttingen under Hessen - it is in fact about 10 miles inside Niedersachsen. (Paul Lockwood)

Sadly, Brauhaus zu Steinfeld has closed due to a fire last December. (Paul Lockwood)


Gerry Weber's Landhotel in Halle no longer brews. (Paul Lockwood).


All Volker Bräu beers are now brewed at Hagen Bräu in Worms. (Paul Lockwood)


And finally, some good news. Marktmühle in Oberdorla opened in November last year. (Paul Lockwood)


22nd August 2016


The Aalener Löwenbräu tap has closed. (Dave Waldron)


Liesbachbräu in Burgwallbach has closed. The building has been converted into a refuge for asylum seekers.

As both Paul Lockwood and I recently discovered on independent visits, Barleys Braukeller in Oberdorf is actually located at Zum Stein 8. They open for sales on Friday evenings and also sell the beers at the weekly market at Martinzell station which, oddly, in actually in Oberdorf.

Ratzbrauerei zum Bäuml in Rain has closed, seemingly around the start of this year. (Alexander Thamm)


Bogk Bier's new brewery has opened in Pankow. It occupies part of the former Willner Brauerei (closed 1990) and shares the equipment with Scheeeule. Emils Biergarten usually has some of the beer. (Ludger Berges, David Hughes)

As Thorsten Schoppe no longer has any involvement with Südstern his Schoppe-Bräu beers are mainly brewed outside Berlin although some specials are made at Pfefferbräu (where he's the brewer). (Ludger Berges)

Malz & Moritz have now opened their own brewery in Zehlendorf. Beers can be bought from source Thursday afternoons. (Ludger Berges)


Michelsbräu beers are no longer brewed in Babenhausen. Production ceased at the end of 2011 and they now come from Arnstein. (Alexander Thamm)


The Darß peninsula has a brewpub. Darßer Brauhaus opened in Prerow during the spring. (Rosi Kagert)


Mashsee Brauerei has moved from the location shared with the Braukontor shop to a new site further south at Am Eisenwerk 17. (Neil Berry)

Vorwalder Landbrauerei in Venne closed at the end of may due to ill health. (Roman Drüg)


Roland Rosner has opened his eponymous brewpub in Sohland an der Spree. It only opens at the weekend but there are conflicting reports as to whether this is Friday to Sunday or just Saturday and Sunday. (Roman Drüg)


19th August 2016


Gerber Bräu in Eschbach has closed along with tap Zur Alten Gerberei in Müllheim. This appears to have happened around three or four years ago.

I suspect Edelbrauerei Pohl in Schopfloch may have closed. Any information would be welcome.


Klosterbräu Bamberg will be sold to nearby Kaiserdom. The change of ownership will take effect on 1st February next year. (Han Winteraeken)

Brauhaus Ploss in Selb stopped brewing in the spring as the former owner retired. The new owners apparently have plans to resume brewing but it appears uncertain they will. (Han Winteraeken)


The former Wentzler Bräu in Contwig, latterly known as Wasgau Bräu, has stopped brewing. The beers are now made at Kuchem's Brauhaus in Pirmasens. Judging by a newspaper report it would appear this happened last year. (Paul Lockwood)


18th August 2016


Coburg has had a brewery again since the beginning of the year. Brauhaus zu Coburg is tucked-away near the market square and it appears to have strong connections with Kulmbacher. Just the one house-brewed beer available when I visited earlier this month - an amber lager called Veste Trunk. Also of interest in the town is a cheese shop I found called Stadt Sennerei which stocks the full range of beers from both Pax Bräu and Zombräu.


The brewery has been removed from Bayerischer Hof in Grünbach and they now sell beers from Blechschmidt in Treuen.


28th April 2016


Nordlingen's Ankerbräu closed at the beginning of the year. Their remaining beers are made at Fürst Wallerstein. (Paul Lockwood)

Brewing had ceased at the Dorfbachstüberl in Ohlstadt by the end of last summer due to the brewer moving to a new job in Pfaffenhofen. (Paul Lockwood)


Berliner Berg Brauerei is up-and-running in Neukölln. The tap opens Thursday to Saturday, evenings only. (Paul Lockwood)


Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufaktur opened in Bielefeld last year.

Brauhaus Bottich in Bottrop changed ownership in February last year and is now an American theme bar. It no longer brews. (Paul Lockwood)

Another to finish brewing is Walder Bräu / Al B'Andy in Solingen. Since November their house beers come from an undisclosed brewery near Koblenz (Paul Lockwood).


Landsberger now has a tap at the brewery, open from 17:00 Tue-Sat. (Paul Lockwood)


2nd April 2016


There is a new brewery to report in Bamberg. Erlkönig is a brewpub in the Gaustadt district, not far from Kaiserdom and apparently owned by a member of the Wörner (Kaiserdom) family. Opened three weeks ago, it is marketed and priced as a CRAFT BEER restaurant. (David Hughes)


Erlenbach, near Fürth (Odenwald), is now home to Brewers Fantasy. (Marcel Alberti)

Göttingen's first brewery since the closure of Göttinger is Scholar, a brewpub in the heart of the old town. (Rosi Kagert).

Just about over the commercial line is Werk II in Rommerode, near Großalmerode. The home built kit is capable of producing 1.3hl at a time. (Rosi Kagert)


Self-styled as Germany's only English brewery, Britannia Beers has opened in Lienen. The beers can be found at The Red Lion in nearby Bad Iburg. (Rosi Kagert)


Karl's Brauhaus in Chemnitz closed at the end of October. Happily, owner Michael Friedrich has since opened Stonewood Braumanufaktur, a microbrewery which occupies part of the former Germania Brauerei on the eastern edge of the city. (David Israel)


24th March 2016


The ambitiously-named Braurevolution opened in Notzingen earlier this year. They appear to have had some help from Stiftsscheuer in nearby Kirchheim.


It appears Liesbach-Bräu in Burgwallbach has closed, although the website mentions nothing. Opened in 2014, according to Wir sind Rhöner Bier it closed its doors on 28th December. Whether this is temporary or not remains to be seen. (Timo Alanen, Sascha Bruns)

Long-term cuckoos Crew Republic finally opened their own brewery last spring. They're now based just outside München in Unterschleißheim. (Sascha Bruns)


Brauhaus Bohnsdorf closed in January. (Ludger Berges, Boris Braun, Rosi Kagert)


Another cuckoo now with its own nest is Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder. Oliver Wesseloh first brewed at his new Sinstorf brewery in November.


Müller's Brauhaus in Schrampe has closed following the untimely death of owner Jörg Müller last June. (Sascha Bruns)


8th January 2016


Zum Gründla in Kulmbach should soon have its own brewery. (Sascha Bruns)

Brewery equipment dealer Allgäu Zapf has opened a microbrewery at their Oberdorf base. Barleys Braukeller has an annual capacity of 50hl and the beers are sold through their online shop and can be found at occasional festivals at the nearby railway station (Martinszell). Sascha Bruns)

Oberasbach near Fürth has a new microbrewery. 1. Altenberger Brauhaus is in the Altenberg district and, remarkably for a Franconian town of 17,000 souls, this appears to be the first recorded brewery. (Sascha Bruns)

The owner of Hausbräu Schaller in Floß has unveiled plans to open a second, larger brewpub in the town. If approved, Brauhaus Floß will occupy a former butchers shop.


Convenient for Ostkreuz S-bahn, Straßenbräu opened in Friedrichshain last night. (Ludger Berges)

The first beers from Stone's Berlin brewery were released last month. The tap will follow in the spring. (Ludger Berges, David Hughes)

Another brewer to set-up in the Alte Börse in Marzahn is Brewers Tribute. (Ludger Berges)

Two Fellas brewery has been set-up at the Castle Pub, near Gesundbrunnen S-Bahn station in Wedding. Co-incidentally, there's a beer festival there this weekend... (Ludger Berges)

Currently using Bierfabrik's plant to make their beers, the three guys behind Malz & Moritz should soon be using their own self-made equipment in Zehlendorf, The only regular outlet is WerkStadt Bar in Neukölln.


Giessener Brauhaus stopped brewing around March last year. (Jan Menken, Adam Randall)


I'm not entirely certain he brews in his own brewery but Klemens Brinker now offers his own beers (among them a Grut) at his bakery in Georgsmarienhütte. Confirmation either way would be welcome. Back- und Brauhaus Brinker opens on Saturday mornings only. (Sascha Bruns)


Just north of Hamburg, Norderstedt has been home to the Hopfenleibe brewpub since November. It's a short walk from Norderstedt Mitte station and stocks a wide range of beers in addition to its own. (Markus Brinker, Sascha Bruns)


7th January 2016


Four friends have open a microbrewery in Bruchsal. Brewmaltster, also known as Braxar Brauerei, is in an industrial area just north of the railway station. The beer can be bought from source three days a week.


If you encounter any Alms Beer, it is made at BernardiBräu in Kranzegg. It is the brainchild of Hans-Hermann Höß, owner the distribution company which appears to be a spin-off Hirsch Bräu in Sonthofen (owned by the Höß (sometimes Höss) family). (Sascha Bruns)

Those of you who have yet to visit Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf had better get a move on - it is to close at the end of the month. (Sascha Bruns)

Münchberg has a brewery again. Hopfenhäusla is a brewpub which began life in late summer however opening is restricted to two evenings a week. (Ludger Berges & Gernot Wildung)


The Union Brauerei opened two weeks ago. A revival of sorts, it occupies part of the site of the former brewery of the same name which operated between 1904-1968. (Dave Waldron)


Worrich's Pub in Forst has closed due to the retirement of owner Klaus Worrich. (Steve Beams)


Friedrich Drayß, owner of Back & Brauhaus Drayß in Lorsch is to open a second brewpub. It will be a few miles west in Bürstadt and appears set to follow the same concept as the original.

McMüllers in Fulda has been open since the spring but does not brew. Most beers come from the parent brewpub in Kofferen but the Zwickel is made under contract by an undisclosed local brewery.


There are plans for a brewery on the site of the former Mondi factory in Lindlar. Kaspar Schulz have been contracted to supply the equipment.

Brewing ceased at Meierhof in Ottbergen at the end of September. Their beers are now made by Rother Bräu in Roth vor der Rhön. (Sascha Bruns)


Frenzel Bräu has outgrown the Spree Pension and is now located around half a mile away, south of the football stadium. A second pub is now supplied (Zum Handtuch on the Hauptmarkt). (Tobias Frenzel)


18th September 2015


As suspected, Beim Jösl in Bad Waldsee does not brew. The 50 litre kit there was used for seminars but no more. Beers come from nearby Steinacher Hausbräu. (Paul Lockwood)

They no longer brew at Amadeus Hausbräu in Baden-Baden and the rather unusual equipment has been removed. Staff report the beers come from Karlsruhe but do not know which brewery. (Paul Lockwood)

Brewing is currently suspended at Glasmännlebräu above Baiersbronn due to temperature control issues. They hope to resume once the weather is cooler. (Paul Lockwood)

Sadly, the reported revival of Lindenbrauerei Meßstetten has proved to be incorrect and the brewery has in fact been dormant since c.1993. (Paul Lockwood)

Good news from Riegel. Previously mentioned as doubtful, Römerbräu has in fact just moved fifty or so metres to a different part of the former Riegler brewery. As before, they open Friday only 18.00-20.00. (Paul Lockwood)


Brewing at Vilstaler Stein-Bräu is suspended until February due to it being expanded. They actually operate at two sites in the village - the brewery and winter bar is at No.9a and the summer tap and beer garden at No.18. (Paul Lockwood)


The owners of Schalander are searching for premises with the intention of opening a second brewpub within the city. (David Hughes)


Good and bad news from Malsfeld. Hessisches Löwenbier no longer brews - all beer is now made at Hütt in Knallhütte. However, the brewery museum which occupies part of the site has had a tiny brewery called BrauWerkstatt Malsfeld since 2012. As well as being used for brewing seminars, small batches of speciality beers are made here and these can be found at the Hütt tap. None were on sale at the museum itself at the time of Mr Lockwood's visit. (Paul Lockwood)

Weschnitztaler Braumanufaktur has moved from Rimbach to Fürth (Odenwald). (Paul Lockwood)

The Alte Brauerei in Wolfhagen has closed, along with the tap. An internet search has revealed brewing ceased as long ago as 2008 but the tap had continued to operate, most recently under the name Marill. (Paul Lockwood)


The Neustadter Brauhaus closed towards the end of July. (Paul Lockwood)


AIDAprima is now officially in service. Like the four previous ships with breweries it has a glass mash tun and kettle but of 8hl capacity rather than 5hl, reflecting its larger size. A sixth ship with an on-board brew house may well follow.


17th September 2015


Schloßbrauerei Scherneck stopped brewing around this time last year. Their beers are now made in Unterbaar. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap for Schloßbrauerei Unterbaar has closed and has apparently been shut for five or six years. (Paul Lockwood)


Hops & Barley apparently have a second brewery a couple of miles from the tap. Located in a former cow shed, it has enabled output to double. (David Hughes)

Marzahner Börsenbräu no longer brews and the equipment has been removed. All beer is now made at nearby Bierfabrik. (David Hughes)

If you visit Zukunft Ostkreuz and wonder where the brewery is, the answer is a nearby railway arch. (David Hughes)


Bielefeld has one, possibly two new breweries to report. Located in the Senne district, Hotel zur Spitze has a tiny plant and produces just 50hl of beer a year, although no mention of this is made on the website. (Roman Drüg)

The crowd-funded Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufaktur may not actually brew themselves but appear set to do so. Despite the name, there is currently no tap. (Roman Drüg)

Does anyone know anything about GE Bräu in Gelsenkirchen? I suspect they may not brew themselves but am prepared to believe they may. Their two beers are sold exclusively at Burgers & Beer. (Roman Drüg)

One to keep an eye on is Gartenbrauerei Spörkelnbruch in Gruiten, near Haan. Although currently an impressive hobby brewery, plans to move into larger premises are at an advanced stage and once they have done so, commercial sales will begin. (Frank Ebertus)

It appears I jumped the gun announcing Aloysianum in Leichlingen. Although the pub is open, the beers will be made in Gemünd until at least next year. (Frank Ebertus)

As above, can anyone shed any light on Schadelbräu in Köln? I suspect they have the beer made for them and fill it themselves but this is just a hunch. (Roman Drüg)

Vredener Brauhaus no longer brews and it is unclear how long ago it last did. Beers now come from the Radeberger Group. (Roman Drüg)


Barely above hobby brewer status, Braukeller Bobenheim is a true house-brewery in Bobenheim am Berg. No regular outlets but the beer is sold at Bad Dürkheim's farmers market, at least. (Alexander Thamm)

Just over the hill from Bobenheim you will find Hettenleidelheim, home to the only slightly larger Hausbrauerei JeSa (Jens & Sascha). Beers can be bought direct from source by prior arrangement. (Alexander Thamm)


Oberdorla should have a brewpub before the end of the year. 800,000 Euro has been spent renovating the Marktmühle, including installation of a brewery supplied by Kaspar Schulz.


16th September 2015


BernardiBräu is a new microbrewery in Kranzegg, near Rettenberg. Opened in May, it can be found down a country lane between the aforementioned places. It opens for direct sales three times a week and the beers are available in a dozen or so local bars and shops. (Sascha Bruns)

Brandy's Braugarage has been operating in Wallersdorf since the spring. Located in a former car tuning centre, as well as the brewery they have an on-site shop, bar and beer garden. (Ralph Forster)


Berliner Berg Brauerei should be opening soon in Neukölln. Berliner Weiße appears to be high on the agenda. (Ludger Berges)


Rügener Insel-Brauerei in Rambin has now opened. (Uli Schmidt)


Moringen's Hausbrauerei Mollenhauer has closed after five years activity. (Sascha Bruns)


Arnsberg should soon have a brewpub. The brewing kit for Arnsberger Mühlenbräu was delivered in May but there is no word when exactly they will open. (Roman Drüg)


July saw the opening of Bahnhof Cues, a brewpub in Bernkastel-Kues with beers under the Casanus Bräu. It is located in the town's former railway station. (Roman Drüg)


There's a new microbrewery to report in Dresden. Trachennowe Braukunst is in the north-western Trachau district, not a million miles from the narrow gauge steam railway at Radebuel Ost. They open for sales on Saturdays. (Roman Drüg)

What is claimed to be Sachen's first organic brewery has opened in Schmilka, near Bad Schandau. A few hundred metres from the Czech border, judging by the shiny new 10hl coppers some serious money has been thrown at Brauhaus Schmilka. A tap is due to follow. (Sascha Bruns)


31st August 2015

There'll be plenty of news posted over the coming days. Here's a brief taster...


Right on the north-western edge of the city limits can be found the latest addition to the Nürnberg brewing scene. Eppelein & Friends is a tiny brewery on the Hahnenbalz industrial estate, just north of Buchenbühl and the airport. Brewing takes place at the weekend in equipment normally used to make Glühwein and the result sold at a number of outlets including their own shop and all three Bierothek stores. (Ralph Forster)

The first beers from Urban Chestnut in Wolnzach are now available. Brewing resumed at the former Bürgerbräu in June.


18th July 2015


Just south of Pritzwalk, Buchholz is now home to Prignitzer Hofbräu, a small brewery located within the Prignitzer Hof hotel and restaurant. (Sascha Bruns)


There may be a new brewery in Warnemünde but I have my doubts. There are the tell-tale signs of a 'craft' contract company - shiny website, 33cl bottles and no photo's of any brewing equipment. I contacted Hoppen un Molt three weeks ago for more detail but have yet to receive a reply. (Sascha Bruns)


Remember the short-lived Brauhaus Aloysianum in Opaden, near Leverkusen? It has reopened with the same name, owner and beers in Leichlingen, the next stop on the railway to Wuppertal. The new location is conveniently situated in the old station building (Roman Drüg)


Privatbrauerei Albersdorf has closed. The owner has relocated to Frankfurt where he hopes to resume brewing under the name Kröger's Bier once suitable premises have been found.


14th June 2015


The isle of Rügen will have a new brewery from the beginning of July. Rügener Insel-Brauerei will be in Rambin and appears to be a microbrewery with beer garden


The Idarer Brauhaus has opened in Idar Oberstein but does not yet brew. Beers from Lahnsteiner and Augustiner are currently sold. The brewing coppers are in place but there is no word on when they will be used.

Braumanufaktur Sander has moved from Mettenheim to Worms, changing name to Privatbrauerei Sander in the process. (Rosi Kagert)


12th June 2015


Ostheimer Bürgerbräu's tap has closed. (Paul Lockwood)

Much of the production from Kleinbrauerei Rain now gets exported to Romania. As the drinks market at the brewery has now closed, the beers are quite a challenge to find. (Paul Lockwood)

Hoppenbräu in Waakirchen does not actually have its own brewing equipment and the four beers are made elsewhere. Although I understand more than one brewery has been used the evidence currently points to Haimhausen as the source. (Paul Lockwood)


Sackbendel in Beerfelden closed last year. The building is now a tapas restaurant. (Alexander Thamm)

Some of you may have encountered beers from Braufactum, the cuddly 'craft' arm of Radeberger / Binding. I had assumed all their beers were made at the Binding plant in Frankfurt (that's their registered address) but Paul Lockwood informs me they use other breweries. However, he also discovered they have a very small brewery in the cellar of the famous Henninger Turm in Frankfurt. From what I can ascertain this appears to be a pilot plant used for experimenting with new recipes but an Imperial IPA brewed there was on sale at the recent Berlin Craft Beer Festival. Any further information would be appreciated.


Brockhagen, a village near Steinhagen, is home to a microbrewery. Brauerei Sandforth has a small tap room used after brewery tours but unless you're a visitor the beers are only available from a couple of local drinks markets listed on the website. (Roman Drüg)

Brothers Dominik and Matthias Mette started a small brewery in Schliprüthen, between Finnentrop and Eslohe, in 2012. You will need to contact Metten Hefemännchen in advance if you wish to buy the beers. (Sascha Bruns)


Although it does brew, home made beers are rarely available at Zur Ratte in Leipzig. They are only sold in the Festsaal so you'll have to visit when an event is on otherwise it's Krostitzer all the way. They hope to open a new, larger brewery next year which will enable their own beers to be on all the time. (Paul Lockwood)


The former tap of Landsberger Brauerei has closed. Happily, a new one has opened at the brewery itself. Brauer Stüble is open from 17.00 Tuesday to Saturday. (Paul Lockwood)


11th June 2015


Four friends from Endingen who starting brewing for fun in 2011 have now gone a step further. Ostel Bräu may not be fully professional but the beers can be found at local festivals and it seems they may have a summer-only beer garden on the Büchermarkt. (Sachsa Bruns)


Well-regarded Nürnberg Altstadt bar Hütt'n now has a picobrewery which goes by the name Nürnberger Burgbräu. The 50 litre plant is used to make just one beer, a 5.6% Märzen. It should be available from 18.00 Wednesday to Saturday evenings direct from the wooden barrel (Bayerisch Anstich) but I suspect the earlier you go the better. I suggest you combine it with a visit to the Altstadthof (opposite) and Wanderer (below the city wall). (Gernot Wildung).


Not for the first time, a brewpub has been installed in an old town hall. This time it is Naumburg that's the lucky recipient. Ratskeller Naumburg opened last year. (Sascha Bruns)


10th June 2015


After months of uncertainty and rumour, I can confirm Brauerei Sauer in Gunzendorf has closed. (Gernot Wildung)


9th June 2015


Ralph Forster, co-author of the excellent "Bierführer" series of Bavarian beer guides (together with Harald Schieder), has been in touch with some news, most of it good.

Firstly, there is a new bewery to report in Mirskofen, near Landshut. Zombräu was opened on 30th May by the Merches brothers, Tobias and Bastian.

Brauerei Mehringer a.k.a. Weißes Brauhaus in Neunburg v. Wald brewed for the last time at the end of April. Brother and sister team Wolfgang and Anna Mehringer now supply existing customers with beers from Jacob of Bodenwöhr, the brewery where Wolfgang now works. There are no plans to brew their old beers under contract.

Contrary to expectation, Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten is still brewing. The main range of beers which were brewed and bottled under contract in Neumarkt have been discontinued but others are still made in Seligenporten. The brewery is open on Saturdays.


30th May 2015


Goikelbräu in Halsbach now brews in-house. (Gernot Wildung)


Brauhaus Mitte and the building it stands in are completely gutted. Their website suggests this is temporary. (Paul Lockwood)

Circus Hostel Brewing is now open. Based in a Hostel, the beers are sold in the cellar bar, Katz & Maus. (Paul Lockwood)

Brewbaker are apparently up-and-running at their new location. (Paul Lockwood)


Diensdorf's Haus am See stopped brewing in February. The kit remains in situ but the beer is now König Pils. (Paul Lockwood)


Neustädter Hausbrauerei in Dresden now brew on two sites in the city. In addition to the original location on Schönbrunnstraße they also use what they call 'Sudhaus Schwingenheuer' at Hermann-Mende-Straße 9 in Dresden-Albertstadt. The former location brews Hecht Alt, Bio-Mittagsbier and Zetschwig Death IPA. All other beers plus contract brews are made at the new site. (Paul Lockwood)


23rd May 2015


The Rhön area of northern Unterfranken is home to another new brewery. Liesbachbräu is in Burgwallbach, near Schönau an der Brend. (Mat Wilson)

Camba Bavaria's second brewery, Camba Old Factory, opens in Gundelfingen today. Bottling will be done in Truchtlaching.

A few miles north of Regensburg is Hainsacker, the village where Hartl Bräu has been active since the start of the year. Four beers were recently available at the Regensburg Craft Bier Festival but I have no information on regular outlets.

The first of three casualties to report is Sonnenbräu of Lichtenberg, thought to have been closed for quite some time. I suspect any beers which may remain will be brewed by Schlossbrauerei Schwarzbach over the border in Thüringen. (Mat Wilson)

Brauhaus Schweinfurt closed at the end of April after the potential investor withdrew. Kulmbacher have bought the rights to the name. (Sascha Bruns)

Another, perhaps more surprising casualty. Schneider of Weißenburg stopped brewing last month. They now sell beers from Strauss in Wettelsheim. (Sascha Bruns)


Munruffer Bierfabrik opened in Mogendorf last year. (Alex Deuerlein)


11th March 2015


There is a tiny brewery at Reith, an Einöde (solitary dwelling, in this case a farm) near Osseltshausen, Au in der Hallertau. The beer is available just one day a week. (Christoph Pinzl)

It seems Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten may have closed. A visit in November found no signs of activity and the owner / brewer cannot be contacted. I will be deleting it if no evidence it is open is forthcoming. (Christoph Pinzl)


Ahlbecker Kellerbräu has ceased brewing following a change of ownership at Hotel Seestern in Ahlbeck. (Sascha Bruns)

Somewhere I had heard may be brewing was Stolperhof, a farm museum in Stolpe on Usedom. Sachsa Bruns has been able to confirm they do indeed brew.


Julia and Torben Sass are brewing on a small scale in the garage of their house in Tarmstedt. Around 50hl of Burzel Bräu is produced annually, and it can be found in two local shops. (Sascha Bruns)


Anton's Restaurant in Erklenz has been brewing for about a year. A helles and IPA are made using a 2hl Spiedel's Braumeister. (Sascha Bruns)


The beers for Brauhaus Alte Schmiede in Rhaunen are actually made somewhere in Bayern rather than in house, at the brewery where Ralf Gewert was brewer. If anyone knows where that it, please let me know. (John Stant)


One one new brewery can be found in Unseburg, a village 25km south of Magdeburg. Just one beer is made at the Unseburger Brauhaus - a Pils. (Sascha Bruns)


31st January 2015


The tiny Brauerei Förster in Feuerthal stopped brewing several years ago. (Christoph Pinzl)


The brewing equipment from Brauhaus Schillerbad in Lüdenscheid has been sold to Belgium and was removed several weeks ago. Future beers, possibly under the Lüdenscheider name, are expected to be brewed in either Neuss or Monschau. (Peter Kuppers)


24th January 2015


Krokodil in Trossingen has been brewing since last year. (Sascha Bruns)


Closed last year, Bürgerbräu Wolnzach has been bought by American brewery Urban Chestnut. One of the latter's owners, Florian Kuplent, is originally from the Wolnzach region. (Sascha Bruns)


Yet another new brewery will open soon in the Mitte district. The Circus Hostel has installed brewing equipment in the Katz & Maus bar and I believe the first beer has been brewed. (Ludger Berges, Sascha Bruns, Rosi Kagert)

A visit to Georgbræu on Wednesday found the brewer hard at work so, if brewing did cease, it has certainly resumed. (Rosi Kagert).


10th January 2015


Volker Quante visited Brauerei Morsbachtal in Wuppertal-Cronenberg on Wednesday and discovered it has closed. The equipment was sold to a London brewery in 2013.


9th January 2015


Schlossbrauerei Aulendorf has moved from its old location in a former butchers shop on Bachstraße. Appropriately, the brewery is now in part of the Schloß, in a rather impressive-looking vaulted hall. There is also now an adjacent tap, occupying was was previously the Hofgarten restaurant.


Brauhaus Schweinfurt has been declared insolvent. It is hoped an investor can be found before the end of February.


8th January 2015


Beers from the hard to find Heldenblut can sometimes be encountered at Dunmore Cave in Neukölln. (Ludger Berges)

Following advice from Ludger Berges I have decided to treat Schoppe Bräu and Südstern as two companies using the same brewery on an equal footing rather than one brewery with a cuckoo / client brewer, rather like Beck / Haake-Beck and Paulaner / Hacker-Pschorr. If anything, it would seem Südstern is the client. Feel free to tell me why I may be wrong.


7th January 2015


Giesinger Bräu has finally made the short move to their new brewery and tap opposite the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in München. (Dave Waldron)


Plans for a brewery at Söhnel Werft in Wannsee have been abandoned. (Ludger Berges)


It will come as no surprise to regular readers that Bowling Center Minden has ceased brewing. Gens Bräu is no more. (Rosi Kagert)


Yet another AIDA cruise ship with a brewery is under construction. The AIDAprima is scheduled for a June launch. (Paul Lockwood)


24th December 2014

Yet another day with no specific news, just more cuckoo entries.


23rd December 2014


It would appear there may be a small brewery at a vineyard in Rück, near Elsenfeld. According to the website of Schalkhaus, Jürgen Hefner has been brewing there since 2008! I have emailed him in the hope he will be able to confirm its status but I would be surprised if a commercial brewery could exist for so long in Franconia without the beer world noticing.


22nd December 2014

Again, no actual news today, only more entries on the cuckoo page.


21st December 2014


A stones throw from the Hessen border, Braugemeinschaft Edertal in Beddelhausen is just the right side of hobby to count on these pages. Run by three friends in their spare time, the five beers are only available by the barrel. They have a rather excellent-looking fire engine which has been converted to dispense beer.


20th December 2014


It appears there may be a brewery at the Hannes Hof pension in Riedlhütte, near St. Oswald. I have contacted them in the hope of more information.


Can anyone shed any light on Läuterwerk in Münster? Is this a planned brewery, a cuckoo or neither?


19th December 2014


The website for Peterbier in Raesfeld is offline and the name up for sale, so it would appear brewing has ceased. Can anyone confirm this? (Rosi Kagert)


18th December 2014

Like Tuesday, no specific news to report today, just some additional entries on the cuckoo page.


17th December 2014


Rosi Kagert has informed me Zur Alten Brauerei in Belgern does indeed brew.


16th December 2014

No specific news to report today, just a few additional entries on the cuckoo page.


15th December 2014


Does anyone know anything about Kugelbräu in Agawang, near Kutzenhausen? It appears to be a well-equipped hobby brewery rather than anything more professional but it is getting difficult to tell these days.


I got a bit carried away yesterday. It is tomorrow Zum Rittmeister will begin selling house-brewed beer, not today.


14th December 2014


In the absence of any other news (and to extend my run of consecutive days updates to thirty-nine) I'm reminding you the first house-brewed beers go on sale at Zum Rittmeister in Kemnitz tomorrow.


13th December 2014


The Gaffel brewery next to the railway just north of Köln Hauptbahnhof is set to close next summer. Production will move across the river to their Porz site during August. The latter previously brewed some of Gaffel's output but has not done for for a number of years.


12th December 2014


One tiny brewery I had been trying to confirm existed has closed. Chamer Zoiglbrauerei was in Katzberg, just north of Cham. It lasted barely a year.


11th December 2014


It appears brewing may now have ceased at Späth-Bräu in Lohberg. Filling was transferred to Löwenbrauerei Passau just over a year ago but Bierführer Ostbayern reports no beer is now made in Lohberg. I have sent the brewery an email in the forlorn hope they may reply.

10th December 2014


Somewhere I had dismissed as a hobby but which it turns out is in fact commercial is Herzogsberg Bräu in Velburg. Although the four friends who brew there do so in their spare time, one of the number is a former brewer at Winkler Bräu in Lengenfeld. The beer can usually be bought from source on Saturdays but do call in advance to ensure they have beer. Their weizen is only brewed in limited quantities.


9th December 2014


Mentioned here on a couple of occasions recently, I am now able to conform Das kleine Brauhaus in Straubing does in fact exist as a separate brewery. Bierführer Ostbayern has photographs of the mobile kettles emblazoned with the brewery name and goes on to explain around 40 brews are done each year. The two beers are normally only available bottled and the suggested place to try them is the picturesque Zur Schönen Aussicht in Bogenberg. (Paul Lockwood, Willi Reber)


8th December 2014


Today's news comes courtesy of Harald Scheider and Ralph Forster's excellent new Bierführer Ostbayern.

Schröttinger Bräu in Schrötting has closed as it just couldn't compete with the prices offered by the big boys.

As long-suspected, Brauerei Weideneder in Tann no longer brews. In fact, their beers have been made elsewhere since 2005!


7th December 2014


Does anyone know anything about Zur Alten Brauerei in Belgern? I understood it had closed or at least stopped brewing around nine years ago but I've recently spotted a couple of separate sources indicating it still brews.


6th December 2014


There's a new brewpub in Leipzig, albeit way out of the city centre in the south-western suburb of Hartmannsdorf. Zur Ratte makes a kellerbier and also offers brewing courses.


5th December 2014


One name change I had until now neglected to mention is that of 1516 WestParkBräu in Ingolstadt. It is now called Brauhaus 1516 and supplies the pub of the same name at Augsburg's main station. Do not be fooled into believing the latter brews - the single kettle there is purely decorative.


4th December 2014


The Bulzinger Brauerei in Bulzingen does indeed brew. The sole regular is Kellerbier but there is also an occasional Weizen, The beer is bottled at Adlerbrauerei in Hundersingen and can be bought from the brewery on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings (16.00-19.00) or during the day on Saturdays (10.00-15.00). It is also sold at Connys Getränkeinsel in nearby Spaichingen. (Stefan Naumann)


3rd December 2014


Andreas Pohl had confirmed his Biber Brauerei is indeed commercial.


2nd December 2014

I have tidied-up the future breweries section and dropped the following proposed breweries which I believe have little to no chance of materialising: Abbehausen, Butjenter Brauhaus; Annaberg-Buchholz, unnamed; Bayreuth, Götschel; Berlin-Lichtenberg, unnamed; Berlin-Neukölln, Brauwerkstatt; Engen, Felsenkeller; Heiligenhafen, Anno 1880; Höchstädten, Zürl Bräu (not commercial); Hornberg, Hopfenspeicher; Klarenthal, Hofgut Klarenthal; Körle, Spezialitäten Brauerei Pape; List, Bräuschiff; Merseburg, Tiefer Keller; Nordhausen, Bürgerliches Brauhaus; Otterndorf, Hadelner Bräu; Pinneberg, Brauerei zu Pinneberg; Pirna, Tanne; Pruchten, Störtebecker Hof; Rommersheim, Trinkhorn; Schwerin, Seeterrasse; Steingaden, Klosterbrauerei; Stolberg, Ketschenburg.

Berlin and Hamburg entries are now listed under the old boroughs as, frankly, those are all anyone refers to locally.


There is possibly a new opening to report in Euskirchen although I have my doubts - Biber Brauerei appears to be somewhere in between the hobby and commercial stages. I have emailed owner Andreas Pohl in the hope he can clarify the situation. (Alexander Thamm)


1st December 2014


I've been advised by Stefan Brütting of Goldenen Schwan in Erfurt that although Felsenkeller in Weimar supplies their day to day beers the equipment at the Golden Swan is still used for brewing seminars and trial brews, so don't be surprised to see it in use.


30th November 2014


Plans for Schloßbräu Thurnau to begin brewing have been put on hold. I hope the problems can be resolved - the location looks superb.


29th November 2014


What was previously known as the Kölner Verbund Brauereien is now called Haus Kölscher Brautradition.


28th November 2014


Somewhere that has hitherto escaped my notice is Landgasthof Löwen in Obersasbach, near Achern. Daniel Köninger installed a brewery there in September last year. (Alexander Thamm)


Never assume. Back in June I reported the former tap of Sonnenbrauerei Ebermannstadt had reopened as Sonne29. I had contacted them after a tip they were brewing again but was told no, the house beer came from Bavarian Festbeer Brewery. Not being able to trace the latter I assumed this was just a rebadge or similar. However, I have now discovered the former Sonnenbrauerei has been bought by Carsten Raun, a Dane who organises Bavarian-style beer festivals around Europe. Brewing resumed in late spring and although the beer is principally made for his festivals, it also supplies Sonne29. Expectation is annual output will reach 500 to 1,000hl. More here. (Harri Hurtig, Alexander Thamm)

Camba Bavaria should soon be opening the Camba Old Factory in Gundelfingen, a large pub which will include a small brewery.


I've had confirmation from the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke that the brewery is not currently in use.


27th November 2014


Do not be fooled by Brauhaus zu Coburg. To be fair, they make no claim to brew themselves - the beers come from Kulmbacher.


Hans-Adolf Knopp, mayor of Grasdorf and one of the men behind Schwarze Huhn has confirmed the beer is regularly available at local festivals and it can be considered commercial. The brewery itself is at the Richers family farm in the centre of the village.


There are plans for a brewpub on the site of the former Braugold brewery in Erfurt. The rest of the land there will be redeveloped for housing.


26th November 2014

I have decided to add a page outlining all contract and cuckoo brewers I am aware of. This is likely to take some days. If you believe I have missed any or think the information inaccurate, please feel free to enlighten me.


As anticipated, Dorfbrauhaus in Amönau has indeed closed. The former tap is now a Greek restaurant and the brewing equipment is now in use at the Osterbach Brauerei in Gemünden. Happily, Hausbrauerei Armin Latzko is still going strong. (Armin Latzko)


Volker Quante has been in touch with an address for Schmierliger Lachs. Stefan Rigger and Steffen Wöckener make around 60hl per year of very elusive beer.


25th November 2014


I have my doubts about both breweries in Amönau and have emailed Armin Latzko in the hope he will be able to clarify the situation there.


Andrea Pieroncyzk of Kaiserliches Postamt in Parchim has confirmed they are indeed brewing again. Following closure in early 2011 the building was refurbished before reopening on 1st September 2012. There are three regular beers plus seasonals.


In case you encounter mention of Brauhaus Dröge in Geoargsmarienhütte I can confirm they do not brew.

Another possible brewery to report is in Grasdorf, near Holle. Schwarze Huhn appears to be more of a hobby than anything more commercial but I have emailed them for more information.

Does anyone know if the Paul-Lincke-Treff in Hahnenklee is still active? It only opened once a week and I've heard mixed reviews so I wonder if it has shut.

Several years ago I appealed for information regarding Schmieriger Lachs of Groß-Ellendorf, near Uelzen. It seems they are brewing but limit themselves to small batches of strong beers. However, I cannot trace an address. If anyone out there could assist, I would be most grateful.


Cornelius Bräu of Aachen make their three beers over the border at the Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi.

As there is no sign of Brauhaus Leddeköpp in Heisterbacherrott reopening after almost two years closed I have decided, with regret, to delete it.

It would appear beers is again being brewed at the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke, near Hagen. I have emailed them for confirmation.


24th November 2014


Dinkelacker-Schwaben has a shiny new tap in central Stuttgart. Carls Brauhaus is on Schlossplatz, a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof.


Radigk's is know known as the Finsterwalder Brauhaus.


Pick the bones out of this one. There is a brewery museum in part of the Hessisches Löwenbier brewery in Malsfeld. Both are owned by the Hütt Brauerei in Knallhütte. Now, to complicate matters, there is a tiny brewery at the museum producing BrauWerkstatt Malsfeld beers. The question is, does this count?


It appears brewing has resumed at the reopened Kaiserliches Postamt in Parchim. I have emailed them for confirmation.


23rd November 2014


If you encounter Brauhaus am Caracciola Platz in Remagen and think I've missed it they do not brew. The two Rigo Bräu beers served there are made by Lahsteiner.


Münch-Bräu in Eibau is now known as Privatbrauerei Eibau or, more commonly, Eibauer.


Does anyone know anything about Bölke in Oschersleben? It opened in 1999 but appears to have closed some time ago. However, it is listed in the latest Brauerei Adressbuch.


22nd November 2014


I don't think it counts yet but one to keep an eye on is Arnsberger Mühlenbräu.


If it hasn't already, the Idarer Brauhaus should be open soon in Idar Oberstein.


21st November 2014


Owner Christian Böhm has been in touch to confirm that although the tap is currently closed, Gutsbräu Straßkirchen continues to brew.


The first brew at Zum Rittmeister in Kemnitz is in the lagering tanks and should be on sale from 16th December.


20th November 2014


Manuel Müller has been in touch to tell me brewing has not yet started at Goikelbräu (see below).

Späth-Bräu in Lohberg is now under the control of Löwenbrauerei Passau. Brewing continues in Lohberg but all filling is now done in Passau.

One long-standing error to correct is the location of Weissbräu Schwendl. Although opposite Schalchen station it is in fact in Lengloh.

I did have my doubts a couple of years ago about the status of Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten. Happily, I have found this article which confirms brewing continues much as before. Seasonal beers are brewed in Seligenporten (about 50hl a year), the rest at Glössner in Neumarkt (Lammsbräu previously did this).

Schmidmayer-Bräu in Siegenburg is now known as Siegenburger Spezialitätenbrauerei.

It appears brewing may have stopped at Gutsbräu in Straßkirchen. The tap certainly closed in February due to insolvency.


Does anyone have any info on Hailerer Sudkessel in Gelnhausen? From what I can make out they appear to be a glorified hobby.

The old station building in Kilianstädten has been home to the Schönecker Brauhaus since early last year. The beers are sold at the adjacent Wirtshaus im Alten Bahnhof.

Stefan Schmidt has a small, entertaining-looking brewery at his Getränkeschmiede drinks business in Kronberg. A variety of beers are made and sold under the Schmidt name.


19th November 2014


There appears to be a new brewery up in the hills above Lohr am Main. Halsbach is home to Goikelbräu, the first beers for which were brewed in Stadelhofen. I have emailed owner Manuel Müller for confirmation.

Willi Reber has been in touch to say he suspects the mobile kit used to make Kleines Brauhaus Straubing beer belongs to Brauerei Erl in Geiselhöring. The only question is, does it count?


18th November 2014


Bernd Bergmann's search for a new name for his Glattbach brewery is over. It is now called Die Biobraumeister.


17th November 2014


Yet another new brewery has opened recently, this time just east of München. Braukraft is in Geisenbrunn, a satellite of Gilching. I suggest a good place to buy / try the beers locally is Liebick Getränke, a small drinks market near Harthaus S-Bahn station in Germering. With around 1,100 German beers advertised, none of which are from national brewers, they have one of the widest selections in the state if not the country.


16th November 2014


There is a new brewery to report in the charmingly-named village of Poxau. Kalvarienbergbräu has been active since September.


15th November 2014


The first beers brewed at the new Burghauser Brauwerkstatt went on sale last month. I don't think they have a tap but you can buy the beer direct from source on Saturdays 10.00-16.00.


14th November 2014


In case anyone encounters mention of Richelbräu in München I can confirm they are not commercial but serious homebrewers, a fact confirmed on Paul Lockwood's recent visit.


Another cuckoo has been brought to my attention, this time in Köln. Böll Bier is made at Sünner. (Roman Drüg)


Christin Düwell from Hotel Alte Brauerei in Tangermünde has informed me it is likely to be May before the first house-brewed beer is on sale. The brewery equipment has been delivered but some structural work is required before it can be installed.


13th November 2014


Scheuerer Alm, the farm brewpub outside Aschau, is under new ownership and no longer brews. Since April it has been known as Gaststätte Scheuern.

If you encounter anything from Wampenbräu and wonder where it's brewed, the answer is apparently Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu.


Another beer commisioner / cuckoo brewer to report is Braustrom of Leipzig whose Monohop Ale is brewed at Brauhaus zu Röglitz, the new name (since 2010!) for Brauerei Koth in Röglitz. (David Israel)


12th November 2014


Zum Läuterbottich in Allmersbach closed around a year ago. The brewery has been removed and it is now called Fautenhauer Hof.

Although I've known about this for ages (years), I had until now failed to mention Baisinger Löwenbrauerei is now called Baisinger BierManufaktur.

Does anyone know if Wahnsinnsbräu in Beutenhof is still going? The website is offline and I cannot get an answer from the tap (whose email address doesn't work).

I am all but certain Kull Bräu in Heimsheim does not exist. Unless anyone can provide me with evidence to the contrary I will be deleting the entry.

I am declaring Brauerei Armbruster in Kirrlach kaput. There was no sign of activity when I visited in 2012 and I can get no response or find any recent reference to the business.

I have some doubt about Neuenstädter Biermanufaktur. Can anyone tell me if it is still open?

Bürgerstüble Sigmarswangen may no longer brew. I have attempted to contact them without success. Any of you know more?

Wehr-Enkendorf has had a second brewery since the summer. Brauhaus Meier is just up the road from Enkendörfle Hausbräu and open considerably more often.

Adler in Zuzenhausen is now known as Dachsenfranz Biermanufaktur.


11th November 2014


Does anyone know anything about the Bulzinger Brauerei in Bulzingen, near Rietheim-Weilheim? (Alex Deuerlein)

Ralf Eckart has taken the step-up form hobby to commercial brewer in Schnait, near Weinstadt. His Alte Werkstatt makes five regular beers plus a number of seasonal and one-off brews. (Alex Deuerlein)

Schwarzwald Gold of Vörstetten make their rather pricey-looking beers at Brauerei Rogg in Lenzkirch. (Alex Deuerlein)

There appears to be a nanobrewery in Zimmer, near Tuttlingen. Farrenbräu beer has been reported at a couple of local events over the past year and seems to be run on a part-time basis by Thomas Schlegel but that is all I know. Does anyone have an address or other information? (Alex Deuerlein)


If you encounter Tilmans Biere in München this is another who brews elsewhere. In this case, Gut Forsting. (Alex Deuerlein)

There has been a small scale revival of Plötz Bräu in Peißenberg, which closed in 1971. Plötz Bräu 2 opens for sales all day Thursday and Friday plus Saturday mornings. (Alex Deuerlein)

One of the smaller commercial breweries can be found in Der Bergbauernwirt, an alpine lodge in Sondersdorf, a few miles north of Oberstdorf. Two beers are made using bijou equipment that looks suspiciously like that used by the former Höllein's Wirtshausbrauerei in Immenstadt. (Alex Deuerlein)


Braumanufaktur Hopfenfänger is based in Bremen and makes four beers. They can be found in more than twenty outlets but are brewed elsewhere for this is yet another cuckoo.


One more beer maker without their own kit is Rahlstedter. Based in the Rahstedt district, they make one beer - Urknall. (Alex Deuerlein)


More cuckoo activity in the Hildesheim region. Hödeken Bräu is the brainchild of Jan Pfeiffer and based in Westfeld. Amyone know where the beers are made? (Alex Deuerlein)


Lengerich has a nanobrewery, the weekend hobby of a bank manager and a civil servant. The Teutoburger Brauerei makes a (Münsterländer) Alt all-year-round plus a few seasonals which include a Grut. Although they've been brewing since 2010, I believe it is only this year the beer has become commercially available. Sole regular outlet is the Hexenhäuschen. (Alex Deuerlein)

Brauerei Sandforth in Steinhagen appears to be a beer commissioner that I suspect uses Herforder. (Alex Deuerlein)

Dietmar Dangel has confirmed his Biermanufaktur Dangel in Wenholthausen brews on site.


Rhaunen has had a brewpub since the end of August, Brauhaus Alte Schmiede currently makes two beers. (Alex Deuerlein)


10th November 2014


Within earshot of the A9, Hartmut Schneider has been operating Stiagnbräu for about five years. The name translates as "Stairbrew", so-called because of the 34 steps you must climb to reach the brewery. With an output of 150hl per year it is larger than some full-time breweries but this is just one of his hobbies (the other is collecting tractors); by day he is an earthworks engineer. The beers are only available on draught. (Christoph Pinzl).

Adler Bräu in Schlüsselfeld stopped brewing at the end of last year. (Ludger Berges)


Another new name in Berlin is Ape Ales. Like a few others in the city, they do not have their own brewery. (Ludger Berges)

Former cuckoo brewers Beer4Wedding now have a new name their own place in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Like Marzahner Börsenbräu, Bierfabrik occupies part of the old Friedrichsfelde cattle market and shares the same address. Despite this, the two are separate companies and the breweries occupy different buildings on this substantial site. This is also where at least some of the beers of cuckoo brewers Spent Brewers Collective are made. (Ludger Berges, Paul Lockwood)

Andreas Bogk is hoping to revive his short-lived Bogk Bier next year at the former Willner Brewery in Pankow, part of which is now home to Emil's Biergarten. (Ludger Berges)

Brewbaker's new place on Sickingerstraße hasn't yet been finished. Since vacating his site in the Arminusmarkt (the tap has also gone), owner Michael Schwab has been using the closed Luckenwalder brewery to make his beers. The new place is expected to open in March. (Ludger Berges, Ulrich Schmidt)

In case you encounter Flying Turtle and think I've missed them, I haven't. Their beers are made at Pfefferbräu. (Ludger Berges, Dave Waldron)

Perhaps the most touristy of Berlin's established brewpubs, Georgbræu no longer brews. It is not clear where the beer now comes from. (Ludger Berges)

Be warned the beers from Brauerei Heldenblut are not commonly found as the brewery operates on a part-time basis. (Ludger Berges)

If you tried them, the beers sold earlier this year under the Söhnel Bräu name were brewed in Potsdam. The equipment for the brewery is now on site so we can presumably expect home made beers sometime in the new year. (Ludger Berges)

Many of you may already be aware that Stone Brewing of San Diego have announced ambitious plans for a brewery in Berlin. It will be in a former gas works in the Mariendorf district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg and is expected to open in a year or so. (Ulrich Schmidt)


If you encounter any Brewcifer beers it appears they are made at Buddelship. (Alex Deuerlein)

Already a fairly well-known name in the German 'craft beer' scene, current cuckoo Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder should soon be brewing at their own site in the southern district of Sinstorf. The kettles arrived at the former Hansano dairy at the end of October. (Ludger Berges)


Gemünden (Wohra) now has a small brewery. Osterbach Brauerei currently makes just one beer but there are plans for seasonals. It is sold at the Alter Bahnhof in town and can also be bought direct from the brewery (draught only). (Alex Deuerlein)


Taking tentative steps towards full commercialism are the team behind Sickingen Bräu of Landstuhl. The two beers are available in one or two litre bottles plus a variety of barrels but do give them some notice. (Alex Deuerlein)

Another cuckoo brewer you may encounter is Fitza Bräu of Mainz. Their beers are made at Weschnitztaler in Rimbach. (Dave Waldron)


9th November 2014


I had considerable doubt Ratsbrauerei Bäuml in Rain still brewed as they now sell Graf Toerring beers (brewed by Hofbräu Freising). However, Josef Bäuml infomrs me "one or two" beers are still made on site.

Does anyone (not you, Mr Lockwood) know anything about Kleines Brauhaus Straubing? It is an offshoot of Wick Getränke in Straubing (Heerstraße 47-49). The wort is allegedly brewed on a mobile plant at an undisclosed Gaststätte before being transferred to a building at the rear of the drinks market where it is fermented, lagered and then bottled. At least one other local drinks market sells the beers. (Paul Lockwood)

Brauerei Martin in Unterneuses has stopped brewing due to the condition of the brewery and now sells Hummel beers from Merkendorf. (Jan-Erik Svensson)


There appears to be a small new brewery in the Sauerland. Biermanufaktur Dangel is in Wenholthausen and makes just one beer. I have emailed Dietmar Dangel for confirmation he has his own kit as the website lacks photo's. (Roman Drüg, David Hughes)


One of the smallest commercial breweries in the world has been operating in Witzhave since last year. Corbeker has an annual output of only 10hl but still manages to make eight different beers over the year. That's just 2,000 half-litre bottles. (David Hughes)


8th November 2014


Christoph Pinzl of the Deutsches Hopfenmuseum in Wolnzach has been in touch to report a new brewery in nearby Unterpindhart, at Landgasthof Rockermeier. They don't exactly trumpet this fact so I have emailed them for more info.


It appears Söhnel Bräu has not actually started brewing, yet. Beers on sale last month were all from Pyraser and our intrepid reporter was told they don't yet brew. This begs the question where the beers seen earlier this year (and shown on their website) were actually made. I have emailed them in the hope they can clarify the situation. (Steve Peck)


7th November 2014


The Kaiser brewery in Geislingen filed for bankruptcy in early September. At the moment, production continues. (Markus Brinker)

Close to Neckarsulm, Obereisheim is home to Naturkost Lang, an organic shop that now has a tiny brewery at the attached farm.

Brewing ceased at Mooswald Heimbräu in Wolfenweiler early last year. The tap is still open, selling Löwenbräu Elzach Kräusen. (Timo Alanen)


Bürgerbräu Wolnzach stopped brewing in August. Stocks of beer are expected to run out later this month but there are plans for the now closed tap to be reopened as a brewpub, presumably using the same name. (Markus Brinker)


Like Kaiser, Schaumburger in Stadthagen has also entered into insolvency. The firm has changed name to Schaumburger Private Braumanufaktur and, as the name suggests, intends to add 'craft' beers to the range. (Markus Brinker)


6th November 2014


An unconfirmed report from a local in Hirschzell suggests Schneble Bräu is not currently brewing. A visit found the premises shut but apparently functioning. Any news one way or the other would be welcome.

I'd had my doubts about it for a while and now Paul Lockwood has been able to confirm Mittenkirchner Brauhaus has closed.

The Cheyenne Baron Brewery in Schmiechen now goes by the name Cheyenne Beer, The brewery itself is no longer in the cellar of Schmiechen Castle - it has moved a short distance to the home of owner Fred Beringer (a.k.a. Brave Eagle), where you can also find the tap. (Paul Lockwood)


There is a small brewery at the Taverna Obscura cellar restaurant in Plattenburg. It is located in the Burg Plattenburg water castle. (Sascha Bruns)


The first new commercial brewery in Germany's smallest state since the GBGG was published, Tobias Grebhan has been brewing since July. Grebhan's Bier is sold at his beer shop in the Schnoor, Bremen's answer to York's Shambles. (Sascha Bruns)


Clausthal-Zellerfeld has a new microbrewery. Brauakademie Zellerfeld makes a Pils under the "Zellerfelder Münzbräu" name. The beer can be bought on Tuesday from 15.00 (after the weekly brewery tour) and at the local farmers market (Oberharzer Bauernmarkt) on Thursday evenings. (Sachsa Bruns)


24th October 2014


The second Barfüßer to open this month can be found in part of a modern building south-east of Reutlingen's old town.


One piece of news I had until now forgotten to include is the end of brewing at Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf. Their beers are now made elsewhere and the tap has shut. Despite this, they still claim to have been brewing since 1131... (Paul Lockwood)

Brewing is currently suspended at Lampl Bräu in Larsbach. It is unclear when or indeed if it will resume. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap of Brauerei Würth in Windischeschenbach has closed. (Paul Lockwood)


15th October 2014


First mentioned as being doubtful two years ago, it has been confirmed Wirtschafts Wunder in Sindelfingen is closed. (Paul Lockwood)


Aktienbrauerei Simmerberg has been renamed Simmerberger. (Paul Lockwood)

The latest branch of Barfüßer opened in Weißenhorn two weeks ago.


Lohmühle-brewed Bannas Bier has been available since last month.


Brewing is currently suspended at Hildener Landbräu. The owner hopes to resume next year after he has installed a bottling plant. (Paul Lockwood)


I'm sure someone already told me this but I have somehow neglected to mention Leipzig's Reudnitzer was renamed Sternburg in 2012. The formed tap now sells Köstritzer. (Paul Lockwood)


3rd September 2014


Brewing was suspended at Pürner in Etzelwang two years ago, apparently due to the local health department insisting on prohibitively expensive upgrades. The beers are now made at Sperber in nearby Sulzbach-Rosenberg. (Paul Lockwood)

Café BBISS, home of the Gersthofer Brauhaus, was acquired by the BOB's of Augsburg earlier this year. According to staff at their Augsburg-Oberhausen branch (home of Auxburg City Brewery), brewing ceased at the same time.

I have somehow omitted to include the tiny Braumanufaktur Lippert in Lichtenfels until now. A former hobby brewer, Markus Lippert still brews in the shed at the bottom of his garden. You can buy his beers direct from source (by appointment) or from the excellent Bauernladen (farm shop) in the centre of town which has a few tables outside in warm weather.


Opladen's Brauhaus Aloysianium has closed after barely a year due to financial problems.


25th July 2014


Michelbräu in Ittersbach has closed. It is unclear whether the nearby tap remains open.

Karlsruhe's tiny König Bräu, also known as the Erste Knielinger Hausbrauerei, closed at the beginning of February. (Dave Jackson)


It seems Brauerei Hösl in Rothenstadt has finally ceased brewing. The beer is now made in Mitterteich, presumably at their namesake. (Paul Lockwood)


5th July 2014


Isarbräu in Großhesselohe is back up-and-running. It has been renamed Isartaler Brauhaus but still brews just a wheat beer. Other beers now come from the BrauHolding International stable.

Mäx Tauberschmitt has been brewing on an extremely small scale for sale in Felsenkeller Marktheidenfeld, also known as Zum Neuen Brauhaus 1816, since July last year. So far, there have been 44 brews and 38 different beers have been made. (David Hughes)


It is possible Kuehn Kunz Rosen beers may be encountered in the better beer shops of Berlin, Frankfurt and Mainz. They have no brewery of their own and are based in Mainz. (David Hughes)


Largely unnoticed by the outside world, Privatbrauerei Bach has been making beers in Neunkirchen since 2011. I have some doubts about the exact address of the brewery itself but do know the beers are sold at the Fischerhütte (off Limbacher Straße, on the south side of Furpach cemetery) and on the other side of the A6 in Kirkel at the Kirkeler Brauhaus. (David Hughes)


A brewery is currently being installed at the Alte Brauerei in Tangermünde. (David Hughes)


Also making their beer on the equipment of others are the guys behind Vier Vogel Pils of Dresden. (David Hughes)


30th June 2014


A third brewery opened in Offenburg in March. Markus Bräu opens for sales on Monday (brew day) and Friday. (Alex Deuerlein)


The Dorfbachstüberl in Ohlstadt now has a small in-house-brewery. (Alex Deuerlein)

The first beer from the new brewery at Bräuwerck in Neudrossenfeld goes on sale next Tuesday.

Manuel Rößle, a former brewer at Andechs, has started his own brewery in Peiting. Biermanufaktur Sparifankal currently produces two regular beers and a seasonal Festbier. (Alex Deuerlein)

South of Waakirchen, there is a new microbrewery to report in Marienstein called Mariensteiner Brauhaus. They currently make pale and dark wheat beers plus an Export. (Alex Deuerlein)


The team behind Beer4Wedding have renamed themselves Bierfabrik Berlin in anticipation of the opening of their own brewery in August. It will be in the Marzahn district but I do not yet have an address. (Alex Deuerlein)


Martfelder Heide, a village just north of Martfeld, is home to the Martfelder Hausbrauerei. Torsten Jinczek began brewing in 2008 and used the equipment at Robens Kerkerbräu until he built his own kit last year. He opens for sales on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. (Alex Deuerlein)

Christof Jäger opened the Vorwalder Landbrauerei in Venne, near Ostercappeln, late last year. He built the wood-fired kettle himself. (Alex Deuerlein)


Ten kIlometres north of Kaiserslautern, the Alte Apotheke in Otterberg has had a picobrewery installed. The beer goes by the name Ottenberger Klosterbräu. (Alex Deuerlein)

And in the other direction, there is a brewpub in Unterhammer, a hamlet in the Karlstal. The first Unterhammer Bräu beers went on sale at the beginning of December. (Alex Deuerlein)


29th June 2014


Burghausen should have a microbrewery before the end of autumn. Burghauser Brauwerkstatt will be on an industrial estate south-west of the town centre. (Alex Deuerlein)

Just north of Nürnberg, the small town of Heroldsberg now has a small brewery in an outbuilding of the Roten Schloß. Red Castle Brew makes a Rotbier together with an eye-wateringly expensive doppelbock. (Alex Deuerlein


Gasthaus Himmelpforten in Niederense now has a small brewery that makes just one beer, Kloster Himmelpforten Dunkel. (Alex Deuerlein)


28th June 2014


Harri Hurtig has contacted me to report the reopening of the former Sonne tap in Ebermannstadt (as Sonne 29). I have contacted them and been told the brewery remains shut and the house beer is brewed elsewhere. Other beers come from Nikl Bräu and Schanzenbräu, amongst others.


Bogk Bräu, the picobrewery that remained on the future breweries page as I deemed it not commercial enough to warrant inclusion, has closed. (Sascha Bruns)


Plans for a revival of the Union Brauerei in Bremen are at an advanced stage. Closed in 1968, the reincarnation will be a brewpub with an annual capacity of up to 7,500hl. It is expected to open in just over a year. (Markus Brinker)


The Buddelship Brauerei in Eimsbüttel is now open. I have no information about outlets. (David Hughes)

Martin Schupeta from Von Freude has been in touch. As suspected in my 10th April update, they use other breweries to make their beer (Ale Primeur, 5.8%).


The Luxus Bier consortium has acquired Iserlohner and is expect to resume brewing next year. It seems most if not all beer will be for export to the China. (Markus Brinker)

Malzmühle's tap in Köln is currently closed due to refurbishment and to allow for construction of a hotel. (Markus Brinker)


Braumanufaktur Durke in Landau, formerly Brauhof, closed towards the end of 2012. (Rosi Kagert)


26th June 2014


Adler in Waibstadt brewed for the last time at the end of January. (Markus Brinker)


Having ceased in August 2012, brewing resumed at the Holzhauser Landbrauerei in Holzhausen during March last year.

A note on the Mühlfelder Brauhaus website states they are temporarily closed. Curiously, there is no mention of the brewery. Does anyone know more? (Rosi Kagert)

Klaus Bendner of Brauerei Wagner in Oberhaid has been in touch to say that, contrary to reports, beer is made there.

Previously reported as closed following takeover by Zötler of Rettenberg, some beer is in fact still made at Postbrauerei in Nesselwang. The standard beers are sold at the tap only but there is also a larger 'gourmet' range under the name Brau Manufaktur Allgäu. All other Post beers are made by Zötler.

Ostheim has a third brewery. Rhönpiraten is a 2hl micro in Stephan Kowalsky's house. Three bars are supplied and you can buy beer direct from source during the week. On Wednesdays, Herr Kowalsky fires-up his wood oven and sells bread and pizza. (Sascha Bruns)

Also in Ostheim, Brauerei Peter is now known as Ostheimer Bürgerbräu. (Sascha Bruns)

Reutti, nowadays officially a district of Neu-Ulm, has a small brewpub called Roberts Genussbräu. (Sascha Bruns)


One opening has directly led to a closure. The new brewery at Zukunft Ostkreuz opened at the end of April. As a result, Prassnik no longer brews. The latter had been the subject of some debate but it appears they brewed in the kitchen. (Rosi Kagert)


Alexander Knobelsdorf has a nanobrewery in Jüterbog. Currently producing just 25hl a year, Brauerei Knobinger has been active since September and supplies at least one bar in the town. He is on the look-out for larger premises. (Rosi Kagert)


The Mashsee Brauerei in Hannover is now open. It is attached to the Craft Beer Kontor shop which, as the name suggests, specialises in 'craft' beer. (David Hughes, Rosi Kagert)


Having suspended brewing at the beginning of last year, the Bocholter Brauhaus has now closed completely. (Roman Drüg)

The Eichener Brauerei has closed, ostensibly due to the cost of renewing brewery equipment. The beers are now made by Rolinck in Steinfurt. (Sascha Bruns)

Despite an annual output of around 500,000hl, the Iserlohner brewery closed at the end of March. Eighty percent of production was made up of discount brands for supermarkets.


BeSte Bräu in Cochem has closed and all fittings have been removed. (Paul Allison)

Brewing has resumed at the Lauterecker Brauhaus, now renamed Brauhaus Lauterecken. They currently make Veldenz Bräu Hell and Dunkel but no seasonals. (Roman Drüg)


The brewing equipment at Weichauer Hof in Weicha has been dismantled and sold. The owner has not ruled-out restarting but currently sells Löbauer (Sascha Bruns)


There is a new brewery to report in Albersdorf, a small town on the railway from Heide to Neumünster. Privatbrauerei Albersdorf specialises in top-fermented beers. They have a small bar which opens for just five hours each week. (David Hughes)


14th April 2014


The Barfüßer chain has plans to expand further with new brewpubs in Reutlingen and Weißenhorn (see Bayern, below).


One of several new breweries under construction by Kaspar Schulz of Bamberg is Brauerei Weller in Erlangen. It revives the name of a brewery closed in 1911.

A new brewery in the Ingolstadt region is Lausbiggl Bräu, a micro in Kleinhohenried, a hamlet 13km south-west of the city. (Alex Deuerlein)

Barfüßer's Weißenhorn brewpub will be on Kirchplatz, close to the no longer brewing Hasen.


The last day of April should see a new brewery open at Zukunft Ostkreuz, a bar and cinema in Friedrichshain. First brew was three weeks ago. (Rosi Kagert)

As expected, Brewbaker moved to the new location a mile or so north of the old one soon after Christmas.The tap in the Arminius Markthalle remains.

Brauerei Heldenblut has now opened in the very leafy Treptow-Köpenick district of Karolinenhof. (Sascha Bruns & Rosi Kagert)


Yet another new brewery is on the horizon. Buddelship Brauerei will be a little more off the beaten track than most, in the northern Eimsbüttel borough. (Sascha Bruns)


As anticipated, Hofbrauhaus Arolsen ceased brewing a few months ago, bringing to an end 882 years of brewing.

Brauerei Dörr in Michelstadt is now known as Michelstädter Bier.

The Hanau suburb of Wilhelmsbad has had a brewery for the last year. Wilhelmsbader Hof Bräu is at the Wilhelmsbader Hof, a stables and restaurant close to the palace. typically, they had closed for an impromptu rest day when I attempted to visit recently. (Alex Deuerlein)


Kaspar Schulz are in the process of building a brewery for the Hofschänke in Wagenfeld.


Guenther Heinzel informs me that Radat's in Dortmund claimed to be brewing when he visited last month but he could see no direct evidence of this. They have previously displayed a tiny brew plant in one corner of the market. I have sent them an email in the hope of discovering more.


Picobrewery time in Ahrensburg where Boris Georgiev makes beer in 30 litre batches at Zeugenbräu, numbering each bottle individually. Find some if you can. (Alex Deuerlein)

Almost un-noticed by the wider world, a part-time micro has been in operation in Handewitt (close to Flensburg) for several years. Brauerei Milster produces just the one beer, a Pils. It is available at Thomi's restaurant on a nearby retail park. (Alex Deuerlein)


13th April 2014


Ditzingen is once again home to a Wichtel. The original brewpub opened there in 1989 but closed 20 years later when the lease expired. The new incarnation opened the week before Christmas and is opposite the town hall, 500m or so from the earlier former location. (Alex Deuerlein)


It would seem Schwalben Bräu in Ingolstadt is merely a beer commissioner, not a brewery. (Alex Deuerlein)

Waakirchen has a shiny new micro. Hoppebräu operates out of Markus Hoppe's garage. (Sebastian Spindler)


One of the sexier-looking breweries to open in recent time is Duderstädter Braumanufaktur, located in the cellar of the rather swanky Hotel zum Löwen. The three beers (branded 'Heimatliebe') are already available in four other outlets. (Alex Deuerlein)

Bannas Bier has been available since last summer although the brewery is still under construction. The brewery will be in Lohmühle, a miniscule hamlet south of Wildeshausen. In the meantime, the beers are being made elsewhere in the region. (Alex Deuerlein)


12th April 2014


The Alter Kelter in Lampertheim does indeed appear to have stopped brewing, as evidenced by its removal from the local Kurpfälzer Bierstraße website. (Alexander Thamm)


11th April 2014


Brauzentrum Blaubeuren of Sonderbuch now has a second outlet in Ulm. Bräustüble Pumator is at Ulmergasse 6. (Patrick Waters)


The Innstadt brewery in Passau ceased production on 1st January. All beers are now made at nearby Hacklberg, the two having shared distribution since 2011. The brewing equipment has already been dismantled and sold... (Rosi Kagert).


Apparently up-and-running is Marzahner Börsenbräu, which can be found in the old Friedrichsfelde cattle market.

Söhnel Bräu has now opened in the south-western district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, close to Potsdam. (Thomas Furche)


Dienstedt is now home to a small brewery. The Bierseiderei is located at Zur Schmiede, a small transport caff on the B87. Be warned it only opens during the week and closes very early. (Thomas Furche)

The village of Frankenroda has a nanobrewery in the shape of Scheunenbrauerei Langlotz, a.k.a. Erwisch Bräu. Former professional brewer Wolfgang Langlotz resumed brewing in 2005 as a hobby but does now sell his beer. Brew length is a mere 60 litres. (Thomas Furche).


10th April 2014


First mentioned on this website as long ago as October 2009, it seems Rega Bräu in Waibstadt has finally gone commercial. Started as a hobby in 1989, for many years the beers were only available to residents of the owner's holiday apartment. The brewery was substantially upgraded in 2009 and a bottle filler installed the following year. It appears beers have been on open sale since last year although you will need to call in advance to be arrange a visit. (Alexander Thamm)


Back in the summer of 2011 I mentioned the Zech Stuben in Gessertshausen, tap of the Schimple brewery, may have closed. Well, it has, although closure did not happen until last August. (Peter Sherwood)

Good news from Großhesselohe where the Isartaler Brauhaus reopened in November. Beer currently comes from the Hacker-Pschorr-Bräuhaus in München but new plant is on order and is due to be installed next month, Brewing is expected to resume on site from the end of June so expect the first beer some time in August. (Roman Drüg)


There is possibly a new micro in Hamburg. I suspect the sole beer from Von Freude is made on someone else's kit and would be grateful to hear one way or the other. (David Hughes).


There is a microbrewery to report in Rimbach. Weschnitztaler Braumanufaktur currently produces three beers. (Alexander Thamm)


Bad news from Bad Zwischenahn where the Fröhlich Meer-Brauerei has closed following a fire at the adjacent hotel and tap on 31st January. The business had been closed since last summer due to flood damage. (Sascha Bruns, Rosi Kagert)

The Mashsee Brauerei should be opening this month in Hannover. (Rosi Kagert)


Does anyone know anything about Rudat in Dortmund? Rumour has it this large drinks market may now be brewing although their website makes no mention of this. I strongly suspect their beer (Dortmunder Lager) is made elsewhere. (David Hughes).


There is a new brewery in Sausenheim, near Grünstadt. BrauArt Sausenheim is run by Markus Adler and Mathias Krämer who clearly believe the best way to get a foothold in this vinuous region is to make highly-hopped ales of 7%. They may be onto something. (David Hughes)


In the absence of a reply from the owner of Vereinsbrauerei Artern (see 27th October update) and with further info from Thomas Furche stating he believe it has closed, I shall declare it so. I would love to be proved wrong.


25th March 2014


Since earlier this month Kißlegger Kellerbräu has been on sale at the Schlosskeller in sunny Kißlegg. The three beers may also be available at the sister Hotel-Gasthof Ochsen. (Rosi Kagert)


Brewing has resumed at the former Charly Bräu in Augsburg in the guise of Auxburg City Brewery. Beers are bottled up the road at Thorbräu. The tap is now known as BOB's and specialises in steak and wood-fired pizza. (Paul Jeffrey)


It appears the Alter Kelter in Lampertheim may have stopped brewing. At the very least, Roman Drüg reports they now appear to open only for partys. Further information would be welcome.


The acclaimed restaurant Im Eichwälchen in the south-western Duisburg suburb of Mündelheim has had a picobrewery since July. Known as Quercus, annual output is estimated at less than 50hl. Needless to say, the beers are only available at the restaurant which is in a wood close to the Rhein and even closer to the HKM Steelworks. (Knut Hansen)

According to Paul Lockwood, Gens Bräu / Bowling Center in Minden does now appear to be brewing.


Petrusbräu has been operating in Trier since December. The three beers are available direct from the brewery and are also sold in a couple of shops. (Paul Lockwood & Marco Ottawa)


Brauerei Blechschmidt in Treuen does in fact have a small tap. It is tucked-away in a corner of their drinks market and shares its hours - Mon-Fri 08.00-18.00 & Sat 08.00-12.00. (Paul Lockwood)


3rd March 2014


Raben-Bräu in Kallenhardt closed at the end of August. (Rosi Kagert)


Michels Eichsfelder Braumanufaktur is a new microbrewery in the village of Hüpstedt. It's housed in part of the Deutschen Kaiser pub and the first beers appeared in September. (Rosi Kagert)


2nd March 2014


The brewery at the Eisenharzer Brauhaus is now up-and-running. In addition to their own five beers a dozen or so from Camba Bavaria are also available.


North-west of Bad Füssing, the tiny hamlet of Eitlöd now has a very smart-looking brewpub with equipment from Kaspar Schulz. Die Hecke opened on 1st December.

The tap of Bräuwerck in Neudrossenfeld is now open but it will be a month or two before the first house-brewed beers are available. In the meantime, they're being brewed by Kohlenmühle in Neustadt/Aisch.


The tiny Gruthaus brewery opened as planned in Münster at the start of October. Despite the name, Grut will not be commercially available due to the expense of persuading the local environmental health officer that the herbs involved are safe for consumption. A range of only slightly more conventional beers are produced on a very small scale and sold in a few local bars. Draught beer is only available at The James.


1st March 2014

Yes, I know. Sorry. There will be much more to come over the next few days.


It has been confirmed brewing has ceased at Schloßbrauerei Blumenthal, near Aichach. They now get their Kellerbier made at Boandlbräu in Oberbernbach and other beers from Kühbach. (Rosi Kagert)


As expected, brewing ceased in Luckenwalde towards the end of 2012 but the brand has been bought by the owner of the Hartmannsdorfer Brauhaus (see Penig, below). (Rosi Kagert)


A contender for the smallest brewpub in Germany (there are just four seats), Braustil opened in the Nordend district of Frankfurt in mid-January. There were three beers available on my visit eleven days after it opened with a fourth being brewed. More seating is available outside.


Marktbräu in Neuwied closed in September. (Dave Waldron)


Perhaps against the odds, Peniger Spezialitätenbrauerei has been bought the owner of Hartmannsdorfer Brauhaus and is expected to resume brewing, albeit on a much smaller scale than previously. Filling will be done in Hartmannsdorf. (Rosi Kagert)


Demmert in Neuendorf stopped brewing circa 2011 and the tap closed at least a year ago. In the period between the end of brewing and closure of the pub beers came from Braumanufaktur in Potsdam. (Rosi Kagert)


27th October 2013


There's a small brewery to report at the Löwen in Unterreichenbach, south of Pforzheim. Just the one beer. (Alex Deuerlein)


It appears the Löwenbrauerei tap in Passau has closed. (Steve Peck)


Although brewing, the new Pfefferbräu tap won't actually open until next month. (Paul Lockwood)


A brewery has been installed at the Spreewaldhotel Krabat in Burg. The new Brauhaus opened three weeks ago and has started with a Zwickl.


There is now a tap at the Bergschlösschen brewery in Lieske. See website for opening hours. (Paul Lockwood)


Schütte Bräu in Magdeburg isn't actually a brewery. Thomas Schütte has made his beer at various breweries in the region and currently uses Burgbräu in Gommern. (Rosi Kagert)


It appears Vereinsbrauerei Artern exists in name only. I am awaiting confirmation from the owner. (Rosi Kagert)

As I expected, the Weißes Roß in Rudolstadt closed several years ago. (Rosi Kagert)

The brewpub in Sophienhof has opened. A Pils, Dunkel and Weizen are currently available at the Brauner Hirsch although the website does not yet reflect this fact. Sophienhof has a halt on the narrow gauge Harz Railway. (David Israel)


20th September 2013


There's a new brewpub to report in Beutenhof, a hamlet near Spraitbach. Wahnsinnsbräu (Madbrew) is the name given to the beers from Bistro Waldschenke. (Alexander Thamm)


I can finally confirm Heidecker Lindwurmbräu definitely does not brew. They reluctantly get their beer brewed elsewhere as they can't justify the cost of employing a brewer.


Meanwhile, things are about to get interesting in Münster. Beers from new nanonbrewery Gruthaus are expected to be available from the 1st of October. As you may have guessed from the name, it will specialise in grut (gruit) - beer flavoured with hers rather than hops. (Roman Drüg)

Rohr Bräu in Sonneborn closed last month. (Rosi Kagert)


12th September 2013


There is a true nanobrewery at the Grenzglashütte in Bayerisch Eisenstein but it's not truly commercial. Beer is only made for private commission in 20 litre batches. (Dave Brown)

It appears Schloßbrauerei Blumenthal no longer brews. Berabecka Boandl Bräu in Oberbernbach now brews at least some of their beers. Does anyone know more? (Gernot Wildung)

Isarbräu in Großhesselohe has been closed for at least six months, apparently due to 'discussions' about the now expired lease with Hofbräu Traunstein. It remains to be seen whether brewing will resume.

Brauerei Wagner in Oberhaid has finally given up trying to brew beer. They now get it from Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf. (Franconia Beerguide)


There's yet another brewery planned for Berlin. Brauerei Heldenblut will be in Schmöckwitz, a district of Treptow-Köpenick. (Ludger Berges)

I have taken the liberty of listing all Berlin breweries under their official borough names.


Forellenhof in Mözen has never brewed. (Ludger Berges)


29th August 2013


The first beers from Pfefferbräu went on sale last week. (David Hughes)


According to the normally highly reliable Georg Lechner's website, the oldest brewery in the world outside Bavaria is to close. From the autumn, Hofbrauhaus Arolsen beers will be made in Allersheim.


April saw the opening of a microbrewery in Bad Holzhausen. Privatbrauerei Rote Erde appears to have hit the ground running and the beers can already be found in around a dozen local outlets. (Alex Deuerlein)


28th August 2013


The Lauterecker Brauhaus stopped brewing a couple of years ago.


Lugabräu in Dresden stopped brewing in February due to other commitments. It is planned they will resume at an unspecified point in the future.


27th August 2013


The first of several breweries planned in Berlin is Börsenbräu, one of many new small businesses at the Alte Borse Mazahn. It's expected to open in October. (Sascha Bruns)

Also expected to debut in October is, Pfefferbräu, part-financed by local theatrical siblingsthe Woesner Brothers. Brewer will be Thorsten Schoppe of Südstern / Schoppe Bräu.  (Sascha Bruns)

The western suburb of Wannsee, part of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Bezirk, should also have a brewpub sometime in the next few months. Söhnel Bräu will be at the picturesque Söhnelwerft. (Sascha Bruns)


Fürstenwalde has its first brewery since 1936. Fürstenwalder Rathausbräu is in the cellar of the old town hall. (Sascha Bruns)

Rialto, an Italian restaurant in Wandlitz, now has a small brewery called Gottfried Bräu. Their first beer is a Weizen. (Sascha Bruns)


Can anyone advise if Heuschkel in Fellingshausen has closed for good? Brewing was suspended a couple of years ago due to illness.

Likewise, can anyone shed any light on the status of Brauhaus Extra in Röhrigshof?


The Bischoff'sche Brauerei in Brühl now has a tap. See website for opening hours.

I suspect Wolf in Durchholz may have closed, possibly in 2010. Information either way would be gratefully recieved.

The website of Brauhaus Eichendorff in Hemer is no longer working. Bad news or nothing to worry about?

I've long doubted the status of Falke in Krefeld and am now 99% certain no beer is made there, so it has been deleted.

One other website no longer active is that of Müller in Oberveischede.


Brauerei Taarstedt opened last year. They currently make a Pils and a dunkel. (Sascha Bruns)

Can anyone confirm whether Stecknitz Bräu in Worth bei Geesthacht closed as expected?


26th August 2013


Donald Neuland visited Riegel recently and found the equipment at Römerbräu dismantled. I'll try contacting them next week but does anyone have any idea why?


If you feel creative and fancy winning a years supply of beer, Hofbrauerei Bergmann in Glattbach is running a competition to chose a new name.

Brauhaus Rothenburg has closed.

As with last years check of websites, Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten remains inactive and I strongly suspect they no longer brew (only seasonal beers were made in Seligenporten). Can anyone provide confirmation?


There's a new brewery to report in Hüpede, south of Hannover. Hüpscher Werkstatt beers have been available since late June. (Volker Quante)


25th August 2013


I'm starting my occasional check of all links and have found Armbruster in Kirrlach is still down. Coupled with my findings last summer, I strongly suspect this small brewery has closed - can anyone confirm?

Although still brewing, Badischer Hof, the tap of Michaeli Bräu in Sulzfeld, has closed. The original location of the brewery in Bretten remains open and can again be considered the tap.


As suspected, The Ahornberger Landbierbrauerei has closed. The remaining beers are brewed in Naila.

There are rumours locally Fößel-Mazour in Appendorf may have stopped brewing. Information either way would be most welcome. (Paul Lockwood)

Any doubts about the brewing status of Augsburgs Charly Bräu have been removed. It's now a pizza restaurant called Bob's.


24th August 2013


Dormant for several years while the owner worked on other projects, Brauerei Starkmeth in Heufeldmühle can finally be considered closed as Nikolaus Starkmeth is now the brewer at Schlossbrauerei Grünbach and will make his own beers there as a side line. The beers had previously been brewed in Mittenkirchen.


Long on my list of potential casualties, the Ratsbrauhaus in Bad Gandersheim seems to have closed in 2008.


As anticipated, Lausitzer Meisterbräu in Zittau closed in 2009.

Weißer Hirsch in Großrückerswalde has now been closed for at least two years, so I think we can say goodbye to that.


23rd August 2013


Joferbräu has managed to brew almost un-noticed in the small town of Aiglsbach since 2006. It appears to be run on a part-time / hobby basis but does have a tap which opens from 19.00 each Thursday. (Alex Deuerlein)

It appears Sonnenbräu in Ebermannstadt did indeed close last year.

Now here's one for the purist. Germany has a new nanobrewery that's managed to become both the highest and most southerly brewery in the country. Enzianhütte is an alpine hut 1,804m (5,918 feet) above sea level and a 3.7km walk (with a 700m rise) from the nearest road. It is only accessible by foot (flip flops will not suffice), and only open from the end of May until early October. They make just one beer, a dark weizen called Gipfelstürmer - others come from Zötler. The brew length is just 34 litres, so I suspect annual output barely reaches 10hl. It's located at 49.2985N, 10.2567E, a dozen or so kilometres south of Oberstdorf and less than a mile from the Austrian border. (Alex Deuerlein)

Andreas Pflügler has started a microbrewery in Neufahrn, near Freising. Pflüglerbräu is located in a former garage. (Alex Deuerlein)


Opladen has had a brewpub since late May. Brauhaus Aloysianum is open daily from 11:00. (Alex Deuerlein)


Perhaps one of the more unlikely new brewers, Braumanufaktur Sander in Mettenheim is located in a vineyard and is run by a successful winemaker. All bar one of their four beers is an ale. (Alex Deuerlein)


22nd August 2013

It's mostly bad news today, I'm afraid. On the bright side, I have at last cleared the backlog of emails so should have replied to any information you've sent me this year. If you think something's been missed, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The Graf Arco tap in Adldorf now only opens for special events. (Paul Lockwood)

The revival of the former Klosterbrauerei at Au am Inn has sadly proved unsuccessful and both brewery and tap have closed. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap of the Ebensfelder Brauhaus closed at least six months ago but the brewery remains in operation. They operate the Engelhardt's keller on the edge of town during the warmer months. (Dave Waldron)

The Sonnenbräu tap in Ebermannstadt was already closed at least five months ago. According to a local source at the time (March), it was expected to re-open by the end of April... (Dave Waldron)

Brauerei Erharting now has a tap opposite the brewery. Bäckerwirt opens from 16.00 every day except Wednesday. (Paul Lockwood)

Mühldorf's Steer Brauerei definitely does not currently brew. The new brewery will be located in the former Turmbrauerei and has already been delivered but is yet to be assembled. The beers are currently made elsewhere. (Paul Lockwood)

The Weißes Brauhaus / Mehringer tap in Neunburg vorm Wald has closed. (Paul Lockwood)

Nürnberg's Tucher am Opernhaus, listed in the guide as the best place to try Tucher beers, has closed. There is now an official tap at the new brewery (open 05:00-18:00 Monday to Friday only!). (Dave Waldron)

Another tap closure is that of the Rothmooser brewery. (Paul Lockwood)


All equipment has been installed at the new brewery in the former Botzow Brauerei but it's apparently not expected to open before October due to problems with the water pressure. (David Hughes)

The proposed brewpub in the old Berliner Bürgerbräu tap appears to be off the agenda. (David Hughes)

Brewbaker will be moving again in January, this time to Sickingerstraße, approximately 500m from their current home in the Arminius Markthalle. (David Hughes)

Brewing stopped at Lindenbräu last October. The house wheat beer now comes from Allgäuer Brauhaus and the other beers on sale are also from the Radeberger stable. (Oliver Ulbrich)

The Vagabund brewery opened last month but please call if you want to guarantee their beer will be available - only 50 litres is brewed each week and this usually sells out in one session. They open 19:00 - 02:00 Thursday to Saturday. (David Hughes)


Brewing ceased at Landbrauhof Horak (a.k.a. Scheunenbräu) in Kremmen as long ago as 2009 (Dave Brown)


The Borgfelder Landhaus stopped brewing last year and now sells Störtebeker beers. (Volker Quante)


Worrich's Pub in Forst has moved down the street from Alberstraße 20 to number 12. I believe the brewery remains at the former. (Paul Lockwood)

There are plans for a brewery in Kemnitz, between Potsdam and Brandenburg. It will be opposite the Hotel Zum Rittmeister and owned by the same people. (Markus Brinker)

Zur Linde in Kolonie no longer brews and there is no intention to resume. Their own well failed and the local supply is apparently unsuitable for brewing. Bergquell beers are now sold. (Paul Lockwood)

Although I've not seen it mentioned, I suspect the Luckenwalder Brauerei may have closed as the owner's other breweries (Garley and Peniger) have done so due to insolvency. Confirmation one way or the other would be most welcome.


Rumour has it Kuddel Bier is the result of a certain giant Hamburg brewery wanting a slice of 'Craft' beer action. (Bryan Betts)


The perils of thinking you know a country. Neckarsteinach, home of the newly-opened Alte Post, is in Hessen, not Baden-Württemberg (by approximately 50 metres). (Alexander Thamm)


Beer from the diminutive and elusive Sommerbecker Dachs Brauerei can regularly be found at the RSB Getränkemarkt in Lüneberg but be warned - you'll have to shell-out for a 5 litre minikeg. (Bryan Betts)


Brauhaus Frankenberger E. Ortmann's in Aachen stopped brewing at the end of last year. Their shop / tap has also shut. (Friedhelm Karos)

Vereinshaus Unterbach stopped brewing towards the end of last year. (Friedhelm Karos)


Having been declared insolvent last September, the Peniger Spezialitätenbrauerei closed in May.


The Garley brewery in Gardelegen stopped brewing last year to to insolvency. Bottling had taken place in Penig for some time before that and production was then transferred there. This has now ceased with the closure of Peniger Spezialitätenbrauerei. (Paul Lockwood)


21st August 2013

A few notes from my recent visit. More to follow in the next few days...


Cadolzburg has gained its first brewery since Brauerei Hacker shut-up shop in 1920. Brauhaus Brandmeier is a micro supplying four local shops. By happy co-incidence, I was in the area four days after the brewery opened and was able to find Cadolzburger Blondes and Rote Weisse in Schmankerl Eckla a fortnight ago.

I suspect Sonnenbräu in Ebermannstadt may be no more. The tap was shut when I visited a couple of weeks ago and their website confirms they're currently closed. The brewery around the corner looked as though it hadn't seen much activity recently but I have been unsuccessful in my attempts at contacting them to find out more. Anyone know more?

I've just noticed I've somehow failed to mention the closure of Leuchtturm in Gunzenhausen last year, despite hearing about it shortly after. Sadly, the second revival was unsuccessful. The tap has since re-opened as a Mexican restaurant and the brewing equipment has been removed. (Patrick Waters)

The communal brewers of Neuhaus an der Pegnitz no longer use the towns old Falkenloch brewery as, according to Herr Benaburger, it is "Kaput." Since March, the wort has been brewed at Bürgerbräu in Hersbruck.


Kornkammer-Bräu in Contwig doesn't actually brew, yet. Until the equipment is operational, beers are being made at Michelbräu in Ittersbach, Baden-Württemberg.

Ottersheimer Bärenbräu has had a small tap for some time. Summer hours are 10.00 - 20.00 Monday to Saturday and 11.00 - 20.00 Sunday, but if the weather's good they stay open until 22.00.


26th July 2013

Did I say a few days? I meant a couple of months, obviously.

I will post more often, I promise.


The brewing equipment at Klimperkasten in St. Georgen has been sold. The beers all now come from elsewhere. (Joerg Nierbauer).

The Neckar valley has another brewpub, this time in Neckarsteinach. The Alte Post is at Schönauer Straße 4. (Alexander Thamm)


Brauhaus Aidenbach closed last year, another casualty of old age. (Timo Alanen)

Seefranzl Bräu has been making beer on a very small scale in Arget, near Holzkirchen, since last year. They generally open just one Saturday a month for sales - see website for details. (Peter Nellessen)

Does anyone know anything about Sommelierbier in Aschaffenberg? Their polished website doesn't give away much but I somehow doubt they have their own brewery. (David Hughes)

Josef Stangl no longer brews commercially at his holiday appartments in Bayerisch Eisenstein, so Bräualm is no more. (Timo Alanen)

Brauerei Dietl, previously listed by me under Weyarn, is actually in the hamlet of Bruck, a couple of kilometres to the east. The address in Weyarn is that of their shop. (Paul Lockwood)

Sternbräu in Elsendorf brews no more. They now get beer from Zentbechhofen. (Stan Czerny)

Stadlbräu in Oberhaching now has a bar on site, open Monday to Friday 10.00 - 19.00. (Paul Lockwood)

The Pirker Brauhaus no longer brews. The remaining beers are now made by Würth in Windischeschenbach. (Gernot Wildung)

The old tap at Auerbräu in Rosenheim has closed. Tauro, a steak house at the other end of the brewery, has replaced it. (Paul Lockwood)


There should be a new micro in Berlin by the end of the month. Vagabund has been founded by three homesick Americans.


Kuddel Bier has appeared in Hamburg but from where, I know not. Ratsherrn would be my guess. Does anyone have any info? (David Hughes)


The rather excellently-named Beer Bräu in Höchst sadly closed just over a year ago.


The Bocholter Brauhaus has not brewed since the beginning of the year. They say it's temporary... (Roman Drüg)

Brauhaus Leddeköpp in Heisterbacherrott has been closed since February due to illness, The owner is hoping it will re-open, possibly under new management. (Roman Drüg, Joerg Nierbauer)

On a more positive note, nearby Königswinter now has a nanobrewery. Gunnar Martens of Mein Sudhaus principally runs brew courses but does sell some beer at festivals and also by the barrel from home. (David Hughes, Roman Drüg)


One bit of news I thought I'd previously mentioned but clearly didn't is the change of both ownership and name of Königsbacher in Koblenz. Since the beginning of last year it's been known as Koblenzer. (Markus Brinker, Paul Lockwood)


13th May 2013

Firstly, apologies for the long break since the last update, particularly to those whose emails have been sitting unread for months - I intend to answer all within the next few days. My enthusiasm for beer writing waned early in the year and it's taken some time to recover. I hope to post more frequent updates.


If you're in the Bruchsal area and happen across a bottle of Rohrbacher Hofbräu, it's not from the local Rohrbacherhof but is brewed for them at the Ammerseer Brauhaus. (Alex Deuerlein)

Bühlertann has its first brewery since the Sternbrauerei closed in 1948. In fact, it's the Sternbrauerei that's been revived - since February Sternbräu beers have again been on the menu in Landgasthof zum Stern. (Alex Deuerlein)

The short-lived Lindenbräu Kneilingen re-opened a couple of weeks ago under new ownership and a new name. Now called Brauhaus 2.0, the beers are all organic. (Alex Deuerlein, Steve Heathman)

December saw the return of brewing to Lahr im Schwarzwald. Hotel Dammenmühle on the southern edge of town is now home to a brewpub of the same name. (Alex Deuerlein)

Neuenstadt am Kocher has been home to Neuenstädter Biermanufaktur since 2011. (Alex Deuerlein)


Brewing stopped at Schnupp in Altdrossenfeld around six months ago.

June 2010 saw the first beer from Hausbräu Schaller, a tiny brewery at the Raststation in Floß. Raststation Floß is a café on the former railway line from Neustadt/Waldnaab to Eslarn, nowadays the Bocklradweg cycle path. (Alex Deuerlein)

Tiny enough to have escaped wider notice since it was founded in August 2008, Nanni Bräu can be found in Freiahorn, a few kilometres from Brauerei Stöckel in Hintergereuth. Martin Körzdörfer makes Lager, Kellerbier and Weizen. (Alex Deuerlein)

Also no more is the historic Holzhausener Landbrauerei - brewing finished sometime last year.

Bought by the owner of Frankenwälder Brauhaus in Naila last summer, there are rumours production may since have ceased at Ahornberger Landbrauerei and been transferred to Naila.

Interior designer Bernd Bergmann has been brewing in Glattbach since 2009, a fact which seems to have passed much of the wider world by. Hofbrauerei Bergmann makes four organic beers which can be purchased from source on Thursday evenings.

Plans have been approved for Paulaner to build a new brewery in the Langwied district of München. This will replace the existing site which is expected to close by the end of 2015, In the meantime, Paulaner have opened a microbrewery in their former ice house. Called Brauerei im Eiswerk and opened in 2011, the beers produced do not look to be aimed at the lower end of the market - they can be bought direct from source every second Wednesday between 17:00 and 19:00 (see website for details). (Alex Deuerlein)

Schambach, a village outside Treuchtlingen, is home to La Casalinga cookery school. Recently, a very smart-looking little brewery has been installed, apparently purely for brewing courses. If anyone has information the beer's available commercially, I'd be very interested to know. (Alex Deuerlein)

The village of Thüngfeld (essentially a suburb of Schlüsselfeld) has been home to a small brewery since late last year. Braumanufaktur Hertl currently produces four beers of above average strength which can be obtained direct from source by prior arrangement.


Berlin can boast yet another microbrewery. Heidenpeters is in Markthalle Neun, a kilometre or so south of the Ostbahnhof. Like Brewbaker in Tiergarten, the beers are sold at a small bar in the market. (Ludger Berges, Alex Deuerlein)


Across the lake from Schwerin, Tim Hennings set-up his Handwerksbrauerei Hennings in Leezen at the end of last year. He makes both traditional German and American-influenced beers. (Alex Deuerlein)


As expected, brewing has resumed at the Felsenkeller Brauhaus in Monschau. The first beers appeared in late September.

Raesfeld gained its first recorded brewery last year. Peter Wohlfahrt makes two sorts of beer at his eponymous Peterbier, both currently available only on draught. (Alex Deuerlein)

Johannes Lehmbrock founded Geilings Bräu last year and currently brews his beer at the Walsumer Brauhaus in Duisburg/Alt-Walsum. He has plans for his own brewery in Saalhoff, near Kamp-Lintfort. (Alex Deuerlein)

Not too far away from Raesfeld (above), Spellen has had a microbrewery since February in the form of Brauproject 777. (Ludger Berges, Alex Deuerlein)


Martin Wentzler has sold his Contwig brewery to the Wasgau supermarket group, the brewery changing name to reflect its new ownership. Not one to abandon the industry, he's recently opened a brewpub just outside the town - Kornkammer-Bräu, also known as Brauhaus zum Truppacher Hof. (Alex Deuerlein)


Another shop to have gained a brewery is the Landmarkt in Rothenschirmbach, south of Lutherstadt Eisleben. There is a small bar on site. (Alex Deuerlein)

The weekend-only Müller's Café in Schrampe, near Arendsee, has had beer from its own brewery on sale since mid-January. (Alex Deuerlein)


The fourth and final ship in the AIDA fleet with an on-board brewery, the AIDAstella, has been out and about since mid-March. As a write this, she's crossing the Bay of Biscay.


8th January 2013

To begin, many apologies for the long gap since the last update, particularly to those of you who've taken the trouble to send information. I have been a busy man.


Following a troubled period Kloster Bräu in Au is brewing again and now called Dunkles Bräuhaus Au.

Does anyone know anything about the Theresienbrauerei in Großhelfendorf? I suspect it's a glorified hobby but it could, possibly, be more than that.

Barfüßer in Memmingen was selling its own beer by November. (Sean Brazel & Dave Jackson)

Unionsbräu in München closed at the end of November. (Paul Lockwood).

Gasthaus Betz in Oberglaim, north of Landshut, now has a brewery. It's unclear exactly when it started but Klaus Ehm lists it as 2007 on his site! Surely it hasn't escaped our notice all that time? (edit: it did - Gernot Wildung)

Brewing ceased at Gässl in Pfarrkirchen around six months ago due to problems with the buildings. Their beers are now made elsewhere. (Paul Lockwood)

It seems certain Klosterbrauerei Münnerstadt last brewed at least three years ago. (Paul Lockwood)

Brantl in Roding stopped brewing in 2010. Like nearby Greiner, their beers are now made in Naabeck. (Paul Lockwood)

As suspected, Jeggarius Bräu in Vilshofen has closed. (Paul Lockwood)

Good news from Vohenstrauß where the much-loved Behringer Weißbierbrauerei reopened at the end of September. The former brewer, Karl-Heinz Feibig, has been employed by the new tennants. (Gernot Wildung)

Ziegler Bräu in Waldsassen last brewed almost a year ago, closure being forced by frost damage and ill health. (Paul Lockwood)

It is believed Michael in Weißenstadt no longer brews. The beer range has certainly been reduced and they now only advertise three. Does anyone know more? (Paul Lockwood)


Andreas Bogk began brewing tiny quantities of Berliner Weiße at his self-constructed nanobrewery in Kreuzberg during the summer. The first beer is expected to be available within the next couple of months. (Alex Deuerlein)

There's yet another new brewery to report in the capital. Flessa Bräu is a micro in the Friedrichshain district. (Alex Deuerlein)

There was a rumour in October that Lindenbräu was going to close at the end of 2012. This appears not to have happened but can anyone shed any further light on the possibility? (David Hughes)

I have also heard rumours Prassnik may not brew - does anyone know more?


Like the two other breweries owned by Ingrid and Maximilian Hösl, Garley and Peniger, Luckenwalder Spezialitäten-Brauerei was placed into administration during October.


Alsfelder Brauerei was placed into administration at the end of November.

Schuhbeck's Check Inn in Ebelsbach stopped brewing in late summer. The pub remains open but the equipment has been removed. (Han Winteraeken)

As a taste of things to come further east (see Garley, Luckenwalder & Peniger), Maximilian Hösl closed the Herborner Brauerei in July.


Kolberg in Altenau is now known as the Altenauer Brauerei.

The Buxtehuder Brauhaus closed in December 2011. (Roman Drüg)

Brauerei Härke in Peine was placed into administration during November. Their beers have been bottled in Einbeck since 2011. (Paul Lockwood)


Klaus Seifert reports the Altenrüthener Hausbrauerei is still operating but the tap has closed. The brewery is open for sales 09:00-12:00 Mon-Sat plus 15:00-17:00 Friday.

Steve Peck has reminded me the Kolpinghaus in Kamp-Lintfort no longer brews. The pub is now a Chinese-Mongolian restaurant.

Paul Lockwood advises me it looks suspiciously like Gens Bräu / Bowling Center in Minden no longer brews. A visit in November found no beer and suspiciously dry kit. Confirmation one way or another would be welcome.

There's now a brewery in Roetgen, a small town on the Belgian border south of Aachen. Rolf Schermuly of Scheärmull-Bräu previously had his two beers brewed in Belgium and it appears they may owe as much to that country's traditions as Germany's. (Alex Deuerlein)

The Suttroper Brauhof no longer brews. (Klaus Seifert)


Friedrich's Brauhaus in Chemnitz closed last year. The owners have opened a new bar called Johannis in the city centre but this does not brew, although there is a house beer, made locally. (Adam Randall)

The Peniger Spezialitätenbrauerei has been in administration since October.


Both the Colbitzer Heidebrauerei, Colbitz, and Garley in Gardelegen are in administration. The future looks bleaker for the latter (see Luckenwalder and Peniger, above) but don't count on either surviving. (Ralph Ulrich Schmidt)


1st September 2012


I strongly suspect Beim Josl in Bad Waldsee is not in any way a commercial brewery and believe it's only used for brewing courses. Can anyone confirm if that's the case?

Now you see it, now you don't. Lindenbräu in Karlsruhe closed in June, just nine months after opening. (Steve Heathman, Joerg Nierbauer, Alexander Thamm & Gernot Wildung)

A visit to Hausbrauerei Armbruster in Kirrlach at the end of July found no sign of life. As the website is down I suspect the brewery may be no more. Further information would be welcome.

Barfüßer in Ulm hasn't brewed since late 2006 / early 2007. All their beer now comes from the sister brewpub across the Danube in Neu-Ulm.


The troubled Ahornberger Landbrauerei has been bought by the owner of 1464 Frankenwälder Bürgrbräu in Naila so would seem to be secure, at least for now. (Markus Brinker)

The Mahr's Keller in Bamberg has closed. (Steve Peck)

Today sees the official opening of Brauhaus Binkert in Breitengüßbach. There are plans for a tap but I understand that won't be open for a while.

Also in Breitengüßbach, relatives of the former Brauerei Hümmer have started a tiny brewery in their Pension and, contrary to previous information, the beers (Güßbacher Zwickl and Weisse) are available commercially in both bottles and barrels, albeit on a very small scale. There is no direct connection to the old brewery and it's in different premises. (Paul Lockwood)

Hauf-Bräu in Dentlein stopped brewing in July. Their beers are now made in Amberg by Bruckmüller.

The Dorfener Stube in Dorfen has shut. Best bet for Bachmayer beers now appears to be Waitl Bräu at Marienplatz 2. (Dave Waldron)

Schwarzes Kreuz in Eggolsheim stopped brewing a couple of months ago. Beer now comes from Greif in Forchheim. (Paul Lockwood, Gernot Wildung & Mat Wilson)

Barnikel in Herrnsdorf is confirmed as having stopped brewing in January. Their beers are now brewed at Aufsesser. (Paul Lockwood, Gernot Wildung & Mat Wilson)

The Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren tap has shut and is now being converted into flats. (Simon Brazel & Dave Waldron)

Kieler Bier in Lohr has been in the process of redevelopment since late last year. The old brewery has been demolished and the tap expanded onto its site. This now features a new 10hl plant, delivered two weeks ago and expected to begin brewing any day now, thereby effectively becoming a brewpub rather than a 'proper' brewery. In the meantime, the beers have been brewed by Würzburger Hofbräu, and I imagine most will continue to be so.

The long-awaited Barfüßer in Memmingen will be at Schweizerberg 17. I visited at the end of July and found the kettles in place but not plumbed-in, lager tanks and fermenting vessels delivered but still to be unwrapped. The bar was in place but there was no furniture - there were, however, benches and a temporary bar outside (not in use). At the time (30th July), opening was advertised on a poster outside as 'late July' but I expect it to be late September (at the earliest) before home-brewed beer is available.

Beim Schreindl, formerly recommended as the best place in Mühldorf to try Unertl beers, is now a wine bar. (Dave Waldron)

Hütt'n in Nürnberg has moved a short distance to Bergstraße 20 (opposite the Altstadthof) and now opens all day. (Steve Peck, Mat Wilson)

Behringer in Vohenstrauß stopped brewing sometime last year and the pub closed earlier this year. (Jan Menken)

Brauerei Betz in Winklarn has closed due to financial problems. (Guenther Heinzel)


Finally, the question over whether O'Leary's in Harburg still brews has been resolved. The last brew was took place around the end of May and was sold last month. The house beers now come from elsewhere in the Carlsberg empire. (Philip Godwin)


The owner's of McMüller's in Kofferen are renovating a half-timbered building in Fulda as a pub and have plans for a brewery. It's expected it may be open by the end of the year. (Joerg Nierbauer)


John Stant confirms the Rostocker brewery tap has indeed closed.

On a more positive note, Brauhaus Trotzenburg is brewing again, although the wheat beer appears to be from Kühlungsborn. (John Stant)

The Schweriner Schlossbrauerei stopped brewing last year. (John Stant)


There's a new brewery in the north-eastern part of the state. Auricher Probier's first brews went on sale at the town festival a couple of weeks ago but their tap (Stadtperle) won't be open until next month. (Alex Deuerlein)

The Nordeneyer Brauhaus is now open but I don't yet have the opening hours.


Brauhaus Gladbeck, a.k.a. Alte Post, closed two months ago due to insolvency. (Roman Drüg)

Brauhaus Horn no longer brews commercially. (Joerg Nierbauer)

Brewing is expected to resume at the Felsenkeller Brauhaus in Monschau later this month, eighteen years after the last beer was made there. Since then, house beers have been made by Rainer in Welz. (Alex Deuerlein & Roman Drüg)


The Bischoff tap in Winnweiler has closed. (Randy Simmons)


20th July 2012


The new Brauhaus Binkert in Breitengüßbach should be open early next month. It's located in the new industrial / business park south of town, next to the A73 and appears to be fairly substantial, with a 15hl brewhouse from Kaspar Schulz. The three beers are branded 'Main Seidla'. No word on any tap.

The usually reliable Frank Wetzel reports on his site that Hauf in Dentlein stopped brewing this month and now have their beer made by Bruckmüller in Amberg. I can't find any other mention of this and am loathe to ring Herr Hauf to ask what's up - does anyone know more?

Work started last month on a new project in the hamlet of Eitlöd, near Bad Füssing, which will include holiday apartments, a wine merchants and a 10hl brewery.

There are persistent rumours Barnikel in Herrnsdorf no longer brews. If you have solid information, please get in touch. (Chris Nedzynski)

Barfüßer in Memmingen looks like it may finally open soon. The Kaspar Schulz website mentions a 15hl brewhouse is being built for them and there have been jobs advertised locally in the last month.

Brauerei Meyringer in Moosham stopped brewing at the end of last year. Their sole remaining beer, Georgi Weizen, is brewed in Neunburg. (Sascha Bruns)

Brauerei Haberl in Schönsee stopped brewing earlier this year. The tap now sells beers from Jacob of Bodenwöhr. (Alexander Thann)


Marcus Bräu was open as usual when Philip Goodwin visited last week but the website is still down.


Ratsherrn is now brewing and the three beers are widely available across the city. I don't think the tap is open yet but understand it will be supplied by a second, much smaller brewhouse within the same complex.


The Friedberger Brauhaus has reopened but the beer is brewed in Bayern. (Alexander Thamm)

Paul Lockwood visited Fulda last month and found Brauhaus Michelsrombacher Wald closed, supposedly due to a lack of landlord / tenant. HBH in the town centre was open but apparently no longer brews due to its small size - the beer is said to come from Brauhaus Michelsrombacher Wald. Can anyone this slightly odd arrangement and also when HBH stopped brewing?


Dorste, a village between Osterode and Northeim, is now home to the miniscule Dorster Kesselbräu. I don't know of any outlets and sales are by appointment only. (Alex Deuerlein)


Due to equipment problems, Brauhaus Horn currently has its beer made by Schlossbrauerei Rheder. (Joerg Nierbauer)

As anticipated, Brauhaus am Ring in Kirchhellen has stopped brewing and the equipment has been removed.

Although open again, the Moerser Brauhaus has apparently never brewed. The beers currently come from Webster in Duisburg but were formerly supplied by an unknown Belgian brewer in the dead of night... (Joerg Nierbauer)


Friedrichs Brauhaus in Chemnitz is currently closed and in the process of moving to new premises in the city centre at Johannisplatz 1. It's due to reopen on 1st August. (Philip Goodwin)


The mobile Box Bräu, formerly in Bochum, has found a new home (and name) in Mölln. It's now owned by Getränke Stapelfeldt and used to brew Eulenspiegel Bier, which had until recently been made by Grönwohlder. (Sascha Bruns)

Stecknitz Bräu in Worth bei Geesthacht is expected to close in the next few weeks. (Sascha Bruns)


The Kaspar Schulz website lists a 10hl Gasthausbrauerei in Sophienhof, the most northerly settlement in Thüringen, amongst the current projects. The village is about 2.5km from Eisfelder Talmühle on the Harz Mountain Railway.


30th May 2012


Brauerei Heller in Herzogenaurach is still going strong but is currently without a website due to the death of the webmaster. (Werner Müller)


It seems O'Leary's in Harburg may have stopped brewing. If anyone could offer confirmation one way or another, it would be welcome. (Neil Berry)


Frankfurt's Zwölf Apostel is alive and well - at least, it was on 15th April. (Philip Goodwin)


HBX Stadtbrauerei am Aegi in Hannover is currently closed due to insolvency but will re-open on Saturday as Meiers Lebenslust. (Ralf Münch)


Beer for Ketschenberg in Stolberg is brewed by Wernecker. There seems to be some doubt as to whether they will actually resume brewing themselves. (Friedhelm Karos)


As the hotel in Schollene which housed the Mühlenbergbrauerei has closed and because Sascha Bruns remembers reading somewhere it no longer brews, I'm listing it as closed. Please contact me if I'm wrong.


23rd May 2012

Roman Drüg has provided the following news in response to yesterdays request for information:


Wohn in Naila is now called 1464 Frankenwälder Bürgerbräu.


Brauhaus Frankenberger E. Ortmann's in Aachen is still brewing.

The mobile Box Bräu, nominally based in Bochum, is believed to have closed but confirmation is required.


22nd May 2012


Hasen-Bräu relocated from their old site to a former slaughterhouse last year. Their new home at Berliner Allee 36 is part brewery, part tap (Kälberhalle), brewing 30,000hl of draught beer only - all bottled Hasen products now come from Tucher in Fürth.


Lido Senftenberg is now known as Hotel LéonWood.

I've completed my occasional check of brewery websites and have found the following no longer work. Does anyone know if any of them are no longer open?

BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG: Kirrlach - Armbruster; Sindelfingen - Wirtschaftswunder; Sulzfeld - Michaeli Bräu

BAYERN: Aschau - Scheuern; Herzogenaurach - Heller; Naila - Wohn; Seligenporten - Klosterbrauerei; Vilshofen - Jeggarius-Bräu

BERLIN: Mitte - Marcus-Bräu

HESSEN: Frankfurt - Zwölf Apostel; Röhrigshof - Extra

NIEDERSACHSEN: Bad Gandersheim - Ratsbrauhaus

NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN: Aachen - Frankenberger / Ortmann's; Bochum - Box Bräu; Hengsen - Helenbrauerei; Oberveischede - Müller

SASCHEN-ANHALT: Schollene - Mühlenbergbrauerei


20th May 2012


Brauhaus Herzog Ludwig in Friedberg stopped brewing in 2008. At the same time, the name was changed to Cosmos Cafe. They now sell beers from Neumarkter Lammsbräu and Riedenburger.

RS Bräu opened last month in Obereichstätt, a village between Dollnstein and Eichstätt. (Alex Deuerlein)


A second Friesian island will soon have a brewery, this time Norderney. The Nordeneyer Brauhaus will be at Damenpfad 5 in the main town. (Sascha Bruns)


The third member of the AIDA fleet with an onboard brewery, the AIDAmar, was delivered earlier this month and is now on its maiden voyage. It's already visited Iceland and Scotland and is now moored in Bergen, Norway.

A fourth Sphinx class ship, the AIDAstella, is due to enter service next year with a provisional first cruise in March.


18th May 2012


Glockenbrunnen in Berwangen has closed. The brewer reports they may "perhaps" brew again. (Paul Lockwood)

After a six year pause, brewing returned to Biberach (Riß) at the beginning of the year. Café Weichhardt is around the corner from the former Brauerei zum Biber and next door to the old tap. (Alex Deuerlein)

Next spring should see brewing commence at the Eisenharzer Brauhaus in Eisenharz, one of six villages that make up the community of Argenbühl. The pub opened last month. (Alex Deuerlein)

They no longer brew at König von Preußen in Frauenalb. The house beers now come from Alpirsbach. (Joerg Nierbauer)

Barfüßer opened in the station building at Leutkirch last month.


Anton Rittel has started a brewery called Stadelbräu (Barnbrew) at his blacksmith's business in Adelsried. (Alex Deuerlein)

The Kaspar Schulz website lists Brauhaus Binkert in Breitengüßbach amongst the new projects.

Landgasthof Stark in Gottmannshofen, near Wertingen, seems to have been brewing since at least the summer of 2009. Just the one beer, it appears. (Alex Deuerlein, Gernot Wildung)

Staff at Irchenrieth town hall have confirmed Brauerei Hösl has been closed since approximately January. (Stefan Naumann)

Regular contributor Gernot Wildung advises me his Communebrauerei Kaufbeuren is now up-and-running. In true Zoigl-style, the young beer is taken to his Zoigl pub after primary fermentation for lagering. Likewise, Hausbrauer will either be able to condition their wort at home or in the cellar beneath the brewery but this will only be possible during the cooler months.

Brauerei (Barth-) Senger in Scheßlitz closed on 25th April, as discovered by Paul Wilkins, who visited three days later.


23rd April saw the opening of Blockbräu in the St. Pauli district. There's the potential to brew 4,500hl a year and, judging by the size of the place, I wouldn't be surprised if they approach that figure.


Peter's Bauernstube in Haltern no longer brews. It's unclear if the equipment is still in situ but they cited high costs as the reason for the end of self-production. (Sascha Bruns)

Stadtbrauerei Troisdorf has completed the move to new premises but no longer brew themselves. Their beers are now made by Giessener Brauhaus. (Roman Drüg & Marcus Schäfer)


BeSte Bräu opened in Cochem this time last year. I'd missed this news until now as their website is still offline. The brewpub is in the former fire station on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park near the northern portal of the Kaiser Wilhelm railway tunnel.


The Meininger brewery has closed due to insolvency. According to this newspaper article, draught beer is now brewed elsewhere in the state, the name having been protected by the town council. (Sascha Bruns)


10th April 2012


Drayß Back & Brauhaus opened in Lorsch last Thursday.


Stein's Braumeisterei in Jülich has closed. (Roman Drüg)

Stadtbrauerei Troisdorf has temporarily closed as their old council-owned building is required for public use. They should be reopening in May just up the road, on the corner of Alte Poststraße and Hippolytusstraße. (Roman Drüg)


5th April 2012

It's been a while, so there's plenty to report.


At long last, confirmation Schlossturm in Stuttgart no longer brews. The kettles have been removed and according to one member of staff, have been gone for five years. (Adam Randall)

Brauerei Mellert in Steinach closed last month, although the tap remains open. (Stefan Naumann)


Brauerei Hausham closed in January due to financial problems and the property has been auctioned by the former owner's bank. (Guenther Heinzl)

Höllein's Wirtshausbrauerei in Immenstadt and it's tap, Hotel-Gasthof Traube, have closed. (Ralph Forster & Dave Waldron)

Of interest but not commercial is Brauhandwerk in Kelheim. Thomas Brückl offers brewing seminars and, after it's matured, you get to keep the beer. (Alex Deuerlein)

Klosterbräu Marienweiher closed at the end of January due to insolvency. (Sascha Bruns)

It appears all but certain brewing has ceased at Klosterbrauerei Münnerstadt. The beer has been filled at Rother Bräu in nearby Roth and this is where it's now likely to be brewed. Confirmation would be welcome.

There are ambitious plans for a revival of the former Brauerei Hölzel in Neudrossenfeld, closed in 1991. The old brewery will be renovated and new equipment installed, the former tap will be refurbished and a large beer garden will occupy the area between the two. The new incarnation will be called 'Bräuwerck' and is set to open next year. (Sascha Bruns)

Nirschl Bräu opened during February in Pemmering, near Isen. One pub in the latter is already being supplied. (Alex Deuerlein)

The Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen opened as planned a couple of months ago. It's currently only active at weekends.

Brewing ceased at Löwenbräu in Vestenberg late last year. The beer is apparently now brewed in Leuchtturm, Gunzenhausen by the former owner.


Having had the beer brewed elsewhere since 2010, Werner Zuschlag now has his own kit in an out-building of the Kleines Versteck bar in Bad Hersfeld. Engelhardt Bier revives the name of a local brewery taken-over by Binding in 1973. (Alex Deuerlein)


Paul Lockwood recently visited Rostock and found the Rostocker tap shut on a Friday night. Does anyone know if it's closed?

Stralsunder was renamed Störtebeker Braumanufaktur at the start of the year.


The Alter Bahnhof in Frechen opened in early February.

Brauhaus am Ring in Kirchhellen will stop brewing this summer. The brewing equipment has already been sold and will be removed when production ceases. The pub will remain open and instead sell Veltins and Maisel products. (Roman Drüg)

The Meierhof brewery in Ottbergen is being used by Hausbrauerei Canoe. The five beers are available in the Unna region and may eventually be brewed locally. (Alex Deuerlein)

Xantener Landbier is again being brewed but this time, seemingly, a hundred or so kilometres from Xanten at Brauhof Wilshaus. Does anyone know more? (Roman Drüg)


There are plans for a brewpub in the Bad Sobernheim's Arnold-Marum-Park, conveniently situated opposite the railway station. Local builder Bruno Schneider hopes to open the Sobernheimer Brauhaus sometime this year. (Roman Drüg)


The Torgauer Brauhaus closed at the end of last year. Their beers are now brewed in Penig.


Volker Quante has drawn my attention to Sauer & Hartwig Privatbrauerei in Flensburg. They certainly began brewing in 2010 using Hansens' equipment but it's unclear whether they now have their own kit or continue to brew there. Any information would be welcome.


12th January 2012


Löwenbrauerei Wasseralfingen's tap has closed. (Paul Lockwood)


There's been a small brewery at Landhaus Arberkristall in Bayerisch Eisenstein since 2010. Known as Bräualm, six beers are available at various times throughout the year. (Alex Deuerlein)

According to their website, the tiny Metzgerbräu in Pürkwang stopped brewing towards the end of last year. They now sell Sandersdorf beers. (Paul Lockwood)

Insolvency proceedings have started at the Schongauer Brauhaus but it remains open, at least for the time being. (Ludger Berges)

Closed in 1974, brewing is set to resume (albeit on a much smaller scale) in the former Brauerei Schreyegg in Stegen, near Inning. The Ammerseer Brauhaus is due to open a week on Saturday. (Alex Deuerlein)


Alexander Mollenhauer has been brewing professionally in his garage in Moringen since October. Pils, Weizen and Bock are currently produced. (Ludger Berges)


Marc Dahlmann, owner of a bar equipment and line-cleaning company in Kevelaer, has added another string to his bow in the shape of a tiny microbrewery known as Brewing Events. The only regular beer appears to be Kävels Zwickel Hell but it seems he'll brew almost anything to order. (Alex Deuerlein)

The owner of Troll Tours has opened Troll's Brauhaus in the old town hall in Medebach. (Alex Deuerlein)


According to their website, Weißer Hirsch in Großrückerswalde is currently closed. It's not clear if this is a temporary measure or something more permanent. (Patrick Waters)

Brauhaus Radebeul has reopened after around seven or eight years closure. There's currently no tap but the beer can be found is several local bars and shops or bought direct from the brewery 14.00-18.00 Mon-Thu. (Alex Deuerlein)

Hausbrauerei Schiller has moved from Wachau to Neusörnewitz, between Coswig and Meißen. (Alex Deuerlein)


It's believed Mühlenbergbrauerei in Schollene has closed. The associated hotel certainly has and the website no longer works. Does anyone know more? (Ludger Berges)


Flensburg has a third brewery, Sylter Hopfen, which takes the name of its principal product and sole beer. The beer itself is made using hops from Sylt and Champagne yeast, and apparently undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle before the yeast is removed. It's been brewed since 2008 but I understand it was only last year they acquired their own premises. Be warned: it's far from cheap. (Ludger Berges)


There's now a small tap at the remarkable Brauerei Schmitt in Singen which is open all year but they don't advertise specific hours. (Paul Lockwood)


6th December 2011


Adlerbrauerei Föhr in Rißtissen has brewed its last beer. Owner Gebhard Föhr cites spiralling energy costs and a need for substantial investment as the reasons for closure.


The Bleckeder Brauhaus opens today.


From what I can gather, Rabenbräu in Merseburg opened in 2006 but closed within a year or so.


5th December 2011


Ludwigsstadt's Frankenwald Brauerei (formerly Jahn's-Bräu) closed in September.


Following two years of financial uncertainty the Schwelmer Brauerei closed at the end of September.


30th November 2011


One thing I've over-looked since the summer is that the brewery for Zur Alten Gerberei in Müllheim is actually in Eschbach. Gerber Bräu is at Petra Hanning's ceramic factory on the Gewerbepark Breisgau but the beers are only available at Zur Alten Gerberei.

Lindenbräu Waldbronn have opened a sister brewpub in the Knielingen district of Karlsruhe, not far from Königbräu. Also called Lindenbräu, beers and brewer are the same. (Steve Heathman)

Leutkirch should have a second brewery next year. The station building is being converted into a brewpub through public appeal (Leutkircher Bürger Bahnhof) and will be known as Barfüßer, although whether it's connected to others of that name is unclear.

Daniel Bleicher has returned to Germany from America and has opened the Cast Brauerei in Stuttgart. There's no tap as such but you can buy beer direct from source from Wednesday to Saturday during normal shop hours. (Alex Deuerlein)


Steve Peck tells me Ainmüller, previously the Landshuter Brauhaus tap, has closed. He recommends Zum Freischütz at Neustadt 446 as a suitable alternative.

The Forschungsbrauerei tap re-opened in August and will actually remain open for longer this winter than previously, closing only from late-December until mid-February. (Howard Young)

Bräu zur Isar opened in the Hotel zur Isar, Plattling, last month. (Alex Deuerlein)

Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau will open on Friday (Thomas Horacek)

Maierbier moved the 10km or so from Wechingen to Nördlingen at the start of September. The only bar listed on their website in Nördlingen selling the beers is Café am Berger Tor. (Alex Deuerlein)


As expected, Harburger Engelbräu has reopened after a year or so closed as O'Leary's, an American-style sports bar. They still brew, producing Sports Beer Hell & Dunkel.

Now, pay attention. I'd long suspected Brauhaus Hanseat no longer brewed but had been unable to confirm this (reports and phone-calls had always been vague). I paid a visit for the first time in years last week and discovered it's been renamed Gröninger (the name of the sister brewpub to which it's attached via the cellar) but does indeed still brew. The original Gröninger, however, while remaining very much open as a pub has stopped brewing, although the kit remains in place. When they stopped brewing isn't clear but the waitress indicated it was years rather than months ago. The two sites now seem to be treated as one.


The first 'Mellenthiner' beer from Wasserschloß Mellenthin is now available, although it won't officially be on sale for a few days yet. (Alex Deuerlein)

Zum Stadtkrug in Schwerin stopped brewing in 2009, the two house beers now coming from Stralsunder (allegedly brewed to the old recipes). The brewing equipment has been dismantled and is now in use in the Düsseldorf area.


Brauerei Junge in Goslar closed in April due to the owner emigrating to New Zealand.

Krätze, a village near Uetze, has had a micro since the beginning of the year. Markus Naujocks' boGler's (sic.) produces three regular beers and the odd seasonal. (Alex Deuerlein)

OL's in Oldenburg now has a tap, Am Alten Hafenkran, at the same address as the brewery. (Lothar Zöllner)


Schacht 4/8 in Duisburg, not brewing for at least four years, has now closed completely. (Adam Randall, Peter Sherwood)

Neuss' Brauerei im Dom reopened in September. (Marcus Schäfer)

Congratulations if you made it to Wirtshaus Wersinski in Xanten when they were brewing as they don't any more. (


Alzeyer Volker-Bräu is now brewing seasonal beers in Alzey although it's believed the regular varieties may still originate from Worms (or, possibly, Ingelheim). (Roman Drüg)


A small (3hl) brewery has been installed in part of the former Oberländische Dampfbierbrauerei in Bad Lobenstein (which stopped brewing in 1991). Part of the site has been in use for some years as a dance venue and there's also a bowling alley. (Alex Deuerlein)


8th September 2011


I can recommend Harald Schieder & Ralph Forster's new book, Bierführer Oberbayern (ISBN 978-3-418-00123-4), published last week and source of the following news:

They list Kloster Bräu Au am Inn as closed but I understand that although they did indeed close for a few months last year, they're now brewing again but no longer bottle their beers. Clarification of the situation would be welcome.

Fliegerbräu in Feldkirchen reopened around six months ago and is believed to have resumed brewing. Only Fliegerweisse is regularly available.

Marco Dombeks has been making his Schwalben Bräu beers since 2004 but until earlier this year (possibly late 2010) I understand they were brewed somewhere in Oberfranken. He now, apparently, brews in his native Ingolstadt using his own home-made equipment. The beers are available in the tap up the street, together with a number of local bars plus one or two outlets as far away as München and Nürnberg.

Apparently, Museumsbrauerei Steer in Mühldorf currently has its beers made elsewhere due to capacity issues. There are plans for a 30hl brewery at the tap. Any further information would be gratefully received.

Never a particularly regular brewer, Alpenrose in Oberaudorf has now stopped completely. The equipment has been taken out and the pub now sells nothing but Auer beers.

It appears Gerhard Dietl has been brewing almost unnoticed in Weyarn since 2002. There's no tap but the three beers can be bought from the brewery (Mon-Fri 15.00-18.00, Sat 08.00-12.00).

Hinterhofbräu opened in Aichach last month. There's no tap but the brewery is open 09.00-19.00 Mon-Fri & 09.00-16.00 Sat. (Alex Deuerlein)

The former communal brewhouse in Höchstädten has been renovated by Jochen Zürl and an opening party was held last month. I'm not sure if the new venture is commercial but suspect it is. Does anyone know more? (Alex Deuerlein)


One place I've kept forgetting to put back on the site is Brewbaker in Berlin (Tiergarten). Following closure at their original site at the end of last year the beers were available in the Arminius Markthalle from late January (as previously mentioned). The brewery itself moved there in April.


The Moerser Brauhaus reopened four weeks ago after five years closure. Hell and Dunkles are the regular beers and they open Mon-Sat 12.00-24.00, Sun 10.30-22.30. (Alex Deuerlein)

The small tap at Brauzwerg in Unna has had to close due to new municipal regulations. (Joerg Nierbauer)


Brewing started last year at the Alter Elbehof in Werdau, near Torgau. Three beers are produced. (Alex Deuerlein)


20th August 2011


Brauhaus Zollernalb opened in Albstadt-Ebingen yesterday.

Löwenbrauerei Braunlingen's tap has closed.

Hieber's Bräu Stüble, the small tap within Hieber's supermarket in Lörrach, has also closed.


Can anyone confirm whether beer is still made at Charly Bräu in Augsburg? They're now owned by Thorbräu who bottle the Kellerbier but the kettles appear to be disused. It may be the Kellerbier is made up the road and seasonals at the brewpub. (Paul Lockwood)

Zech Stuben, the tap of Schimpfle in Gessertshausen, appears to have closed. (Paul Lockwood)

Brauerei Zenglein in Oberschleichach no longer brews, beer now coming from Göller in Zeil. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap of Storchenbräu in Pfaffenhausen has closed but the beers are available in Gasthof Zur Krone at Hauptstraße 23, closed Mon, others 11.30-14.00 & 17.00-22.00. (Paul Lockwood)

Bräutigam in Weisbrunn no longer brews. Like Zenglein, their beer now comes from Zeil.


It appears Altenrüthener Hausbrauerei may have closed as the website no longer works and the pub appears to have been dormant for a while. Confirmation would be welcome. (Roman Drüg)

Brauerei Kürzer in Düsseldorf is confirmed as being alive and kicking. (Roman Drüg)

The Hilfarther Brauhaus opened recently in Hilfarth, near Hückelhoven. (Alex Deuerlein)

The brewery at the old distillery in Rönsahl's is now open. The top-fermented Rönsahler Landbier is brewed in 1.6hl batches and available in 2-litre bottles or on draught. (Felix Stier)


28th July 2011


Long-time homebrewer Thomas Lill began commercial production in Sonderbuch, near Blaubeuren, last September. (Alex Deuerlein)


It seems likely Hösl in Irchenrieth may have closed. Any confirmation one way or the other would be appreciated. (Timo Alanen)

Vilstaler Stein-Bräu has been active in Pöcking, near Eichendorf, since 2008. The tap, Alosius Schänke, stocks 85 beers but only opens Thursday and Friday evenings plus the first Saturday of the month. (Alex Deuerlein)

The tap of Gesellschaftsbrauerei Viechtach has closed and is now for sale. (Sascha Bruns)


December should see the opening of Stephan Scheer's new brewery in Bleckede. The beer will apparently be known as Das Gute von der Elbe. (Alex Deuerlein)


As expected, Buchenkrug in Halle (Westfalen) has reopened and resumed brewing. It's now called Gerry Weber Landhotel and is part of the Gerry Weber retail and fashion company. (Alex Deuerlein)

The Moerser Brauhaus is expected to reopen next month almost five years after it closed. (Alex Deuerlein)


Brewing has resumed in what was the former Brauhof in Landau, now renamed Braumanufaktur Durke. Open 10.00-16.00 Mon-Sat (until 19.00 Fri), although I understand this is may just be for bottle sales rather than as a tap. Owner Mark Durke is keen to seek bars that require a house beer and already brews a Kellerbier for the Rotes Tor in Philippsburg. (Alex Deuerlein)


Brewing stopped at Kloster Helfta three years ago due to a major equipment fault. The house beers now come from Landsberger. (Joerg Nierbauer)


12th July 2011


It's hoped Brauhaus Zollernalb in Albstadt-Ebingen will open on 19th August. (Frank Blum)

Mash in Stuttgart no longer brews, their three beers now coming from Kaiser in Geislingen. (Phil Goodwin)

I've had my doubts about Schloßturm in Stuttgart for a while and Phil Goodwin has rekindled them. Can anyone confirm whether they do or don't brew themselves?


Brewing resumed at Gasthof zur Post in Bad Kötzting last year, 38 years after the original brewery closed. (Alex Deuerlein)

Late August / early September should see the opening of Isar Bräu in Plattling. (Alex Deuerlein)

Sudhaus Schwarzach started brewing at the end of February. This is a revival of Brauerei Eibauer / Alten Post, which closed in 1990. (Alex Deuerlein)


The possible brewery at the Tilsiter Leichtspiele I mentioned in May is actually at Gaststätte Prassnik and has been brewing un-noticed by the wider world for five years. (Alex Deuerlein)


There may be a new brewery in Triglitz called Mühlenbräu. Further information would be welcome. (Alex Deuerlein)


Halber Mond in Heppenheim opened on 11th June although their website is yet to reflect this. (Alex Deuerlein)

One bit of news that's escaped me until now was that Bärenbräu in Herborn closed during 2008 following takeover by Alsfelder. Happily, the Hösl family, owners of Garley, Peniger & Luckenwalder bought the brewery last year and reopened it as Herborner Brauhaus. Bärenbräu beers are still being made by Alsfelder. (Tom Sprenger)


The saga of whether Brauhaus Beuel does or doesn't brew seems to have ended with the closure of the pub. On a more positive note for the city, it seems Bönnsch does definitely brew. (Marco Ottawa)

Neil Berry visited Düsseldorf last month and found Brauerei Kürzer closed with evidence it may be permanent. Does anyone know more?

The owners of Hotel Junior in Münster no longer have plans to install a brewery. (Friedhelm Karos)

Walder Bräu (Al B'Andy) in Solingen has closed. (Marco Ottawa)


The beers of the former Brauerei Steffens in St. Severinsberg are now being brewed at the Giessener Brauhaus which, apparently, Steffens are attempting to acquire. (Tom Sprenger)


Stadtbrauerei Olbernhau closed in 2009. The beers are now brewed by Neunspringer in Worbis (Tom Sprenger)

The Torgauer Brauhaus is to close in October. (Tom Sprenger)


14th June 2011


It appears Lindenbrauerei in Meßstetten has resumed brewing. They last made their own beer circa 1993, so I'm calling it a new brewery. (Alex Deuerlein)


I'm not sure when it happened but Graf Arco in Bad Birnbach no longer brews, The brewery there is about to be converted into sheltered housing.


It seems Chris Aarsen's revival of the Dennemann brewery in Gildehaus is no more than a hobby. (Alex Deuerlein)


There's a new brewpub to report in Wassenburg, not far from the Dutch border. Braukeller opened on 3rd June and, from the website, it looks as though (very good) food is the priority here. (Alex Deuerlein)


4th June 2011


The Isarwinkler Bräustüberl (formerly Brauhaus Isarwinkel) in Arzbach, no longer brews. Beer now comes from Klosterbrauerei Reutberg and I suspect it has done since original owner Andreas Falk left to start Brauhaus Rothenburg in 2008.

Blauer Löwe in Höchstadt is now owned by Sauer in Röttenbach. The tap is still open but no longer sells Blauer Löwe beers. (Ludger Berges)


The saga of Brauhaus Beuel continues. Marco Ottawa visited recently and was told brewing would start around the end of June. We shall see..

The owners of the Urstoff Schänke in Frecheln plan to open a brewpub in the station building at Frechen. It seems this is because Brauerei Hintermeier / Hüchelner Urstoff may be sold. It's expected to open next year. (Roman Drüg)


Hämm'scher Bier is now brewing, although the tap is still some way off. The sole beer is in the Kölsch-style and can be bought direct from the brewery six days a week. (Sascha Bruns)


30th May 2011


The Ahornberger Landbrauerei has been declared insolvent. It's not closed but there must surely be severe doubt over its continued existence.

I've previously overlooked the opening of two new Zoiglhäuser in Falkenberg. Schwoazhansl is at Tirschenreuther Straße 7 and Wolfadl is at Gumpener Weg 1. (Jan Menken)

According to Fred Waltmann, on Friday, Leo Thein brewed for the last time in Lembach. I'm assuming he's winding-down for retirement but the pub will apparently remain open and sell Mönchsambacher. I'd imagine house-brewed beer should be available until at least the end of July.

One of the missing bits of info that got lost along with the website last summer is the opening of a fourth Zoigl house in Mitterteich, Zoiglbauer (a.k.a. Männl) is at Kirchplatz 3. (Jan Menken)


The Parchimer Brauhaus closed three months ago. Apparently, there are plans to reopen but it's uncertain whether brewing would resume. (Thomas Horacek)

Brauhaus Trotzenburg in Rostock stopped brewing a few weeks ago. (Thomas Horacek)


27th May 2011


Bierbrauerei zum Lamm in Wiesensteig closed at the end of January. Owner Karl Ege is retiring and couldn't find anyone to take the business on. The 15 or so pubs he used to supply now sell Berg (Ehingen) beers.


Brauerei Lechler in Kirchheim has stopped brewing. Their beers were, for a time, brewed on site by staff from Aktienbrauerei in Kaufbeuren but are now brewed elsewhere at an unknown brewery. (Stefan Naumann)

Postbrauerei Nesselwang have had all their beers brewed by Zötler in nearby Rettenberg since late 2009.

There are rumours locally that Bräutigam in Weisbrunn ceased brewing around the end of March. Any confirmation one way or the other would be welcome. (Jan-Erik Svensson)


David Hughes has drawn my attention to a possible new brewery in Berlin. It's apparently run by the bar manager at the Tilsiter Lichtspiele, a cinema in the Friedrichshain district. I suspect the equipment is likely to be off-site, even if he does brew himself. Does anyone know more?


There's a new brewery to report in the village of Ladenhausen, near Lauterbach. Dorfbräuhaus, also known as Wartenburger Brauhaus, opened on 5th May. (Ludger Berges)


Bad Zwischenahn now has a brewery for the first time since 1924. Fröhliche Meer has been set up in an old petrol station and the beer is available in the Schützenhof Hotel & Steakhaus next door. (Alex Deuerlein)

Chris Aarsen has started brewing on the site of the former Dennemann brewery (closed 1887) in Gildehaus, near Bad Bentheim. (Alex Deuerlein)

Does anyone have any information about Schmieriger-Lachs from Groß Ellenberg, near Suhlendorf. I'd heard the name a while back but it seems they only brew irregularly. Are they really commercial? (David Israel)


Now, despite what they told me, the overwhelming anecdotal evidence is that Brauhaus Beuel does not yet brew. On that basis, I've removed them to the future brewery section. (Mat Wilson, Alex Deuerlein, Patrick Walters)

I've heard similar rumours before but now Mat Wilson has been told by a former employee that Bönnsch hasn't brewed for a long time, possibly 10 years. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

Buchenkrug in Halle has apparently reopened and may be brewing again. It's unknown if they've kept the same name. As always, any information would be welcome. (Alex Deuerlein)

Wirtshaus Wesinski in Xanten has started brewing. Winfried Schäfer makes Xantener Landbier there. (Alex Deuerlein)


There will soon be a brewpub in Cochem. BeSte Bräu (sic) will be at Ravenestraße 40, just below the railway station. (Alex Deuerlein)


Han Winteraeken visited Ponter in Besseringen earlier this month and was told by the owner they'd stopped brewing in 2007. Beers apparently now come from Eichbaum.


The Nerchauer Brauhaus opened last month in Nerchau, near Grimma. Unfortunately, due to the fact Nerchau joined Grimma on 1st January, the map link won't work as GoYellow have failed to notice this has happened. (Alex Deuerlein)


9th April 2011


There is indeed a new brewery in Freiburg, or at least plans for one. Originally intended to be called Biermanufaktur Freiburg, it was renamed Kleines Breisgauer Brauhaus due to a clash with the aforementioned Swiss brewery. (Alex Deuerlein)


Michlbräu in Neuhausen (Kempten) does sell beer commercially but you must contact the brewer in advance to arrange collection. (Alex Deuerlein)

Bayer-Bräu in Rothenfels has stopped brewing. The beers now come from Burgbrauerei Thüngen. (Gernot Wildung)

Contrary to the news below, it's believed brewing continues at Beck in Trabelsdorf. (Alex Deuerlein)


5th April 2011


The Anker brewery in Nagold closed last Friday. Their beer will in future be brewed in Alpirsbach.

Hatz of Rastatt have completed their merger with Moninger and now all beer is brewed in Karlsruhe.


Frank Wetzel reports on his site that Glenk in Bayreuth no longer brews. The company has had it's problems since the death of Heinrich Glenk in July 2008.

Also from Frank Wetzel is the news Hümmer in Breitengüßbach stopped brewing last month. They now sell beer from Adlerbräu Stettfeld.

Kulmbacher have announced brewing will cease at the Coburger Brauerei this summer.

Andreas Gänstaller has now moved from Beck in Trabelsdorf to the old Friedel brewery in Schnaid. As a result, I believe brewing has now ceased in Trabelsdorf. The Gänstaller tap will be at the Drei Kronen in Straßgeich, near Scheßlitz. (Frank Wetzel)


Well, the brewery aboard the AIDAblu has obviously been a success as a second ship now has one. The AIDAsol is currently at Kiel awaiting her naming this Saturday, after which her maiden voyage will depart.


The first house-brewed beer went on sale at Brauhaus Beuel in Bonn last week.

Sadly, Buchenkrug in Halle (Westfalen) appears to have closed.

Schwanlenberger Brauzunft has been deleted from the list as it's not a commercial brewery.


I've also deleted Brau- und Heimatverein Jenaprießnitz, as I don't believe they make their beer available to the general public.


4th April 2011


The Echterdinger Brauhaus opened yesterday at the new Parkhotel in Echterdingen.

In my 22nd January update, I mentioned a possible new brewery in Freiburg. Well Biermanufaktur Freiburg does exist but it's in Switzerland, not Freiburg am Breisgau. (Marco Ottawa)

Bierwerk Möhringen finally opened earlier this year.

Armin Pohl has confirmed brewing started last year at his Edelbrauerei in Schopfloch. Beers start at 8%...


Brewing started in the castle at Alerheim last June. Owner Sandra Appl also has a distillery and shop (no tap) but does supply four restaurants.

I believe Egertal in Kaiserhammer closed around 2007.

I've removed Michlbräu in Neuhausen (near Kempten) from the list as I understand the beer is not commercially available.

Likewise, Zum Auerhahn in Rottenbach has been deleted because it rarely brews and then, only tiny quantities.

Bernard Hecht started brewing in his garage in Zimmern at the beginning of the year. There's no tap but Hechtbräu is open for sales Thu-Sat.


Hohmanns Brauhaus am Lotterberg, on the outskirts of Fulda, has been renamed Brauhaus Michelsrombacher Wald.


The brewery has been installed at Altes Forsthaus, Bad Fredeburg. The pub opens for the 2011 season on Easter Sunday.


7th March 2011


Zum Läuterbottich opened a month ago in Allmersbach am Weinberg.

It appears that brewing ceased at the Pietschenmuseum in Killer following the death of Jürgen Simmendinger in 2007. His son Oliver continues to operate the museum.

Biermanufaktur Behnle, which had relocated form Zöschingen (Bayern) to Langenau, has closed. Former owner Thorsten Behnle-Napierala is now the brewer at Barfüßer in Neu-Ulm.


Bastian Kiemer and Erik Löschner have started a brewery at the Goldener Stern, a Pension (B&B) in Albertshofen. Albertshöfer Sternbräu has two regular beers plus a few seasonal bocks.

I've decided to remove Ed's Braustüble from the list as I now judge it to be a hobby brewery.

Brauerei Starkmeth in Heufeldmühle is currently closed while owner Nikolaus Starkmeth sets up a brewery abroad (a regular event). In the meantime, Starkmeth beers are being brewed in nearby Mittenkirchen by former pupil Christian Grill in his hitherto unknown Mittenkirchner Brauhaus.


22nd February 2011


Work started on Communebrauerei Kaufbeuren two weeks ago. Gernot Wildung hopes work will be complete in July.


The appropriately-named Michael Beer has installed a small (50l) brew plant at his Zur Hexe restaurant in Höchst, Odenwald. As well as his own brew, beers from Daum Bräu in Michelstadt are also available. (Alexander Thamm)


The brewing equipment has been removed from Kornhaus in Bad Münder. However, there's also good news to report - Dirk Reinecke installed a brewery at his family's stables on the outskirts of town in 2008. There's no tap but he open's for sales 11.00-13.00 Saturday. (Sascha Bruns)


Some good news from Köln - Weißbräu has reopened. Closed almost two years ago, it reopened under new ownership as Freischem's Brauhaus but lasted just nine months until closure last July. I don't know who the new owners are but the beers on offer resemble the original range. (Marcus Schäfer)


9th February 2011


Kornhaus in Bad Münder closed in October 2008. The building has new owners who hope to reopen in May, although it seems the brewery may not be revived. If anyone has further information, please get in touch. (Sascha Bruns)


8th February 2011


The Hinterländer Brauhaus (formerly Brauerei Thome) in Wolzhausen closed last month due to financial problems. The remaining beer is being sold direct from the brewery. (Guenther Heinzel)


7th February 2011


Brewing hasn't yet started at Brauhaus Beuel in Bonn, although the first beer is hoped to be available next month. (Patrick Walters)


5th February 2011


Brewbaker has reopened a tap around the corner from the old brewery in the Arminius-Markthalle. They plan to relocate the brewery to an as yet un-named site. (Joerg Nierbauer)


The brewing equipment from Kliesow's Reuse in Alt Reddewitz has been sold. I was told the brewery had been moved to Zur Strandburg, a distillery owned by the same family a short distance away but suspect this may not have happened. (Volker Quante)


2nd February 2011


Unfortunately, the relocation of Hardtwäldle from Graben-Neudorf to Lehrte did not prove to be a financial success and they closed in December.


The Lütter Krug, in Lütte, has closed.

Brauhaus Im Dom, Neuss, has been closed since the beginning of the year. No word, yet, if this is permanent or temporary.


1st February 2011


Lang-Bräu in Reisbach is to stop brewing. Production will move to the Landshuter Brauhaus but the beer will be tanked to Reisbach for filling. (Sascha Bruns)


31st January 2011


Following takeover by Neuenspringe of Worbis, Jahn's-Bräu in Ludwigsstadt has been renamed Frankenwald Brauerei. Brewing resumed in November and Pils and Weizen are now produced in Ludwigsstadt, with a Schwarzbier and Bock coming from Worbis.


30th January 2011


Does anyone know if Brauerei Egolf in Unterschefflenz is still active? The website is offline and the phone number no longer works.


Fliegerbräu in Feldkirchen closed last summer.


27th January 2011


Jan Menken has pointed-out that Augusta in Augsburg stopped brewing at the end of the year. Their beers are now made by Schloßbrauerei Unterbaar.


26th January 2011


This summer should see the opening of a brewpub in the railway old goods shed at Albstadt-Ebingen. (Frank Blum)

There's now a small brewery at Café Mundart in Tieringen, near Meßstetten. Just the one regular beer. (Frank Blum)


Brewbaker closed on 30th December following the termination of their lease. (Joerg Nierbauer)


The Kleines Schweinchen in Kassel stopped brewing around six months ago. The house beers now come from an un-named brewery in the region. (Frank Blum)


25th January 2011


Adlerbrauerei Hailtingen now has it's beer brewed by Rößle in Ehingen.


Two snippets gleaned from Harald Schieder & Ralph Förster's excellent Bierführer Schwaben / Allgäu:

One slightly embarrassing discovery is that Schloßbrauerei Prinzing in Mickhausen hasn't brewed since 1980! The sole remaining beer is contracted-out.

There's been a small brewery since 1991 in the Kreisheimatstube, a museum in Stoffenried. Brewing takes place only in the cooler months, the beer then being sold on the regular open days (2nd & 4th Sunday of each month). As an aside, these historic / museum breweries do cause me a little unease. On the one hand, they clearly make beer for sale but on the other, they're not usually truly commercial (the Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim being a notable exception). As a result, I intend to list all such breweries separately in my next book although, to avoid confusion, they'll stay where they are on this website until that's published.


24th January 2011


Schaffer-Bräu in Schnaittach last brewed more than 18 months ago. Their beers are now made by Glossner in Neumarkt.


23rd January 2011


Michael Senghaas has closed Germania am Viaduct in Bietigheim-Bissingen and opened a small brewpub in Kleinsachsenheim. The new venture is called Michelbräu (as was his first, now Rommelmühle). (Alex Deuerlein)

Brewing began at Gasthaus Hader Karle in Weilersbach, near Villingen-Schwenningen, in November. Three Haderbräu beers are produced. (Alex Deuerlein)


Brauerei Sippel in Baunach closed last August. (Frank Wetzel)

Originally opened in 1991, then closed in 1995, Brauerei Förster has reopened in Feuerthal, near Hammelburg. There's no tap that I'm aware of but beer can be bought from the brewery on weekday evenings and Saturday morning. (Alex Deuerlein)

Gottsmannsgrüner, which I reported in September as being in trouble, stopped brewing in May. Their beers are now brewed in Naila. (Frank Wetzel)

After further financial problems, Zeltbräu in Hof closed earlier this month. (Frank Wetzel)

Leitner in Schwabach closed last month. (Frank Wetzel)

Andy Gänstaller will soon be moving from Beck in Trabelsdorf to the old Friedel brewery in Schnaid (which will be renamed). The old Drei Kronen brewery in Straßgeich, near Scheßlitz, will be the tap. It seems likely this will spell the end for brewing at Beck.

According to a report on Alex Deuerlein's site, Walpertskirchen has a new microbrewery. Kolbinger Kolben is apparently run by Peter Schuler and supplies one pub. I have my suspicions this may be a hobby - can anyone shed any light?

Zirndorf has had a second brewery since 2007. Just 20hl a year is currently brewed at Hausbrauerei Schober and there's no tap, the beer being sold from Klaus Schobert's house by prior arrangement and occasionally on Sundays from the Feinkoststadl at Nürnberger Straße 37a. (Alex Deuerlein)


Harburger Engelbräu, closed since April, is expected to reopen in March under Carlsberg ownership as an O'Leary's sports bar. That's just what's needed - a Danish-owned, fake Irish pub in Hamburg. It's believed they will resume brewing. (Alex Deuerlein)


Bonn has a third brewpub. Brauhaus Beuel started brewing last month. (Alex Deuerlein)

There should soon be a brewery installed at the Altes Forsthaus, located in the forest a mile or so north of Bad Fredeburg. The pub only opens between Easter and October. (Alex Deuerlein)


22nd January 2011


It's believed there's a new brewery in the Freiburg suburb of Rieselfeld. Apparently known as Biermanufaktur Freiburg, I cannot trace an address - can anyone help? (Alex Deuerlein)

There's been a brewery at the Grüner Baum in Fleischwangen for the past 18 months or so. (Alex Deuerlein)

Approval has been given to a brewery and beergarden in Heimsheim. Now, this new place will apparently be on Frankenstraße, which is just around the corner from the relocated Kull Bräu. This seems too much of a coincidence - does anyone know if this is a separate project or is Kull expanding? (Markus Brinker)

Regarding the rumours about Tü8 / Hacienda in Stuttgart, Philip Goodwin was there in October and told they no longer brew. This is the first time I've heard of staff admitting as much so, coupled with long held suspicions, I'm happy to declare it closed. If you have solid information to the contrary, please get in touch.


Herrenhäuser was taken over by Wittinger last year. As a result, only Herrenhäuser Pils is still brewed in Hannover. (David Hughes)


Brauhaus Espelkamp has stopped brewing. The kit has been removed and is now in Ukraine. I believe they still have house beers plus others from Artland and monthly guests. (Markus Brinker)

Brauhaus Hibernia in Gelsenkirchen closed at the end of December. (Joerg Nierbauer)


According to their website, Kaspar Schulz are manufacturing a 10hl brew plant for an unnamed customer in Nerchau. It's possible this is the old Cannewitz brewery which closed in 1999 but still has a range of beers produced in Gersdorf. Further information would be welcome.

Word has reached me of a potential future brewpub in the former Kulturhaus Tanne, Pirna. Plans are at an early stage.


Braugold of Erfurt stopped production in November. Their range of beers is now brewed in Braunschweig but there is talk a brewpub will be built at the old site on Schillerstraße, although I'll believe that when I see it. What this means for the Eisenacher beers previously brewed by Braugold is unclear. (Markus Brinker)


18th January 2011

Once again, despite my best intentions, some time has passed since the last update. This time, the reason's been laziness as much as lack of time. I promise to try harder. There'll be more news over the next few days.


David Hughes has expressed doubts over the brewing status of Tü8 / Hacienda in Stuttgart. Over the years opinion has been divided over whether they do or don't brew. Is there anyone out there who can offer reliable information?

There appears to have been a brewery in Sulzbach, near Mosbach, since 2006. Zum Hirschwirt offers one beer - an unfiltered Pils known as Schlingelbier. (Alexander Thamm)


The former Küstenbrauerei in Barth reopened in June under new ownership. Now called Barther Brauerei, I don't know of any regular outlets but they are open for sales six days a week. (Ralf Münch)


OLs Oldenburger Brauerei opened on 1st December. Pils, Dunkel and Weizen are currently available and can be bought from the brewery Monday, Wednesday & Friday 14.00 - 18.00. (Lothar Zöllner)


29th October 2010


There's been a brewery in Müllheim again since August. Gerber Bräu, a.k.a. Zur Alten Gerberei is, as the name suggests, housed in an old tannery. Thanks to Alex Deuerlein and his blog.


After months of uncertainty, Zeltbräu in Hof appears to have a more secure future following acquisition by ES Brau & Water GmbH from Helmbrechts.

One piece of news that's inexplicably escaped me until now is the cessation of brewing at Spaten-Franziskaner in München almost five years ago. All beer is now produced at the adjacent Löwenbräu brewery, although I believe much of the beer is lagered and filled at the old site. Plans to replace the two sites with a new brewery on the outskirts of the city have recently been shelved.

Markus Brinker has pointed out the future of Klosterbrauerei Münnerstadt is in doubt. Local observers suggest no brewing has taken place since August, but parent company Rother Bräu denies this.


Also from Markus Brinker comes the news that Hannover's Herrenhäuser brewery has been bought by Wittinger. No major changes are anticipated.


The former Alte Bürgerstube in Heistersbacherrott reopened last Wednesday as Brauhaus Leddeköpp. Opening hours are Mon-Sat from 17.00, Sun from 11.30.


19th October 2010

Several bits of news for you today, most of which has come via Alex Deuerlein's blog.


A tiny brewery has been installed at the historic Beim Josl restaurant in Bad Waldsee. There appears to be close collaboration with the local Steinacher Hausbräu, the brewer of which conducts Beim Josl's fortnightly brewing courses.

The former Mundinger Hausbrauerei in Offenburg, which itself was formerly Brauerei Mundinger, is now home to Micro Brasserie Offenburg. It appears to be solely used for brewing courses, rather than commercial brewing, and as such won't be listed on this site. Thanks to Alex Deuerlein and Jakob Frenzel for the news.

Armin Pohl should soon be opening his Edelbrauerei in Schopfloch. The two beers will be strong - 8% and 10%.


Some news I'd forgotten (apologies to whoever told me) is that Schlossbrauerei Haimhausen has a new tap next to the railway station in Lohhof.

Markus Brinker brings the worrying news that the future of the much-loved Forschungsbrauerei in München is in doubt. There appears to have been a family dispute which means there is currently no-one to run the tap. Hopefully, someone suitable can be found to continue running the place in time for the usual spring reopening.

There's been a brewery in Stadelhofen since March. Pfarrbräu offers three regular beers plus a couple of seasonals.

The new brewery at the Berghof in Wald was launched on Sunday. The beers will be sold as Waldbräu.


The brewing kit from Lamm Bräu in Gierstädt has been installed in the Probstmühle in Oberdorla. Like Micro Brasserie Offenburg, I'm not currently treating this as a commercial brewery as it's run along the lines of a Gemeindenbrauerei by three hobby brewers.


12th October 2010


Marcus Salvermoser reports via Markus Brinker that his Bierwerk Möhringen hasn't actually opened, yet, but is expected to do so in mid-November.


Patrick Waters visited the Helenbrauerei in Hengsen last weekend and reports they brew just one beer, a light-coloured, unfiltered Alt.


11th October 2010


Another bit of news that I'd overlooked is the closure of Schmankerlbräu in Freising. They shut up shop last year, barely twelve months after opening.


7th October 2010


Hofbrauhaus Hatz in Rastatt is to close in the spring. The brewery merged with Moninger of Karlsruhe back in May and production will be transferred there within six months.


6th October 2010


One piece of news that got lost when the website crashed was Filderbräu in Echterdingen closing last year.

Ankerbräu in Nagold will close in the spring. In future, their beers will be brewed by Alpirsbacher. Thanks to Markus Brinker and Alexander Thamm for the news.


Markus Brinker reports Jahns Bräu in Ludwigsstadt has been bought by Neunspringe of Worbis. Production is expected to resume next week.


28th September 2010


I suspect Germania am Viadukt in Bietigheim-Bissingen may have closed. If you can shed any light, please contact me.


27th September 2010


The manager of Brauhaus in Rixdorf has confirmed they stopped brewing in June, with beer now coming from an unnamed brewery in Brandenburg.


25th September 2010


An interesting follow-up to the news that Brauhaus in Rixdorf stopped brewing in June (as confirmed by their website). Dave Hughes visited on 7th August and found them brewing on a Saturday evening. Is someone else using the kit (it's an odd time to be brewing), or have they restarted? The news they had stopped seems to have disappeared from their site in the last few days. Anyone know what's going on?


Brauerei Kürzer has opened in Düsseldorf. The Brauereiausschank isn't quite ready yet, so if you find yourself in the area before it opens, the beer can be found next door at the Schaukelstühlchen.


24th September 2010


I've got some doubts whether Lindwurmbräu in Heideck actually brews. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Several of you had previously told me Jahns-Bräu in Ludwigsstadt had financial problems but Markus Brinker informs me it's now gone a stage further with the suspension of brewing following a drastic reduction in staff. Other brewers in similarly precarious fiscal positions are Gottsmannsgrüner and Zeltbräu, although both are believed to be brewing.


23rd September 2010


A native of Aachen, Friedhelm Karos, has confirmed Brauhaus Frankenberger E. Ortmanns is still brewing. Opening hours are now Thu & Fri 17.00-20.00, Sat 14.00-18.00.


22nd September 2010


Steve Peck has pointed-out something I'd included on the now lost website but forgotten to add here - Tucher moved to a new brewery straddling the Fürth-Nürnberg border almost two years ago. The new site at Tucherstraße 10 includes a tap.

On the subject of brewery moves, Adler in Stettfeld have also moved a short distance to a new site at Bahnhofstraße 2a.


21st September 2010

I'm planning on including many more bars in my next book that aren't brewery taps - places that sell good quality, rare or interesting beers. These will then be listed as 'try also', with bare details of address, hours and beers. These could be anywhere. If you know of anywhere you think should be included, please let me know. I'll probably list them on this site first, which will enable others to check them out.

I'd also like to include more details of former breweries whose beers come from elsewhere (Lohnbrauereien), and intend to list these separately at the end of each state.

Finally, I think a small section on beer shops would go down well so, again, feel free send me anything you think I should know about.


20th September 2010


Oliver from Berlin has pointed-out that Brauhaus in Rixdorf stopped brewing in June. Their house beers are now brewed elsewhere in the Berlin area.


19th September 2010


Frank Wetzel tells me Ibel-Bräu in Kappel stopped brewing in 2005. Their beers now come from Göller in Zeil.

It seems brewing really has finished at Wernsdörfer in Schönbrunn (Steigerwald). Their sole beer is believed to be brewed in Loffeld. (PL/FW)


Disappointingly, Wanke Bräu's beer isn't brewed by them but in Schlepzig. (S.Bruns)


18th September 2010

Right, then, here we go...

The map pins have gone a bit odd but the links still work. I will (hopefully) fix the pins soon.


A former brewer at Grünbaum in Aalen, Christof Wieland, opened his own brewery in Abstgmünd in May. (AD)

Adlerbrauerei Götz in Geislingen closed earlier this year due to financial problems. (AT)

Brauerei Wolf in Karlsruhe closed unexpectedly last December after the owner of the brewery land sold the site for redevelopment. The owners of Wolf are looking for a new site (and may have found one in the west of the city) and the tap remains open. In the meantime, Wolf beers are being brewed by Heidelberger. (AT)

Sudhaus in Ludwigsburg closed earlier this year but has reopened as Brauhaus am Solitudeplatz. (AD)

Brewing has returned to Möhringen. Bierwerk Möhringen is the brainchild of Markus Salvermoser, another hobby brewer with bigger ideas. (MB/AD)

Rastatt has a fourth brewery. Hotel Gasthaus Engel started brewing earlier this year. (AD)

May saw the start of brewing in Bürgerstüble, Sigmarswangen. 70l of beer is brewed each Thursday in wooden vats, and a sign is hung outside to denote house-brewed beer is available (much like Zoigl). (AD)

Joachim Onderka, a vet by profession, has started a small brewery in Wehr-Enkendorf. There's no tap but Enkendörfle Hausbräu beer is usually sold on the first Friday of each month. (AD)


There are plans for a brewery at the Schloß in Alerheim. (AD)

Brezel Bräu in Alzenau hasn't brewed since 2008, so I'm declaring it closed.

Winkler in Schlicht stopped brewing last October. The beers now come from their namesake in Amberg. (Stanislav Czerny)

The Bayrisch Brau Pub in Augsburg has started brewing earlier than expected. Around 2hl of Zwickl is produced each week. (AD)

After several months closed, Charly Bräu opened its doors again last month under new ownership - it's been bought by nearby Thorbräu.

Hasenbräu plan to move from their current home just south of Augsburg city centre to a former meat market near the river. The new brewery will have a capacity of 30,000hl and include a tap. (AD)

Weißbräu in Deisenhofen ceased brewing last December. The tap remains open, selling Augustiner beers. (JES)

Johann Geiger has started a small brewery in Dürnhart, near Straubing. No tap and the beer is currently only available on draught. (AD)

Gasthof Erlhof in Erlheim, near Ursensollen, has started brewing. Zoigl-style beers are produced. (S.Bruns)

Stärker in Garitz, near Bad Kissingen, reopened last year after a twelve month hiatus. (JN)

A brewery has been installed at Café BBISS in Gersthofen, producing four Gersthofer Brauhaus beers. (AD)

12th July saw the reopening of Leuchtturm in Gunzenhausen.

Axel Kuhlow and Stefan Epple have been brewing in Haag an der Amper since 2007. Brauwerkstatt has no regular outlets. (AD)

Jürgen Schnellinger has made the increasingly small leap from hobby to professional brewer. Brauerei Schellinger is in Irrenlohe, near Schwarzenfeld. (AD)

Regular contributor Gernot Wildung plans to open a brewery in Kaufbeuren next year. Communebrauerei Kaufbeuren will supply his Zoigl pub.

Hirschbrauerei Schwarz in Lauingen has closed. (SN)

There are plans for a fourth Barfüßer brewpub (fifth, if you count Nürnberg, no longer part of the chain), this time in Memmingen. It should open around the turn of the year. (AD)

As planned, brewing ceased at Kalt-Loch in Miltenberg six months ago.

Rudelstetten, near Alerheim, now has a small brewery. Kesselbräu beer is apparently available at the nearby Rieser Hof. (AD)

Prize for the most unlikely collaboration of the year goes to the Cheyenne Baron Brewery in Schmiechen. Berry Beringer, a.k.a. Kühner Adler (Bold Eagle) and Baron Ferdinand von Wiedersperg-Leonrod have started brewing on a semi-regular basis in the cellars of the Baron's castle. (AD)

Brewing has finally started at Baderbräu in Schnaitsee.

Maxbrauerei Biermanufaktur has opened in Altenstadt, near Schongau.

There are rumours locally that Hausbräu Stegaurach may no longer brew themselves due to capacity issues. Any further info would be welcome. (PL)

Can anyone confirm whether Weideneder in Tann still brews?

Next month should see the opening of a brewery at the Berghof in Wald im Ostallgäu. (MB/AD)

Maierbier in Wechingen are building a new, larger brewery. No address, as yet. (AD)


Bürgerbräu closed towards the end of last year, although it's rumoured beers may have been brewed somewhere in Sachsen for some time before that. The rights to their beers have now been sold to the Radeberger Group. (MB/AD/DH/Ulrich Schmidt)

Now, no sniggering at the back. Berlin has a new brewery in the form of Wanke Bräu, housed in the Leibhaftig bar in Prenzlauer Berg. (AD)


Radigks Brauhaus in Cottbus closed in July 2009. Their Finsterwalde brewpub is still open. (JN)

The Kalkofenbrauerei opened in Wriezen towards the end of last year.


Harburger Engelbräu has been closed since April but is expected to reopen soon under new ownership. (Henrik Papsø)

The new brewpub on Hamburg's waterfront will be called Block Bräu and is expected to open by the end of the year. (DI)

Closed in 1997, Elbschloss were best known for their Ratsherrn Pils. It's continued to be brewed elsewhere but should return to the city next year with the opening of the Ratsherrn brewery in a former meat market next to Sternschanz station. (AD)


Can anyone confirm whether Heuschkel in Fellingshausen still brews?

The Kellerwälder Brauhaus opened in Gilserberg earlier this year. The pub only opens for special events and parties. (AD)

Halber Mond in Heppenheim should be open at the end of the month.

Ingo Niemeier has plans for a brewery / bakery in Lorsch. (AD)

Can anyone confirm whether Brauhaus Extra in Röhrigshof (Philippstal) still brews?

I suspect some brewing still takes place on the tiny kit at Bauernstube in Wölfersheim. Can anyone confirm this?


The Küstenbrauerei in Barth closed last November, although there are plans for it to reopen under new ownership, (TH/Ralf Münch)

The AIDAblu was launched, as planned, in February. The on-board brewery owned by the Oetker Group and run as a subsidiary of Hövel's Hausbrauerei in Dortmund. As previously mentioned, I've listed this brewery under Mecklenburg as it's nominally the ship's home port. It seems the idea has proved popular - there's talk the next two AIDA ships will also have breweries. (AD)


The planned brewery in Oldenburg may now be open. Few details have emerged but it seems to be called OLs Oldenburger Brauerei.

The Sommerbecker Brauerei in Klein Sommerbeck, a hamlet near Dahlenburg, is a year old this week. (AD)

The Stuhrer Mühle has closed and is now a Mongolian restaurant. (S.Bruns)


It seems Brauhaus Frankenberger E. Ortmanns in Aachen may have closed - does anyone have confirmation? (Jakob Frenzel)

Yet another established hobby brewer to step-up to bigger things is Armin Judas. Carolinenbräu (named after his daughter) has existed since 1999, but went (semi-)professional earlier this year. (AD)

Hofbrauerei Marienhof Marks opened in Bentfeld, between Delbrück and Paderborn, on 25th April. (AD)

Bergmann is brewing, at last, although I believe bottling may be done elsewhere.

The former Brauhaus Alte Bürgerstube in Heistersbacherrott is to reopen next month as Brauhaus Leddeköpp. (AD)

The Helenbrauerei has apparently finally started brewing behind the tap in Hengsen, near Holzwickede. For the past three years they have only given brewing seminars - the beer has been brewed elsewhere.

A brewery opened in Hilden just over a year ago. Hildener Landbräu is on the Hanten farm, next to the A3. (AD)

Freischem's Brauhaus in Köln (formerly Weißbräu), closed in July after just nine months. (Jonas Ippen)

Markus Hau opened the Waldmoor brewery in Meigermühle, near Lohmar, around six months ago. A small bar is attached. (AD)


The picturesque town of Bacharach now has a brewery. Mahls Kleines Brauhaus (Bacchusbräu) is located in the Rheintheater). (AD)

Brauwerk opened in Bad Kreuznach earlier this month. (AD)

And still they come. Dieter Salterberg is yet another hobby brewer going big. His Braustube in Hamm / Sieg is currently being renovated, and will be the home of Hämm'scher Bier when finished. (MB)

Klarenthal, a suburb of Wiesbaden, should soon have a brewery. The Wiesbadener Jugendwerkstatt plan to open a bistro in Hofgut Klarenthal this year, with the brewery following next year. (AD)

Neuwied gained it's first brewery for almost 90 years in July with the opening of Marktbräu. (AD)

Wentzler Bräu moved from it's old home near the French border in Riedelberg to larger premises in Contwig at the end of June.


Braun Mühle in Dörnthal started brewing in the summer.

Obermühle in Görlitz is currently closed following the devastating floods that hit the region in August.

Bauer in Leipzig hasn't brewed since August 2007 and it looks unlikely they will again, so I'm calling them closed. Beers now come from the Hartmannsdorfer Brauhaus.

Brauhaus Ostritz didn't resume brewing after their 2008 refurbishment.

Lausitzer Meisterbräu in Zittau is currently closed due to flooding, but I'm told it may have stopped brewing by the end of last year anyway. Can anyone confirm this? (PW)


The revived Bitterfelder Brauerei officially opened in April.

Schad is brewing again in Halle, this time using one of the increasingly popular glass kits. Now known as Die Gläserne Privatbrauerei, the old equipment was removed by Hauke Schad after he and brother Gunnar (who owned the building) fell out. Heike opened another bar in the city centre which, confusingly, is also called Gasthaus Schad, albeit without a brewery. (AD/JN)

A brewery is planned for the rather magnificent-looking Schloß Hundisburg. It won't be a brewpub as such, but there is a restaurant at the palace. (AD)

Schütte Bräu has been active in Magdeburg since last year. (AD)


15th September 2010

As many of my regular contributors will know, I was planning to re-launch this website on Monday following two months of work. Unfortunately, I lost the whole lot as it was being uploaded (it's a long story - please don't ask). The reason for the rebuild was the crashing of my old PC at the end of May. Fortunately, I've been able to (partially) resurrect that, enabling me to copy some of the old files and start a rebuild using the old format. That's now largely done, so I'll be progressing with the updates over the next few days and, hopefully, will publish them at the weekend.


27th May 2010

I'm back!

Apologies for the hiatus. Not content with the chaos your first born brings, we also moved housed a few months back, so spare time has been non-existent. If you've sent me an e-mail since January and not had a reply, I'm about to work my way through the backlog and will be in touch shortly. If you've got any news but have been put-off sending it due my lack of activity over the past four months, please let me know. 


28th January 2010

First of all, apologies for the long break since the last update. My wife and I have been rather busy following the birth of our first child and an impending house move. Normal service will resume in 18 years.

Information received in the past few weeks will be posted over the next few days.


Plans for a brewpub in a former slaughterhouse in Abstgmünd have been approved by the local authorities. (MB)


Brauerei Schels in Tirschenreuth ceased brewing last summer. (GH)


Privatbrauerei am Rollberg is now up and running, using one of the old kettles in the former Kindl brewhouse. There is apparently a small bar on site that opens at the weekend, though details are sketchy. Around six outlets are currently supplied. (DH)


The first beer was brewed aboard the AIDAblu on 13th December. The maiden voyage takes place next week. (Marcin Bienkowski)


Abbehausen, a village near Nordenham, should gain its first brewery this spring with the planned opening of the Butjenter Brauhaus (in the Butjadinger Tor Hotel). (MB)


10th December 2009


Zum Goldenen Lamm in Gierstädt stopped brewing around three years ago. Beer now comes from Krombacher and Köstritzer. (S.Bruns/Jack Lezner)


9th December 2009


The owners of Späth-Bräu in Lohberg are to open a brewpub in Deggendorf in the spring of 2011. (AD)

Gritschenbräu in Schrobenhausen brewed for the last time at the end of August. Beer now comes from Herrnbräu in Ingolstadt. (MB/RD)


Alte Ölmühle / Herz-Bräu opened two weeks ago, although their website is yet to reflect this. (AD)


You may remember I mentioned a few years ago Felsenkeller in Beerfelden  may no longer brew. Joerg Nierbauer recently met the owner who confirmed they stopped brewing several years ago. The brewing equipment was removed in 2007 and exported to the United States. The beers are now brewed in Darmstadt and Pfungstadt. (JN)


There are plans for expansion at Barther Küstenbier. The plans can be seen at


Marienbräu  in Jever reopened a couple of weeks ago. (AD)


A brewery has been installed in Braun Mühle, Dörnthal, although brewing is not expected to start until the summer. (AD)


The resurected Bitterfelder Brauerei should be operating in around four months. There are ambitious plans for an output of 10,000hl in the second year of production. (MB)

My father visited Zum Schad in Halle today at their new location near the Hallesches Brauhaus. Unfortunately, they no longer brew. (RT)


Part of the Rosenbrauerei in Pößneck was damaged by fire on 20th November. Although still not able to bottle, brewing has resumed. (MB)


10th November 2009


Brauerei Schleicher in Kaltenbrunn was extensively damaged by fire last Monday. Damage is estimated at 700,000 Euro. (MB)

It seems likely Kalt-Loch-Bräu in Miltenberg may not last much longer. The owners would like to develop the brewery but the buildings are listed. Closure is expected in March or April. (MB/AT)


Brauhaus Schlüchtern has indeed closed. The buildings were abandoned when visited in late October. (JS)


Marienbräu in Jever is to reopen a week Saturday. Opened and closed twice since 2002, I hope the latest incarnation has more success. (AD)


The tiny Lugabräu has been brewing in the Dresden suburb of Großluga on a semi-commercial basis since 2007, although the scale is barely above that of your average hobby brewery. The beer is only available from owner Detlef Cernotzky's house, and I strongly recommend you phone ahead if you intend to visit. (MB)


Andreas Müller has been brewing almost un-noticed in Worth bei Geesthacht for the past 18 months. Stecknitz Bräu is located in a former cowshed, with production currently standing at about 50hl a year. (AD)


28th October 2009


Further to yesterdays report, Postbrauerei in Nesselwang will not actually close completely. Instead, Zötler will brew the majority of Post beers in Rettenberg, but the brewery in Nesselwang will continue to supply both the tap and nearby Gasthof Hasen. (AD)

Brauerei Schmidt in Schwandorf stopped brewing last month. Production has been transferred to Bischofshof in Regensburg, where Schmitt beers have been bottled since 2007. (AD)


27th October 2009


Joerg Finke reports Brauerei Wolf in Fuchsstadt has actually stopped brewing a little sooner than expected. Two of their beers will now be produced by Kauzen in Ochsenfurt.

's Antla opened in Kronach last Thursday. (AD)

Frank Blum has drawn my attention to Georg Lecher's website and the surprising news is the Postbrauerei in Nesselwang will close at the beginning of December. Beers will in future come from Zötler in Rettenberg. (FB/GL)

Also on Georg Lecher's website is the confirmation that Brauerei Haag in Oberdachstetten stopped brewing in May, their beer now coming from Oechsener in Ochsenfurt. (FB/GL/GW)


The Alte Ölmühle in Wittenberge has started brewing and will open at the end of November. The brewery will actually be known as Herz-Bräu, after the founder of the oil mill. (MB)


The plans for Bey brewery in Dortmund are at an end due to insolvency. (AD)

The Helenbrauerei in Holzwickede looks to be taking further steps towards full commercial status as they plan to open a tap in nearby Hengsen at the beginning of February. (AD)


Brauhaus König Sahl in Gotha is still open, albeit under new ownership and name. Now called Valentino Brauhaus, it's Italian-themed, as you might have guessed, with house-brewed hell and dunkel. To be frank, beer doesn't seem to be their highest priority. (JN)


13th October 2009

A quick note to anyone with a e-mail account. For some reason, any e-mails I've sent recently have been bounced-back as undeliverable. I'll keep trying, but if you were expecting a reply and haven't had one yet, that's the reason.

Much of today's news has been taken from regular contributor Alex Deuerlein's blog, Hausbrauereien und Bierdeckel.


A 20 million Euro hotel development in Echterdingen (Leinfelden-Echterdingen) includes plans for a brewpub. Parkhotel will be built on the corner of Filderstraße & Hauptstraße, close to the S-bahn station. (AD)

Kull-Bräu has moved the 10km from Landgasthof 1610 in Merklingen to a brand new industrial estate just north of Heimsheim, close to junction 46 of the A8. Indeed, the estate is so new that the address (Alemannstraße 8) doesn't yet appear on any online maps. It seems the brewing equipment is brand new, the old brewery in Merklingen remaining in the pub. (AD)


There are tentative plans for a revival of Klosterbrauerei Steingaden, closed in 1963. (AD)

Schmankerl-Bräu in Freising is currently closed, hopefully for renovation. Any more news would be welcome. (DH)


The Alte Ölmühle in Wittenberge is being redeveloped and should have a brewery installed by the end of the month, although it's unclear when it will actually open. (AD)

The old limekilns (Kalkofen) in Wriezen are currently being renovated and should feature a brewpub when work is completed. (AD)


The brewing equipment from Gersprenz Hausbräu (fromerly Brauhaus Biberland) in Groß-Bieberau was sold last year. (LZ)


And now for something completely different. I first heard about this next project  while back but had somehow managed to overlook including it on the website. AIDA Cruises are launching a new ship in the new  year which will include an on-board brewery. The AIDAblu's first cruise sails from Hamburg to Palma (Majorca) on 9th February. Although very much a German company with the headquarters in Rostock, the AIDA fleet is Italian-flagged, so you could argue this counts as an Italian brewery. To add to the confusion, I think they may count Hamburg as the home port. (MB/AD)


Does anyone know if the Ratsbrauhaus in Bad Gandersheim has closed? Neither the phone number the nor website work anymore.

One bit of news I missed over the summer was the Oettinger takeover of Feldschlößchen in Braunschweig. Now called Brauerei Braunschweig, Feldschlößchen Pils and Duckstein are still brewed there for Carlsberg, together with the usual range of Oettinger beers.

An investor from the south of the country plans to open a brewpub opposite the harbour in Oldenburg next year. (AD)

It looks as though the Stuhrer Mühle may have gone out of business. Again, both telephone and website are no longer active. Any news would be welcome.


Brauhaus Eichendorff opened in May.

Initially a hobby brewery, Helenbrauerei in Holzwickede is now semi-commercial, with 1.2hl kit. Beer can be bought from the brewery every Saturday, and can also be found at Sölderholz Tennis Club in Dortmund-Sölde (non-members are apparently welcome). (AD)

Brewing started at the Klosterpforte complex in Marienfeld around six months ago, under the Marienfelder Klosterbräu name. There was briefly a brewery on the site around twenty years ago (Heiner Bräu).


Zur Scheune in Hofstätten, near Wilgartswiesen, has been brewing since May last year. (AD)


A co-operative has been founded with the intention of opening a brewpub in the old Festhalle in Annaberg-Buchholz. (AD)

There are plans to resume brewing at the former Adler Brauerei in Coswig. Although it's been more than 30 years since it was brewed in Coswig, Lößnitz Pils is still produced under licence elsewhere in the state. (AD)


As if one brewery on a ship wasn't enough, there are plans for a second on a boat based in List, on the northern tip of Sylt. Whether this will be static or used on the open sea remains unclear. However, the fact the company's website is no longer on line leads me to believe this may never see the light of day. (AD)


9th October 2009


As expected, Brauerei Dessow has closed. The beers formerly brewed there will now be produced elsewhere in the Oettinger group.


The new operation in the former Kindl brewery is called Privatbrauerei am Rollberg GmbH. Brewing will start this weekend. (TH)


I suspect both Gersprenz Hausbräu (fromerly Brauhaus Biberland) in Groß-Bieberau and Brauhaus Schlüchtern may have closed. Neither brewpub's website nor phone number is currently working. Does anyone know more?


I've been told that La Bodega in Schwelm is indeed still brewing. (JN)


7th October 2009


The former Felsenbrauerei in Engen, closed in 1983, is currently being renovated by volunteers. It's expected the brewery itself will be re-opened for small-scale brewing. (MB)

Brauerei zum Klosterhof opens in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen this weekend. It appears to be a microbrewery rather than a brewpub.

Does anyone know anything about Rega Bräu in Waibstadt? I've tried contacting the owner with no success.


Confirmation that Bals in Oberaudorf is no longer brewing can be found in this newspaper article. The beers are now brewed by Dachsbräu in Weilheim. (MB/AT)

The latest Gemendebrauhaus to be revived is that in Höchstädten, near Ebern. Like almost all others, it looks as though the beer won't generally be available to the public. (GW)


Plans for a microbrewery in the old brewhouse of the former Kindl brewery are apparently at an advanced stage . The first 15hl batch should will apparently be brewed in the next couple of weeks. No known name for the new venture, as yet. (TH)


After years of being brewed elsehwere, Brauhaus Goslar has finally opened in Goslar itself. It's thought that their bottom-fermented beers (Rummelsburger Pils, etc.) may still be brewed elsehwere. (PW)


Schwelmer Brauerei has gone into receivership. (MB/GH)

Better news from Schwelm is a report that La Bodega may still be brewing. Staff claim Alstädter Weizen is brewed in-house. (JN)

It's hoped brewing will resume at the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke, near Hagen, in time for the spring re-opening. Mäckinger Bräu is currently brewed in Bayreuth. (JN)


Peter Schneider informs me Krogenbräu beers are brewed in Jägersfreude, between Saarbrücken and Dudweiler. Further details would be welcome.

There are plans to revive the former Walsheimer Brauerei. A public presentation of the new beer (currently brewed under contract) will be made in the village this Friday. (MB)


Holger Leidel, owner of the Tiefer Keller gallery in Merseberg has plans for a brewery, although it's unclear just how long it will be before his plans come to fruition. Initially, beers will be brewed by Landsberger. (MB)


Anno 1800, a restaurant in Heligenhafen, should start brewing soon. The first beer will be 'Annos Altes', a dunkel. (MB)


16th September 2009


Wichtel opened in Böblingen last weekend.

Michelbräu is up and running again in Ittersbach. Beer is currently available in the local Edeka supermarket but Michel's Braustüble will open early next month.

A microbrewery opened in Ladenburg last year. Lobdengau-Brauerei has two regular beers, a Pils and Weißbier, plus at least a festbier seasonally. (AT)


Bayrisch Brau Pub in Augsburg should start brewing in the next couple of months. It's a Memminger tied house but owner Claus Kröger will produce some house beers. (MB)

The picturesque Alpine town of Immenstadt has a brewery for the first time since 1990. Hölleins Wirtshausbrauerei is located in Gasthaus Traube. The sole house brew is a dark wheatbeer. (MB)


The planned Augustiner Brauhaus on the Gendarmenmarkt won't actually brew. It will, however, sell Augustiner beer by gravity from 100 litre wooden barrels. (OB)


Although brewed under contract, Krogenbräu of Saarbrücken may be worth keeping an eye on. Does anyone know where it's brewed? (MB)


27th August 2009


Six years after it closed, Michelbräu is to reopen in Ittersbach next month. Beers will be available from the local Edeka supermarket from 9th September, with Michel's Braustüble to follow on 3rd October. The Braustüble will be nearby at Badhausweg 2 (formerly the Kokomos restaurant). (MB/AD)


Mohren Bräu opened in Bayreuth at the beginning of June. However, they don't brew themselves - the pub at Tristanstraße 8 is supplied with beer brewed to their own recipe somewhere else in Franconia. (MB)

Leuchtturm in Gunzenhausen should re-open next month under new ownership. (AD)

Contrary to yesterdays report, the owner of Zum Auerhahn in Rottenbach does still brew, albeit in irregular 80l batches (roughly four times a year). (AD)


Weißbräu in Köln closed earlier in the summer due to financial problems. Happily, it's been bought by Manfred Freischem, owner of Sünner im Walfisch, and will reopen on 26th September as Obergärige Hausbrauerei Manfred Freischem GmbH, mercifully shortened to Freischem's. (MB)


There's a new micobrewery in the Dresden suburb of Gorbitz. Hausbrauerei Jahn, a.k.a. Obergorbitzer Hausbräu is at Hirtenstraße 15. (MB)


26th August 2009


Brewing is currently suspended at Brezel Bräu in Alzenau and may have been so more more than a year, apparently due to problems with the brewer's knee. They're selling Schwindbräu in place of the house beers at the moment. (PL)

Until 1970, Mann's Bräu was one of a number of brewers to use the old communal brewery in Bayreuth. Now a Pizzeria, there are rumours brewing will resume soon, presumably using in-house equipment. (MB)

It seems they do indeed still brew in what was formerly Brauerei Sturm in Coburg. Scheidmantel Coburg Pils and Sturm's Pilsner are conditioned in Coburg before being transported to Kulmbach for bottling. (AT)

As suspected, Leuchtturm in Gunzenhausen has ceased brewing. (MB/GW)

Kronach should have a brewpub from October. Brewing is expected to start at s'Antla (formerly Hotel zum Floßherrn) in a couple of weeks. (TH)

The Lauterbacher Brauerei will stop brewing in the next few days. From Tuesday, all beer will come from Riegele in Augsburg. (GH/WM)

Hotel Hirsch in Ottobeuren is currently being renovated and will reopen in October complete with brewery. (MB)

It seems brewing may be suspended at Zum Auerhahn in Rottenbach. (PL)

Brauerei Weinzierl in Unterneuhausen stopped brewing three years ago. (GH)


14th August saw the opening of Hausbrauerei Schalander in Friedrichshain. (MB/OB)

Plans for a microbrewery in Neukölln are at an advanced stage. Indeed, Brauwerkstatt may already be open. They intend to produce a range of beer-related products. (MB)


Spezialitäten Brauerei Pape should start brewing soon in Körle, south of Kassel. (MB)


Brewing sould start any day now at the revived Bergmann brewery in Dortmund. (MB)

The planned brewpub in Düsseldorf will actually be at Kurze Straße 18. The bar is currently called Quetsche and is closed at the moment. No date has been given for opening. (Simon Brazel)


The Neustadter Brauhaus resumed brewing last week after a five year hiatus, and the first beers should be available from October. The house beers had been brewed by Ottersheimer Bärenbräu since 2004. (FB)

Just in case anyone was planning a trip, the Nürburger Brauhaus which opened last month doesn't brew. I suspect the house beers may well come from Vulkan in Mendig. (MB)


The former Bitterfelder Brauerei is to be revived, in name at least. It seems beers are currently being produced elsewhere but brewing is expected to resume in Bitterfeld soon. (MB)


Thomas Furche has advised me of two museum breweries in the state, both of which brew around six times a year. The first is Brauverein Buchfart, based in the old mustard mill at Buchfart. There's a small beer garden there which opens in warm weather.

It seems Brauhaus Friedrichroda doesn't actually brew. However, there is a brewery next to the pub called Schackobräu which exclusively supplies the Brauhaus. If you're interested, there's a short film and article here. (MB)

A group of local enthusiasts, the Brau- und Heimatverein Jenaprießnitz, have renovated the old brewhouse in Jenaprießnitz. (TF)


11th August 2009


I've heard that the former Sturm Brauerei in Coburg may still be brewing under the name 'Coburger Brauerei'. Beer is supposedly taken to Kulmbach for bottling. Can anyone tell me if that is the case?

Contrary to previous assurances, Lindner in Steinfeld doesn't actually brew. (Robert M)

As suspected, brewing has been suspended at Brauerei Wieser in Wiesmühl. Owner Benno Wieser has married Martina Sedlmayer of Brauerei Maisach and all Wieser beer is now brewed there. (RM)


10th August 2009


It's believed Leuchtturm in Gunzenhausen may no longer be brewing due to financial problems. (MB/GW)


The owner of Krongut Bornstedt in Potsdam has bought the former Café Möricke at the Gendarmenmarkt. Augustiner Bruhaus could open later this year but it's unclear whether it will brew. (Oso Blanco)


According to a newspaper report, Maus Bräu in Dammersbach has opened.


The proposed revival of Graf Beust in Essen looks to have ended with the closure of the pub in March.


Despite a lack of any mention on their website, Brauhaus Friedrichroda is now brewing (AT)


7th August 2009

Well, it's been a while but I've finally found the time to post a long overdue update - apologies to all for the considerable delay. Unfortunately, due to a problem with my internet provider I've lost all e-mails sent to me between 20th April and 3rd June. The information in those up to 18th May should already be on the website, but if you sent me anything between 19th May and 3rd June I'd be grateful if you could resend it.

Anyway, below is some of the news I've received in the last couple of months. More to follow...


Despite previous information to the contrary, including from someone at the pub, Schwarzer Adler in End does not brew. The house beer is brewed to a recipe created by the father of the landlady. (SS)

Brauerei Hofer in Furth im Wald stopped brewing in May, its beer now coming from Naabecker. (AD)

Rumour has it Brauerei Haag in Oberdachstetten no longer brews. Confirmation one way or another would be welcome. (GW)


As suspected, Brauhaus Bartholomaeus in Charlottenburg has closed and is now a steak house. All traces of the brewery have been removed. (Oso Blanco)


The Lautertaler Hausbrauerei in Gadernheim stopped brewing two years ago. Beers are now brewed under licence by Darmstädter and Woinemer. (AT)

The Schwalm Bräu tap in Treysa has closed. (PW)


Robens Kerkerbräu has moved 6km from Gestorf to a new purpose-built home in Eldagsen. (S.Bruns)


Brewing has finally resumed at the former Gatzweilers Brauhaus in Düsseldorf. Listed in the Düsseldorf city guide in GBG Germany as Alter Bahnhof (which it's still called), beer has been produced under the Gulasch Bräu label since June. (S.Bruns)

Brauerei Ernestus (a.k.a. La Bodega) in Schwelm has ceased brewing. The restaurant has changed hands but the former owner is thought to have kept possession of the brewery, although it's believed he has no current plans to brew. (MB)

Unna now has a second brewery in the shape of Brauzwerg. (MB)


Marcin Bienkowski reports that Braustube Schwarzkollm doesn't brew.


Always rare, beer from Hopfengrund in Arnstadt is now impossible to come by as they stopped brewing at the end of last year. (TF)


18th May 2009


Altöttinger Hell-Bräu stopped brewing last summer, but the Hell is still produced elsewhere. (PK/JES)

Brauerei Wolf in Fuchsstadt will close on 31st October. (MB)

Klaus from Coburg reports Gasthof Lindner in Steinfeld has resumed brewing after more than half a century.

There are rumours Weideneder in Tann no longer brews. Any confirmation one way or the other would be welcome. (JES)

Weissbrauerei Bauer in Triftern closed last year (JES)


After almost 25 years, the Kleines Eltviller Brauhaus ceased brewing last October. Beer now comes from Niddaer Marktbräu. (SS)

There will soon be a brewery in Dammersbach, a village between Fulda and Hünfeld. Maus Bräu is already at the test stage, so it shouldn't be long before the beer is available. (AD/Fritz Wuelfing)


Wendland Bräu has relocated 10km to the south-east, from Satkau to Kussebode, although the office remains at the former site. It's believed a tap will eventually open at the new brewery. (LD)


Fridhelm Karos reports Elmar Ortmann's Brauhaus Frankenberger opened in Aachen on Friday. The beer is available from the brewery shop.

Brewing is currently suspended at Gambrinus in Haltern due to illness. It's hoped it will resume towards the end of the year. (SS)

Dok Willi's in Wermelskirchen closed at the end of March to to illness. (SS)


Volker-Bräu should finally start brewing in Alzey next month (RD)

Brauhaus in Grünstadt hope to resume brewing in the near future, although production will consist of seasonal beers only. The pub now sells Paulaner and other InBev beers. (RD)

Landauer Brauhof no longer brews, beer now coming from Ottersheimer Bärenbräu, albeit to the original recipes. (RD)

Brewing is currently suspended in Neustadter Brauhaus, with beers also currently being brewed by Ottersheimer Bärenbräu. House production is expected to resume soon. (RD)

Präsidenten Pils in Windesheim stopped brewing about a year ago. The Pils is now brewed by Würzburger Hofbräu. (MB)


Brauhaus zum Reformator in Lutherstadt Eisleben finally stopped brewing a year or so back, a couple of years after the pub itself closed. The brewery has now been dismantled and sold. (S. Bruns)


23rd April 2009


Perhaps the strangest brewery to open recently is based in Bochum. Box' Bräu, aka Mobile Brauerei, is a surprisingly large brewery mounted on a lorry trailer. The brain child of Werner Boxbücher, I haven't been able to trace an address, but perhaps that's only natural. (AD)

Brewing has started at Bauerncafe Dieckmann in Isendorf. The three regular beers are Pils, Weizen and Alt. (AD)

Due to open in the autumn in an old distillery at Rönsahl, near Kierspe, is Brennerei Rönsahl. Despite the location and name, they will brew using some ancient-looking equipment at  appears to have come from the former Kronen Brauerei in Dortmund. (AD)


21st April 2009


Two recent brewpub closures to report.

Schluckebier in Bad Nauheim stopped brewing at the beginning of the month. (AD)

Friedberger Brauhaus closed last week, the owners co-incidentally moving to the Pfälzer Hof in Bad Nauheim, which does not brew. (AD)


20th April 2009


Brewing has returned to End, a hamlet south-east of Bad Staffelstein. Schwarzer Adler resumed the noble art last June, after a 39 year pause. (PL)

Erich Halbritter has contacted me to correct my earlier report that Bals in Oberaudorf had closed. Brewing and bottling is still taking place there, but it seems the brewery is for sale.

There are plausible rumours that Weissbräu Bauer in Triftern may have closed. You may remember the brewery was for sale on e-Bay last year. (JES)

Stefan Jäger, an experienced professional brewer and enthusiast of the lute, started his own brewery, Jeggarius-Bräu, in Vilshofen last September. (AD)


Gunther Vogel recently progressed from hobby brewery to tiny microbrewery. Weniger Bräu is in Porschdorf, between Dresden and the Czech border. Planned production is just 5hl a year, but the brewhouse does look very pretty. If he chooses to describe it as the smallest commercial brewery in Germany, I can think of only one serious challenger. (AD)


The first 20hl has been brewed at Brauhaus Friedrichroda and will be on sale from Father's Day (21st June). (RM)


7th April 2009


Bürgerbräu Wächtersbach started brewing last November, but it will be a while before the tap opens. (AD)


Aachen should soon have a brewpub again in the shape of Privatbrauerei Elmar Ortmanns Brauhaus Aachen, which I believe will trade as Brauhaus Aachen. (AD)


1st April 2009


Schloßbrauerei Haimhausen's tap has closed, but the beers are available in Gasthof zur Post at Amperpettenbacher Straße 1. (Simon Brazel/Dave Thomas)

Brauerei Starkmeth in Heufeldmühle is now brewing, although the tap won't be completed until June. (Simon Brazel/DT)


The new brewery planned for Düsseldorf will be in the Schaukelstühlchen. It will be called Brauerei Kurzer, although it's unclear if the pub name will change. (AD)


31st March 2009


The Benedictine monks of Abtei Neuburg in the Ziegelhausen district of Heidelberg are in the process of adding a brewpub to their monastery. Brauerei zum Klosterhof should open during the summer. (MB/AT).


30th March 2009

Plenty of new breweries today.


There's microbrewery to report in Kirrlach, near Waghäusel. Privatbrauerei Armbruster is run by Thomas Armbruster, also owner of Der Brauladen, a hobby brewer equipment supplier. (AD)

Winden, a village between Sinzheim and Baden-Baden, is also home to a new microbrewery. Freybier is at Auf der Eck 16. (AD)


There's a new brewpub in Obermauerbach, near Aichach. Canada is already brewing, but it's unclear if the pub is actually open yet. (AD)

There's been a brewery in Oberelsbach since 2007. Pax Bräu is at Rathgeberstraße 7, producing a dunkles Vollbier that's available in litre bottles and various volumes in the barrel. (AD)

The old communal brewery in Oberstreu is being used commercially, albeit on a small scale. Opened in 1699, brewing never actually ceased here but for the past few decades had only taken place once a year. In 2007, Christian Schmitt began brewing and bottling the dark beer regularly. (AD)

The picturesque town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber has a second brewery. Brauerei Rothenburg is owned by Andreas Falk, formerly of Isarwinkel in Arzberg. There are currently four regular beers, plus seasonals,  but I know of no regular outlets. (AD)


Heiko Volz has started a small brewery on his farm near Biebesheim am Rhein, producing beer under the Büttenhof Bräu label. (AD)

Hausbrauerei Heuschkel in Fellingshausen is currently closed due to Illness. It's not yet known if it will reopen. (AD)


One place I've overlooked previously is Recknitz Bräu in Wohrenstorf. It's a small brewery run by a local club. The beers are only usually available at regular events held by the club. (AD)


There will soon be a brewery in Merseburg. Rabenbräu will be at Goethestraße 7. (AD)


27th March 2009


Green Corner in Grünwettersbach closed last autumn.


26th March 2009


As planned, Frankenheim has ceased production in Neuss, all beer now being brewed in Warstein. (SP)


16th March 2009


Zur alten Fassfabrik has opened in Marlow. The brewpub is located in the Recknitztal Hotel. (AD)


12th March 2009


Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu opened in Bad Tölz yesterday, as planned, although the pub is actually called 'Gasthaus'.


9th March 2009


Sommerlust in Glauchau stopped brewing in June last year. (SB/SH)


6th March 2009


Rößle opened in Neubulach yesterday. (AD)


The former Art Café in Hemer will reopen as Brauhaus Eichendorff in May. (AD)


5th March 2009


There's a new brewery in the village of Hirschzell, close to Kaufbeuren. Schneble-Bräu is at Bärenseestraße 46 but doesn't have a tap. Their top-fermented beers are available in bottles only. (GW)


4th March 2009


Several people have been in touch to point out that, contrary to my report on the 2nd, Brauerei Olbernhau is in fact still operational. Although it did close in December, it was rescued last month by an as yet un-named family brewery and will continue to operate on a largely independent basis. (RD/SN/Lothar Zöllner)


2nd March 2009


Wichtel in Ditzingen closed during January (as planned) but will not now relocate elsewhere in the town due to planning problems. The pub has been renamed Keltenfürst and will reopen next week selling house-beers brewed elsewhere. (AD)

Palmbräu of Eppingen has been bought by Bayerisches Brauhaus Pforzheim. Brewing will apparently continue at both sites. (MB)

Hardtwäldle Privatbrauerei has moved from Graben-Neudorf to Lehrte, Niedersachsen (see below). (AD/RM)

The tap of the Anker brewery in Nagold has closed. (Jenny Wiley)

The first brew at the new Rößle brewpub in Neubulach took place on 15th January. The official opening will take place this Friday. (AD/LD)


Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu in Bad Tölz is due to open on Wednesday next week. Exact hours are unknown but it will close on Tuesdays.

One bit of news I'd overlooked is the closure of Postbrauerei Renkl in Frontenhausen. Thanks to Jan-Erik Svensson for the reminder.


There are plans for a brewpub in part of the old waterworks on Landsberger Allee, Lichtenberg. no date has yet been set for opening. (MB)


Prinzipal Brauhaus in Willingen closed on 6th December due to financial problems. (Klaus Seifert/PW)


There are plans for a brewery in the Sassnitz area but no details at present. (TH)


As mentioned above, Hardtwäldle Privatbrauerei has made the long move north from Graben-Neudorf. (AD/RM)


There's a new brewery to report in the Oppum district of Krefeld. Beers from Hausbrauerei Falke have been seen at regional markets. Any further information would be welcome. (AD)


Simon Hall found some bottled Zittauer beers when in the area recently that were brewed in Eibau by Münch-Bräu. If anyone can tell me whether this applies just to bottled beer, I'd be grateful.


The first beer from the new Grönwohlder Hausbrauerei should be available in the next week or so. There's no tap but the brewery is open for direct sales six days a week. (AD)


Ralf Münch tells me he's setting-up a brewery in Friedrichroda. The equipment at Brauhaus Friedrichroda should be installed next month, so expect beers to be available from early summer.


14th January 2009


Brauerei Deil in Osterberg stopped brewing in the second half of 2007. Their two remaining beers (Hell and Hefeweizen) are brewed by Aktinbrauerei Kaufbeueren. Thanks to Stefan Naumann for the news.


8th January 2009


Following closure in early 2007, Thorsten Behnle has relocated his brewery the short distance across the border from Zöschingen in Bayern to Langenau. It's now known as 'Biermanufaktur Behnle', but I don't yet have details of outlets, etc. (AD)


Following extensive renovation in the autumn, Brauhaus alter Fritz in Tegel has stopped brewing and is now a wine bar (SS)


Lido Senftenberg opened on 28th November.


The former 'Pupasch' bar / club in the St. Pauli district is to be converted into a brewpub by Eugen Block Holdings. Works is expected to take at least 12 months. (MB)


There are plans for a brewpub in Bad Kreuznach at the former campsite on Karlshalle. It's hoped the as yet unnamed brewery will open in October. (MB)


19th December 2008


There's a new brewpub to report in the village of Kleindöbschütz, next to Obergurig. It's called, oddly enough, Bierbrauhaus. I'm surprised no-one's thought of that name before. (AD)


18th December 2008


The Grünbaum brewery in Aalen will stop brewing at the end of the year. Production will move to Heubacher which is owned by a different branch of the same family. (MB)

Hirschbräu  opened in Hirschlanden last weekend, although I don't yet have any further details. (AD)

Café Venus in Reutlingen is now brewing. (AD)

Wirtschafts Wunder has opened in Sindelfingen (AD)


It seems likely Altöttinger Hell-Bräu closed on 1st July. I've not been able to confirm this as the phone number no longer works, so any further information would be welcome. (PK)

Baptist Fößel, the owner and brewer of Brauerei Sippel in Baunach, died last month. It's unclear if his passing will result in the closure of the brewery.

Charivari Bräu of Königsbrunn closed last year.

Brauhaus Niederlauer started two years ago in the former communal brew house in Niederlauer. It seems the beer may available commercially and is not solely for 'Hausbrauers'. (AD)

Todd Ashman recently visited Löwenbräu Neeb in Unterschleichach and reports it appears to have closed, with the brew house full of dust and essential equipment missing. This is not entirely unexpected, as the tap closed last year.

Beers for Brauerei Wieser in Wiesmühl are currently being brewed by Brauerei Maisach. It's unclear if this is a temporary arrangement.


Brauhaus Bartholomaeus in Charlottenburg is currently closed, apparently due to 'technical reasons'. The phone number has been disconnected, so it could be permanent. Any information will be gratefully received. (SP)


Preussen Pils in Pritwalk had closed by November, a little earlier than planned. (SP)


There's a third brewery in Michelstadt. Daum Bräm is at Erbacher Straße 14a, but I don't yet have further details. (AD)


Buchenkrug in Halle is now brewing, a fairly remarkable achievement given the plans were first unveiled less than three months ago. (MB, AT)

There are plans for a brewery at the Klosterpforte hotel & restaurant in Marienfeld. (AD)

Gens Bräu opened in the Bowling Center in Minden last Friday. (AD)

There are plans to revive the old Ketschenburg brewery in Stolberg (Rheinland), albeit on a different site to the original. Beer is already being brewed to the original recipe and is sold in a couple of local bars. (MB)


15th November 2008


Despite bring a modern plant only 17 years old, Brauerei Frankenheim will close in February. Production will move from Neuss to Warstein. (MB)


6th November 2008


Wunderbräu beers should soon be brewed on site at Wunderwirtschaft in Sindelfingen. I believe this was formerly an Italian restaurant called Locanda Toscana. (AD)


A co-operative has been founded in Wächtersbach with the aim of opening and operating a brewpub in the town. No location or opening date for Bürgerbräu Wächtersbach has yet been revealed, so don't expect to see anything soon. (AD)


The second brewery in a German bowling alley should open later this month. Flecks Brauhaus Technik of Austria are installing a 2.5hl plant in Bowling Center Minden. I don't know if this is anything to do with the proposed Krougels brewpub in the same town. (AD)


5th November 2008


Zum Alten Brauhaus in Rheinsberg stopped brewing late last year due to increased production costs. The pub is still open (currently on much reduced hours), the beer now coming from Berliner Bürgerbräu. (SS)


Hausbrauerei Metzler in Wulfen and the associated brewery equipment supply business closed in September following the retirement of owner Ewald Metzler at the ripe old age of 80. He will, however, continue to brew for himself. (SS)


3rd November 2008


There are plans for a third Wichtel brewpub in Böblingen, part of a motor museum and hotel complex at the former airfield to be known as Meilenwerk Stuttgart. As with several other recent openings, the brew kettles will be made of glass.

On the down side, the original Wichtel brewpub in Ditzingen will close at the end of the year as the landlord has declined to renew the lease. A new location has been found at Milttlere Straße 3 but work there has been halted due to objections from local residents over noise. It was hoped the new pub would open around this time next year but this is now in doubt. (MB/AD)


As planned, Brauerei Peschl in Passau stopped brewing last week. Their beers will now be brewed by Aldersbacher.


Hochstädter Landbier finally opened a few months ago. I don't know of any tap but you can buy beer direct from the brewery on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. (Felix Steer)


It looks as though the Brauhaus Dinkel-Lager in Gronau has closed for the second time. Their website no longer mentions the restaurant and is offering the brewing equipment for sale. (SS)


The brewery equipment at Fritz Bräu (Hotel Bon Apart) in Görlitz has been removed and sold. Beers are now from Eibauer. (Jenny Wiley)

Brauhaus Ostritz is currently closed for renovation. Ominously, there are new Feldschlößchen signs outside. Any confirmation they're still brewing would be welcome. (JW)

A brewery has been installed at the Weichauer Hof in Weicha, near Weißenburg. The Hofbrauerei is part of a farm complex that includes holiday apartments and stables. (AD)


15th October 2008


The first brew has been completed at Café Venus in Reutlingen. Official opening of the brewery is expected next month. (AD)


14th October 2008


If all goes to plan, the first beer should be sold at the Buchenkrug on the western outskirts of Halle (Westfalen) on the 30th December. Owner Ronnie Petersen just has the small matter of obtaining planning consent before that can happen. (MB)


13th October 2008


Nikl Bräu opened as planned in Pretzfeld on Saturday. They currently brew a Helles and a Dunkles Lager but plan to add other beers to the range. Bottling is done at Rittmayer in Hallerndorf.


Braukon have a new project listed on their website. A 5hl brewery is to be installed at Bauerncafe Dieckmann in Isendorf, a hamlet north of Emsdetten. (AD)


8th October 2008


Gasthaus Kreuz in Moosbeuren doesn't brew - the house beers are produced in owner Rainer Heckenberger's brewery in Bad Waldsee.


The brewery formerly at Kliesow's Reuse in Alt Reddewitz has been moved a short distance to the Strandburg distillery. Equipment, owner and brewer remain the same and the beer is still sold in Kliesow's Reuse. (SS)


7th October 2008


The Barbarossastuben mentioned in the 7th September update is in fact an outlet for Barbarossa of Schöllkrippen. (AT)


Work has started on the renovation of the Halber Mond in Heppenheim (a.k.a. Halben Mond), plans for which include the installation of a brewery. (AT)


Ambitious plans have been revealed for a large new brewery in Dortmund. Bey Pilsener is already contract-brewed somewhere in the region but Bünyamin Türksoy hopes to invest 15,000,000 Euro building his own brewery. Bey beers are designed to appeal to Asian palates.


5th October 2008


The Weißbierkeller in Neunburg vorm Wald, tap for Brauerei Mehringer, is currently closed. (S.Bruns)

There'll be a grand opening party for Nikl Bräu in Pretzfeld next weekend. (AD)


The first beers from the new Selsinger Hof brewery went on sale last weekend. (AD)


One brewery I'd had my doubts about for a while was the Ratskeller in Geising. Although the pub remains open under new management, the brewery was removed last year by the previous owner. (S.Bruns)


2nd October 2008


Nikolaus Starkmeth, formerly of Brauerei Starkmeth in Tegernbach has returned to Germany following a period abroad setting-up breweries in Israel, Poland and Russia. He plans to reopen his first brewery and tap room in the village of Heufeldmühle which he previously operated for a couple of years from 1999. (AD)


There may be two new breweries in the state but no details have been forthcoming. Any confirmation one way or the other would be welcome.

The first is a microbrewery in Neubrandenburg which may be near the Gülden Tor schnapps company. (AD)

The second is apparently near the harbour in Ueckermünde and is thought to be a brewpub (not Stadtkrug, obviously). (AD)


News has belatedly reached me of a brewery called Hubertus in Erkrath, near Düsseldorf. I say belatedly because it has apparently already closed. I believe it may have been at a steak house of the same name - if you know anything, please contact me. (AD)


1st October 2008


Haltern's Gambrinus brewery is currently up for sale on e-Bay. If you've got 42,000 Euro to spare... (AD)


30th September 2008


Brewing has returned to Jülich. The first beer from Carsten Stein's Braumeisterei will be available at the town's Erntedankfest this weekend. (AD)


Mike Roebuck reports Zittauer Bürgerbräu is now known as Zittauer Brau- & Schnitzelhaus. The brewery is actually in the tap at Weinaupark 3a, on the eastern edge of town a few hundred metres from the Polish border. The old Bürgerbräu brands and recipes have been sold to Münch-Bräu of Eibau.


25th September 2008


I have some news about Hadelner Bräu (see 18th September). Brauerei Betz in Celle have been producing Hadelner Hell and Dunkel since July for the Bräustübchen (formerly Schlemmer-Stübchen) in Otterndorf and three other outlets. There are plans for a brewery to be installed somewhere in Otterndorf, but not at the Bräustübchen itself due to a lack of space. (LD)


23rd September 2008


The proposed brewery in Balingen (see below) will not now be happening due to planning problems. (AD)


22nd September 2008


Mini Brau Technik are apparently building the equipment for Balinger Brauhaus GmbH. I can't trace an address but it would seem likely to be in Balingen, as that's the only place of that name in Germany. Any further information would be welcome.


21st September 2008


The village of Köndringen on the railway line from Karlsruhe to Freiburg has had a brewery since last year, the first there for 120 years. Dorfbräu is still a very small operation but is believed to supply the Alte Schmiede in Köndringen and Michaelas Hoflädele in nearby Heimbach. (AD)


20th September 2008


Brauerei Bauriedl in Eslarn has a new tap in the shape of Landgasthof 'Zur Krone von Bayern' at Moosbacher Straße 3, open daily 07.00-22.00. (S.Brazel)


19th September 2008


Schlossbrauerei Aulendorf is now open. They currently produce one beer, a 4.8% hell called Reibolf. The beer is filled at the Adlerbrauerei in Dellmennsingen and currently sold in four bars in Aulendorf, of which Café Reck appears to be considered the tap. (MB)


Brauerei Hennemann in Unterleiterbach has closed due to family illness and is unlikely to reopen. (SS)


Lemnitzbräu, a.k.a. Lobensteiner Destillerei & Erlebnisbrauerei, has now opened in Bad Lobenstein. (AD)


18th September 2008


Varel's first brewery since 1925 has opened in the Aal & Kraabe seafood restaurant, on the quayside in the town's small harbour. (SS)

Also in Niedersachsen, beer mats have been seen bearing the name 'Hadelner Bräu". Hadeln is the name given to the area around Otterndorf, 15km east of Cuxhaven. A trawl of the usual sites has revealed nothing, so any information would be gratefully received. (AD)


17th September 2008


Andrew Kennedy has contacted me to report the Döbelner Brauhaus no longer brews. Although the equipment remains in situ, the beers now come from Einsiedler. I seem to remember being told they were in dispute with the council or a couple of years ago, so I assume this is the result.


16th September 2008


Hubert Stärker of the aforementioned Hausbrauerei Stärker in Garitz (see yesterdays news) has contacted me to state that his brewpub is indeed shut but he does have plans to reopen in the future. Watch this space...


15th September 2008

With five closures to report or confirm, there's no good news today.


It seems brewing at Maisel in Bamberg ceased last month.

Hausbrauer Dietz in Bruckberg hasn't reopened since the death of owner Helmut Dietz in March.

Hausbrauerei Stärker in Garitz (near Bad Kissingen) appears to have shut. Paul lockwood visited early last month to find it closed and apparently in use as a house. Neighbours said it was always closed. although the website is still on line, the last update was in the spring. I've tried contacting them on a number of occasions over the past month to no avail, so unless someone can confirm otherwise I'm assuming it is no more.

The planned closure of Falter in Hof has taken place, with all production moving to nearby Scherdel.


Brauhaus bei der Göltzsch, a.k.a. Göltzschtal, has closed and is up for sale.


14th September 2008


Schloßbrauerei Blumenthal opened this morning.


13th September 2008


Paul Harrop of Central Europe's New Breweries tells me Reutlingen should have a brewery again early next year. Café Venus is in the Betzingen district.


Brauhaus Herzog Ludwig in Friedberg is still brewing and appears to have continued to do so after the previous owners sold up and moved to nearby St. Afra. Opening hours are now Wednesday-Monday from 18.00 with Tuesday as their rest day. (PH)


12th September 2008


The Oettinger Group is to close the two breweries it owns in the state over the next twelve months. First to go will be Preussen Pils in Priztwalk at the end of the year, with Brauerei Dessow following next September. Production of Mord und Totschlag, currently brewed in Dessow, will transfer to Schwerin. (MB)


11th September 2008


It seems as though the proposed brewery at the former Herrenhaus in Gentzride will not now happen as the buildings on the site were recently demolished. (AD)


The brewery planned for Pruchten will be called Störtebecker Hof and is now expected to open in the second half of 2009. (AD)


10th September 2008


Brauhaus Herzog Ludwig in Friedberg may be brewing again, although I've not been able to confirm this as the old phone numbers no longer work. If anyone can help, please contact me. Please note the brewpub is/was at Jungbräustraße 8 and is not directly related to the similarly named restaurant at Bauernbräustraße 15. (SP)


The Bauernstube in Wölfersheim was thought to have stopped brewing but there are unconfirmed reports it may still produce seasonal beers. (AD)


2009 should see a the opening of a hop museum and brewpub in the pretty half-timbered town of Hornburg. It will be housed in the old hop store (Hopfenspeicher), which dates from 1672. (MB)


9th September 2008


Sunday will see the opening of the revived Schloßbrauerei Blumenthal which closed in 1966. Blumenthal is a hamlet south of Aichach which largely consists of the palace and associated buildings. (AD)

I've been told by Alexander Thamm that there may be a new brewery in Miltenberg. He was driving through on Saturday and saw a bar called Barbarossastuben (possibly on Mainzer Straße) in front of which was a sign which stated their beer was 'selbst gebraut'. A quick search of the internet has only turned-up one reference and no details. It could simply be an outlet for Barbarossa of Schöllkrippen or one of Miltenberg's two known breweries. Any information would be welcome.

Pretzfeld will soon have a brewery again. The equipment was installed at Nikl Bräu last month and they should be open in the autumn. Photo's of the installation can be found on the Labu website.


Berlin's 16th brewpub opened last week. Brauhaus Bohnsdorf is close to Schönefeld airport and open from 12.00 daily. (AD)


The Braukon website reports plans for a new brewpub in Düsseldorf. At 20hl, it will obviously be fairly large. Any further information would be gratefully received.

Brewing has been suspended indefinitely at Mäckinger Bräu at the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke. Beer sold at the pub currently comes from Schwelm. (SS)

The Ruhrtal Brauerei in Witten opened as planned last weekend. There was no beer left by Sunday night... (AD, JN)


3rd September 2008


Green Corner in Grünwettersbach is currently closed, writes Timo Alanen. A quick search has revealed this is due to problems with the extractor ducting and it should reopen in the autumn.

There's a new microbrewery in Karsldorf-Neuthard. Featuring a name that may bring a smile to my British readers, Kasi-Bräu is located in a residential part of Neuthard. I've no news on any regular outlets but it was available at Bierakademie in Karlsruhe last month. (TA)

Mash in Stuttgart is currently closed for renovation but should reopen next week. (TA)


Something I'd heard about but failed to post is the fact that Kitzmann now have a tap at their brewery in Erlangen. Bräuschänke is open 10.00-24.00 daily. (MW)


Dave Hughes reports that Thaddaeus Bräu has been renamed Bartholomaeus Bräu. (DH)


Saturday sees the opening of the Ruhrtal Brauerei, located in part of the Sonnenschein Brennerei in the Heven district of Witten. This is a revival of the brand name of the former Ruhrtal Brauerei Friedrich Brinkmann, which was on the opposite side of the Ruhr in Herbede until closure in 1922. (AD, JN, PW)


26th August 2008

After quite a break, I'm back. Apologies to all those who'd sent me reports and had to wait weeks for a reply, but beer doesn't drink itself.


Dr. Andreas Weber has started a microbrewery in the cellar of his house in Schwalldorf, near Rottenburg am Neckar. He produces a range of beers under the 'Doc's Bier' label. (AD)


Brewing has been suspended at Brezel Bräu in Alzenau, apparently temporarily, as the brewer is recovering from a knee operation. (PL)

The saga of Brauerei Maisel in Bamberg looks like it's reached a conclusion, and not for the better. The brewery land has been sold for development and the brewery itself will become flats. The rights to the brewery and beer names are still up for grabs. According to locals, beer was apparently still being brewed when I was in Bamberg last month, but brewing is likely to stop very shortly, if it hasn't done so already. (MB)

Schanzenbräu of Nürnberg now have a tap just up the street from the brewery. Schanzenbräu Schankwirtschaft is at Adam-Klein-Straße 27 and opens from 17.00 daily. (Michael Gnerlich, PL)

Der Treffpunkt Franken in Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof has unfortunately closed. They sold around 100 Franconian beers and were the only known outlet for Maierbräu of Wechingen.

Passau's Brauerei Peschl will close on 31st October, a victim of falling sales and rising costs. After that date beers will be brewed by Aldersbacher. (MB)

If you want to try Pyraser beers on their own turf, Paul Lockwood tells me Gasthaus Hauselt (Pyras 1) is the only pub in the village. It's opening hours are thus: Closed Mon & 1st Sunday of month; Tue & Wed 09.30-13.30, Thu & Fri 09.30-13.30 & from 16.30, Sat 09.30-19.30, Sun from 09.00 (not 1st in month). Simple.


It seems the Brauhaus being developed on land once occupied by the Bavari-St-Pauili brewery will actually consist solely of offices and a restaurant and will not include a brewpub. (AD)


There's a new brewpub to report in Beerfelden. Hausbrauerei Sackbendel specialises in Spanish food and seems to have opened last year. (AD)

Also in Beerfelden, Brauerei Felsenkeller is apparently still brewing, despite a previous report to the contrary. (AD)

Brauhaus Extra in Röhrigsdorf is not currently brewing but they are expected to resume shortly. (SS)


The tap of Stierbräu in Vechta has finally opened. Current hours are Thursday-Sunday from 18.00 but these may change. (MB)


The brewery mooted for the Schepershof organic farm near Velbert-Neviges will only be a hobby, not commercial. (AD)


The Bierbrüderschaft Duzenowe are hobby brewery who have taken the first steps towards commercialism, although I can't decide if they merit a full listing. Their handmade beers are available bottled at regional festivals. One to watch. (SS)


Böhmisch Brauhaus in Großröhrsdorf was bought by Landberger last month. This will hopefully secure the future of the former which had been facing insolvency. (MB)


Vereinsbrauerei Artern reopened last October. The brewery was closed in 1993, by which time it was trading as Barbarossa-Brauerei Artern. Annual capacity is 500hl, but there seems to be room for expansion. They currently brew Pils, Schwarzbier, Weizen, Bock  and Habichtsteiner Pils & Classic for Hotel Habichtstein in Alexisbad. (AD)

Yet another Erfurt brewery has closed. The Goldenen Schwan now gets its beer from Felsenkeller in Weimar, owned by the same family. (SS)


7th July 2008


After an absence of 43 years, Friday should see brewing return to the village of Hausen (10km north-east of Schweinfurt). Ulrich Martin's eponymous brewery and tap will be run along more traditional lines than most new starters, and are located in adjacent buildings that once housed the former Brauerei Ernst Gehling. (MB)


4th July 2008


Another manufacturer of brewery equipment has started brewing themselves. Brauakademie Kretschmer in Echterdingen (close to Stuttgart Airport) started Filderbräu in January. Five beers are produced and sold from the brewery shop on Saturday mornings. (FS)


Fred Waltmann reports on his website that Lindwurmbräu in Heideck has resumed brewing, seven years after it had stopped. This was confirmed by the lady I spoke to on the phone. Despite the labels on the website stating the three beers are brewed elsewhere, house production appears to have started again in March.

Jürgen Müller has opened a microbrewery in Igelsdorf, near Rednitzhembach. Brauerei Hembach currently offers a Kellerbier and Goldweisse. No pubs stock the beers as far as I know, but they are available direct from the brewery between 16.00-20.00 Tuesday to Saturday. (GW)

John Stant reports that Museumsbrauerei Steer in Mühldorf is indeed up and running. Nine outlets are currently supplied with Steerweisse.


Due to have opened later this year, plans for the Bürgerliches Brauhaus in Nordhausen have received a major set-back and it will now be at least 2010 before it opens. It will not now be on the former Roland site. In the meantime, the beers continue to be produced by Landsberger (MB)


21st June 2008


A pilot brewery has been set-up by Markus Lohner, owner of Braukon, one of Germany's newer brewery equipment manufacturers. Camba Bavaria is located on Braukon's site in Truchtlaching, just north of the Chiemsee. Just how widely-available the beers will be remains to be seen, but  there is a brewery festival next weekend. (AD)


Strong local rumour has it that Klute's in Poppenbeck no longer brew. The owner denies this is the case but the equipment apparently looks somewhat dormant. Any further information would be, as usual, welcome. (Simon Brazel)


Trinkhorn, the planned brewpub in Rommersheim (near Wörrstadt) will be at Kegelbahnstraße 3. It will share the brewer from Alzeyer Volker-Bräu, which has itself recently submitted a planning application to convert an old supermarket into a brewpub. (RD)


16th June 2008


Hausbrauerei Tauffenbach in Bochum has closed. The pub will reopen soon under the ownership of Hofbräu (München), but is not expected to continue brewing. (GH)


13th June 2008


According to a message posted on, a small brewery has been installed at the new Friedel's Keller on the Kreuzberg, between Hallerndorf, Schaid and Stiebarlimbach (GoYellow won't allow me to pinpoint the location - zoom in on the map and you'll soon find it). I spoke to someone at the Keller and they confirmed this is the case. Frank Blum reports all beers sold at the Keller are apparently brewed there - Friedels brewery in Schnaid now brews just for the pub there and bottles for the take-home market.

Brauerei Dantscher in Teugn stopped brewing last year. Beers are now brewed by Spital in Regensburg (GH)


Plans are at an advanced stage for Brauhaus Goslar to move to a new brewpub at Marktkirchhof 2. The beers are currently brewed at the old Brauhaus Zum Löwen in Braunschweig. (DC)

The two beers from Brauerei Junge in Goslar (JuBi Hell & Dunkel) can be found at the Worthmühle on Worthstraße. (DC)


There are plans for a brewpub called Trinkhorn in Rommersheim. No details, as yet. (RD)


The Eisenacher brewery no longer produces its own beers - what remains is brewed by parent company Braugold in Erfurt. (Ingvar)


2nd June 2008


Oasen-Bräu in Graben-Neudorf closed last year. It may reopen if a new tenant can be found. (MB)


Good news from Fallersleben. The Altes Brauhaus zu Fallersleben reopened last week, ten months after the catastrophic fire which destroyed everything but the walls. Would it be in bad taste to suggest they brew a Rauchbier? (MB)


31st May 2008


Haus zur Pfauen in Erfurt closed late last year.

The Hennebergisches Museum in Kloster Veßra opened in 1981. Eight years ago brewing resumed using the old communal brew house from Wolfmannshausen. Around 10hl of beer is produced each March - the rest of the year it's brewed by Schloßbrauerei Schwarzbach.


30th May 2008


Brauerei Maisel in Bamberg started insolvency proceedings on 8th May. Brewing continues, and there are apparently several prospective investors. (MB/PK)


The brewpub planned for Senftenberg will be called Lido Senftenberg and is expected to open this August. (AD)


Brauerei Helbig in Weilburg have confirmed that brewing has ceased, and all beer is now brewed in Lauterbach.


Alte Bürgerstube in Heisterbacherrott closed late last year. (JN)

Plans for the Aktienbrauerei in Hürth appear to have been abandoned. (RD)


Brewing has been suspended at Brauhaus in Grünstadt but should resume in October. Beer currently comes from Hagenbräu in Worms (RD)


29th May 2008


The suspicions I had about Bürgerbräu in Bayreuth (as mentioned in the Guide) have proved to be founded. All Bürgerbräu and Schinner beers are apparently now brewed by Kaiser in Neuhaus (Pegnitz). (GH)


According to the Kaspar Schulz website, a brewery is planned in Senftenberg. I don't have any other details.


Brewing has apparently ceased at Brauerei Helbig in Weilburg, although production of the beers continues in Lauterbach. The situation may be temporary, although evidence would suggest not. Any further information would be welcome. (Jan Meutstege)


Also mentioned on the Kaspar Schulz site is a future brewery in Witten. As ever, further information would be welcome. (AD)


11th May 2008


Jürgen Riesling, owner of the Lobensteiner Destillerie & Edelobstbrennerei in Bad Lobenstein, is about to branch out into brewing. Lemnitzbräu beers should be available from September. (AD)


9th May 2008


This month should see the first brew at the new Schloßbrauerei microbrewery in Aulendorf. Housed in a former butchers, beer should be available direct from the brewery at weekends. It will be bottled by Adlerbrauerei in Dellmensingen. (AD)


The brewpub at Ferienhotel Reschke in Waren (Müritz) opened last month, as planned.


Altstadtbrauhaus Marienbräu in Jever closed for the second time late last year. (Thomas Appel)

As previously suspected, Brauerei Feyen beers (Mittegroßefehn) are actually brewed by Rolinck. (TA)


Despite having been told by someone in Das Brauhaus, Düren, that they were brewing, it now appears they do not. The beers come from Hausbrauerei Schillerbad in Lüdenscheid. (AD / RD / Friedhelm Karos)


First mooted several years ago, construction work should begin on Jens Stacklies brewpub project in Pinneberg this September. The brew kettles will be made of glass. (MB)


4th May 2008


Brauerei Scherdel in Hof, part of the Brau Holding International group, has bought the nearby Falter brewery. Closure is expected within the next couple of months. (TH)


2nd May 2008


Brauerei Glockenbrunnen opened in Berwangen yesterday, as planned. Vollbier and Pils are the regular beers.


Ratskeller Stade also opened yesterday. The three regular 'Gertruden Bräu' beers are Hell, Rot and Dunkel.


Three years after it closed, Brauhaus Dinkel-Lager in Gronau re-opened last October. Pils and Weizen are the two regular beers. (AD)


28th April 2008


I've an opening and a closure to report today. First-up, some good news from Düren, where the first brewery in the town for 70 years opened last year. Das Brauhaus offers house-brewed Hell, Dunkel and Weizen. (RD)

Now for the bad. After a few whispers it may no longer brew, I've finally had it confirmed that all beer at the Borbecker Dampfbier-Brauerei in Essen comes from the nearby Stauder. (MB)


24th April 2008


I've finally got round to contacting Dok Willi's in Wermelskirchen and can confirm they're now open, with Dok's Helles and Dok's Dunkles the regular beers. Seasonals are expected to feature in the future.


23rd April 2008


The Tucher brewery in Nürnberg has closed, although it's not clear when this happened. All signs are still up, but the buildings have been abandoned. I presume all Tucher beers are now brewed at the sister site in Fürth, although given the number of breweries owned by Oetker, that may not be the case. (SP)


19th April 2008


The future of Hausbrauer Dietz in Bruckberg is in considerable doubt following the tragic suicide of owner and brewer Helmut Dietz a month ago, a few days before his fiftieth birthday. He'd been suffering from depression after sustaining a serious head injury at the brewery. (JN)


Lars Seyfrid tells me the owner of the Selsinger Hof hotel & restaurant in Selsingen hopes to start brewing next month, so expect to see the first beers available in mid-summer.


18th April 2008


I have to admit to falling for a wind-up last week. The reported brewery at Kloster Frauenberg in Fulda was no more than elaborate April fool's joke by the local paper. How I laughed. (Felix Stier)


Brauerei Feyen in Mittegroßefehn may not actually brew. Last year Felix was told beer came from Rolinck.


11th April 2008


Duncan Crabtree has been in touch to report on the hours and beers at Hops & Barley. It first opened on 2nd February and is open 17.00-02.00 daily. Fridrichshainer Pilsner (5.0%) and Friedrichshainer Dunkel (5.5%) are the current beers, with a (red!) wheat beer (5.5%) expected from May. The house cider is also 5.5%.


The village of Kofferen, west of Linnich, now has a brewery. McMüller's Irish-American Pub is part of a farm complex that also includes a small hotel and riding school. Brewing may have started as long ago as 1998, although I believe it's likely to be a more recent feature. Blond and Dunkel are the regular beers, with a wheat beer in summer, and at least one other seasonal. (AD)


The first beer from Hausbrauerei Laubegast in Dresden went on sale at the brewery tap on Monday.


7th April 2008


Anyone interested in acquiring a fully functional wheat beer brewery with tap should take a look here. Weißbierbrauerei Bauer in Triftern is up for sale, but will apparently remain open until a buyer is found. (MB)


A brewpub has opened in the suburb of Friedrichshain. Philipp Brokamp has set-up Hausbrauerei Hops & Barley in a former butchers shop. As well as hell and dunkel beers, he also makes his own cider. (AD)


The first of two new brewpubs in Fulda is Hohmanns Brauhaus am Lotterberg, sister of the city-centre Hohmanns Brauhaus. This new place is in woods  to the north of the city, close to the A7. Although I have my doubts, they claim the beers are brewed here. (AD)


20th March 2008


Brauhaus Sacher in Leonberg moved from the former location on Hertichstraße in December. The new site is a considerable improvement if you're arriving by train - it's at Bahnhofstraße 82,  in the old goods shed next to the railway station.


12th March 2008


More about Hausbrauerei Schmiedeknecht in Herschdorf (see yesterdays news). The original incarnation was nationalised in 1967 and brewed until 1980. It's been revived by the grandson of the former owner who's based in Bamberg. An unfiltered, unpasteurised Pils is the sole beer. (PK)


11th March 2008


There may be a second brewery in Mühldorf. Museumsbrauerei Steer seems to be at Auf der Wies 7, close to the Unertl tap, but I can find no further information. I'd like to hear from anyone who knows more. (AD)

Waldzell, a village 7km south-east of Lohr, now has a microbrewery. Hausbrauerei Höpfl produces beers under the 'Zaller' name, including the 12.5% Donnerbock. (AD)


There's a new brewery on the Friesian island of Langeoog. Horst Schmidt's Inselbrauerei is in the Strandhotel Achert Diek. (AD)


The Rabencafé in Kallenhardt, a few kilometres east of Warstein, now brews its own dark beer. Raben-Bräu is the third brewery to open in the area in recent years, joining Altenrüthener Hausbrauerei and Suttroper Brauhof. (AD)


There seems to have been a revival of the former Brauerei Schmiedeknecht in Herschdorf, which stopped brewing in 1967, before closing completely in 1986. Unfortunately, further information is hard to come by - if you know anything, please contact me. (AD)


6th March 2008


Hessberger Brauerei (a.k.a. Tannenbräu) closed without warming last Friday. Price demands from the largest customer, Edeka, have been cited as one of the reasons for the sudden decision. (PK)


3rd March 2008


What I believe to be the third glass brewing kettle in the country has been installed at Ferienhotel Reschke in Waren (Müritz). It should open at 11.00 on 20th April with a Brauhausfest. (MB)


21st February 2008


May should see the opening of a brewpub in Stade's Ratskeller. Bernhard and Hartmut Schlüter are investing 450,000 Euros in the project. (MB)


20th February 2008


Brauhaus zu Steinfeld opened on Saturday.


19th February 2008


Brauhaus Im Dom opened in Neuss last Friday. Dom's Alt and Neusser Dom Gold will be joined by a wheat beer in the spring.


18th February 2008


Lothar Drachsel has drawn my attention to a brewpub planned for Bad Tölz, next to the former Grüner Brauerei. The 5hl plant is being supplied by BrauKon.


16th February 2008


Stephen Peck reports Adlerbrauerei Mögglingen beers are now brewed by Heubacher.


I'm finally able to report that Bürgerbräu Hof was bought by Scherdel. The brewery is now on the market and the sole remaining Bürgerbräu beer (Pilsener) is brewed at Scherdel's site across the city centre. (TH)


5th February 2008


Brauerei Glockenbrunnen, which I'd previously listed as being planned for Kirchardt, will actually be in the nearby village of Berwangen. The first beer should be brewed in the next few weeks, with a spring opening forecast. (AD)


There's a new microbrewery on the north-eastern outskirts of Dinkelsbühl. I don't yet have details of any outlets for Stefansbräu (a.k.a. Dinkelbrauer). (AD)


Armin Latzko has been in touch to tell me his dark beer is now available at Eisgarten Amönau.


Plans to revive the former Bergmann brewery in Dortmund are well advanced. The original closed in 1972. Three beers are already produced elsewhere under contract - Export, Spezial (both brewed by Vormann, Dahl) and Pils (brewed by Bosch, Bad Laasphe). Something a little more unusual is planned when they start brewing themselves. (MB/AD)


Hausbrauerei Laubegast is currently under construction in the Dresden suburb of Laubegast, at Österreicher Straße 67. The tap will be the nearby Zum Gerücht pub . The first beer is expected to be brewed before the end of the month, so  should be available sometime in April. (AD)


28th January 2008


I was told a few months back that Stadtbrauerei Roth had been taken over by Hofmühl of Eichstätt, with all production moving to the latter. For some reason I'd forgotten about this until now, but have just checked with the brewery in Roth and had the news confirmed. If you still wish to visit Roth, Zum Zeppelin at Hilpoltsteiner Straße 41 is now the recommended place to try the beer. Thanks to whoever gave me the news - sorry I can't remember who you are!

There's been a brewery in the Kreishamatstube museum in Stoffenried since 1991. Brewing only takes place in the colder months. I'm not yet sure if the beer is generally available to buy - if anyone can offer more information, please contact me. (MB)


Brauhaus im Dom, Neuss, will now open on 15th February, although house-brewed beer will not be available initially. (RD)


The Erfurter Brauhaus appears to have closed. Both website and phone number no longer work, and the building itself appears to have been out of use for some time (AP).

Also in Erfurt, the Haus zu Pfauen restaurant is currently closed, although this appears to be a temporary measure. No word on the current status of the brewery, but as the beers were only sold at the restaurant, it would seem likely that this is also closed for the time being. (AP)


22nd January 2008


The Höltzchen brewery in Cottbus closed early last year. However, all is not lost - it re-opened on 7th December as Radigk's Brauhaus, and is owned by the similarly named brewpub in Finsterwalde. (Uli Schmidt)



There are two brewery projects to report in the state, both of which are expected to open in October.

In Marlow, the Recknitztal Hotel should open in September, with the brewery 'Zur Alten Fassfabrik' following shortly after. (MB, TH, US)

The second brewery will be in a former children's holiday camp at Pruchten, though I don't yet have a name. (TH)


20th January 2008


20th February should see the opening of a brewpub in Wermelskirchen. Retired dental technician Hanswilli Soll will brew Dok's Hell (in the Kölsch style) and Dok's Dunkel (along the lines of an Alt), plus seasonals. Dok Willi's bar will occupy the site of his former laboratory.


18th January 2008


After much speculation, the owners of Ingobräu in Ingolstadt have finally confiremed the brewery ceased production in September. The last bottles were filled in December, so get in quick, if you want to try the beers. They plan to restart production on a smaller site, but are looking for their beers to be contract-brewed in the meantime. (MB, AD, Peter Kuppers)


8th January 2008


Schwerin should gain a third brewery soon in the shape of Privatbrauerei Seeterrasse. (AD)


The planned brewpub in Steinfeld (Oldenburg) should be open soon, if it isn't already. Brauhaus zu Steinfeld (a.k.a. Lüken Topp) was expecteded to open last month but I believe the start has been delayed. (AD)


The Paulshof brewery is Hohenlimburg (near Hagen) is apparently up-and-running once more under the ownership of nearby Iserlohner. I've not yet managed to contact them to confirm this. (AD)


Leipzig's Bauer brewery hasn't actually brewed since August. Production was stopped by the local environmental health board - both soft drinks and beer have been produced by Hartmannsdorfer Brauhaus since then, although I'm not sure whether this includes Gose. They plan to resume brewing in Leipzig but it's unclear when this might be achieved. (MB)


Neil Berry has contacted me to report Brauhaus König Sahl in Gotha has closed. Their website cites family and heath reasons as the cause.

The Göltzschtal brewery in Greiz (also known as Brauhaus bei der Göltzsch) apparently now has its beers brewed by Ahornberger. I've not been able to contact the brewery and would welcome confirmation. (AD)


14th December 2007


I strongly suspect Brauerei Starkmeth in Tegernbach no longer exists. The website has been offline for a good while, I can't get an answer on the phone, but most tellingly the owner, Nikolaus Starkmeth, has been brewer at the Golan Brewery in the Golan Heights since it opened a year ago. Any confirmation one way or the other would be welcome.


6th December 2007


May saw the opening of a new microbrewery in Riedelberg, a few hundred metres from the French Border. I don't yet have any details of potential outlets for Wentzler Bräu. (AD)


3rd December 2007


The former 'Zum Oldtimer' sports bar at Wippenhauser Straße 9 in Freising is now a brewpub called Schmankerlbräu. No further details at the moment, as the old phone number has been disconnected and I can't trace the new one. (AD)

The planned brewpub in Marktl, Brauhaus Benedikt, will no longer be built. (AD)


20th November 2007


Somewhere I'd listed at closed but had suspicions was brewing at a different site is the old Kommunbrauhaus in Neuhaus (Pegnitz). The original brew house closed in 1999 but the three remaining communal brewers now use the former Falkenloch brewery on the Marktplatz. Only one of the pubs is open at any time. (S.Bruns)

Mat Wilson visited Unterschleichach last week and found the tap of Löwenbräu Neeb closed, apparently due to a dispute between brewery and tenant. No word on when (or if) it's likely to reopen.


There finally seems to be something happening with a brewery I first heard was planned several years ago. Shares in Hürther Aktienbrauerei have been issued since September, so it looks as though progress is finally being made. (RD)


15th November 2007

Two brewery taps to report on today.


The Kaiser Braustüble in Geislingen closed around a year ago. (S.Brazel)


Engelkeller, the Memminger tap, will close on 6th March to make way for a new road. (S.Brazel)


14th November 2007

I've started adding map links to each brewery (and tap, where different). For more, see the 'All breweries' page.


13th November 2007


The Kronberger Brauhaus closed on Saturday as their lease had expired. They hope to relocate but don't have a replacement site. (SS)


12th November 2007


Summer 2008 should see the opening of a brewpub in Kirchardt, between Sinsheim and Heilbronn. Glockenbrunnen will be located in a former warehouse. (MB)


9th November 2007

There's a new microbrewery to report in Hochstadt, 15km east of Frankfurt. I'm not entirely certain that Hochstädter Landbier is up and running yet as there's no phone number and they haven't responded to my e-mail, so I've listed iton the Future Breweries page until I have more info. (AD)


8th November 2007


The brewery planned for Waldgaststätte Schießhaus in Schweinfurt will no longer go ahead. (AD)


Yesterday saw the opening of HBX-Stadbrauerei am Aegi in Hannover. It's open daily 10.30-02.00 and produces three regular beers - Pils, Weizen & Dunkel.


2nd November 2007


Barther Küstenbier is now up and running. At present they only brew a Pils but Amber and Weizen should be added to the range in the next few months. The beers can be found at De Smuggler, an Irish bar to the north of the town centre. (TH)


1st November 2007


The planned microbrewery in Wittenweier opened the Saturday before last. Called Herr's Kleines Bierhaus, I don't yet have details of any outlets. (AD)


Sadly, there are four closures to report.

Schacht 4/8 in Duisburg no longer brews. Beers are supplied by Zeche Jacobi in Oberhausen.

Gaffel's second brewery at Köln-Porz stopped brewing in late 2006, although the site is still open for bottling, etc. All beers are now produced at the Altstadt site. (S. Brazel)

The Mülheimer Brauhaus now takes its beers from Brauhaus Hibernia in Gelsenkirchen. (MB)

Brewing ceased at Braumühle in Schmerlecke last year but they hope to brew again once problems with the equipment are resolved. In the meantime, beers are brewed to the old recipes by Hohenfelder in Langenberg.


22nd October 2007


Saturday saw the opening of a new microbrewery in the hamlet of Ried, a mile or so south of Markt Indersdorf. Tobiasbräu is located on the farm of Josef Deichl but owned and run by the Socher family. The first beer is a 5.5% unfiltered Märzen which should soon be available at a café on the farm, as well as in bottles to take away. (MB)


The former Graf Beust brewpub in Essen reopened at the end of September but doesn't currently brew. Beers are supplied by Zeche Jacobi in Oberhausen but it's hoped brewing will resume in around three years time. (JN)


13th October 2007


Dieter Birk, owner of Alzeyer Volker Bräu, has provided me with full details of the brewery. At the moment, the beers (a 4.9% Pils and a seasonal Haferbier) are being brewed at Hagenbräu in Worms. The best place to drink them is at the 12 Apostel restaurant in Alzey.


11th October 2007


Summer 2008 should see the opening of a brewpub in Hirschlanden's old town hall. Hirschbräu will be smaller than most new starters, the brewery being situated in the old gaol in the cellar. The pub itself will seat around 30. (MB)


Sonnenbräu in Ebermannstadt has ceased brewing following the death of the owner, Joseph Herbst. (FB)

The Bauriedl tap in Eslarn is no longer open. (DC)

Uwe Müller, owner of Gasthaus Egertal in Kaiserhammer, has been brewing his own Zoigl for the past two years. The beer is only available at the pub, which is closed until 8th November. (S.Bruns)

Inken Wolter and Sascha Bruns have both been in touch to report Brauerei Seelmann in Zettmannsdorf reopened during August.


Hannover will again have two brewpubs by the end of the month. HBX-Stadbrauerei am Aegi will be on the southern edge of the city centre. (FB/AD)


What I had previously listed as Bücker's Bierbrauerei in Haltern is actually trading under the name of Brauerei Gambinus - if you're in the area there's a brewery festival on Saturday (13th). (MB)

Peter Peltsarsky, owner of Brauerei Morsbachtal, has been in touch. I'd previously listed the brewery as being in Engelskotten, but this consists of just a few buildings and can't be found on many maps, so I've changed the location to Wuppertal-Cronenberg. The tap next door, Bärenkühle, now has its own bus stop (route 658).


Roman Drüg reports brewing returned to Alzey last year in the form of Volker-Bräu. Pils and Weizen are the regular beers, and can be found in several local outlets.


I've long had doubt's about the status of Brauhaus Burgmühle in Freyburg, but it apparently only closed this June. (FB)


28th September 2007


October 20th should see the opening of a new microbrewery in Wittenweier (Ortenau), a village on the Rhein 5km west of Lahr. I don't yet have a name for Benjamin Herr's new venture but the first beer will be a Pils called 'Schwanauer Schnogestich'. (MB)


Guenter Weber, webmaster for Rheinhessen Bräu, has contacted me to report the brewery's two beers (hell & dunkel) are available at the Darmstädter Hof in Mainz-Ebersheim, as well as direct from the brewery.


26th September 2007

There are five new breweries to report today, taking the total number of commercial brewers in Germany to 1,304 (by my reckoning), the highest number for fifteen years.


Brewing has resumed in Coburg, albeit on a very small scale. Septuagenarian hobby brewer Edmund Sauerbrey occasionally sells his own beer at 'Ed's Braustüble', a beer garden he runs that formerly belonged to Brauerei Flinzberg (closed 1890). (AD)

12km north of Coburg, the village of Rottenbach has also seen a brewing revival. Closed in 1963, the Auerhahn brewery has been producing beer again since April at the pub of the same name. (AD)


Plans for a brewery at the newly opened Wasserschloß Mellenthin on the holiday island of Usedom are at an advanced stage.


A microbrewery has opened in Ebersheim, a village south of Mainz that is now officially a district of the city. I don't yet know if Rheinhessen Bräu has any regular outlets. (AD)


Having reopened the hotel and restaurant in May, brewing has now resumed at the Wasserburg in Gommern. Burgbräu resumed operations on 11th September with the original brewer. Light and dark beers are currently produced. (JN)


There's now a microbrewery at the Forellenhof farm shop in Mözen, near Bad Segeberg. Two beers are produced. (AD)


25th September 2007


One new brewery to report is near Aschau am Inn. Alois Höpfinger has set up Brauerei Scheuern, a small brewery and pub on a farm of the same name around a mile north of Aschau (double that by road). (AD)

Around 15km south of Aschau, Schnaitsee should be home to a brewpub by the end of the year. Baderbräu will be behind the Marktplatz. (AD)


The long-planned closure of Brinkhoff's brewery in Dortmund took place last summer. All beers are now produced by DAB. (MB)


24th September 2007


Brauhaus am Schlößle opened in Sulzbach an der Murr yesterday.

There's also a new brewery to report in Weiler zum Stein, near Leutenbach (15km south-west of Sulzbach). Gasthof Lamm is the home of  'Leutenbacher Lammbräu'. (AD)


Some news on brewery taps in the state:

The owner of Zur Goldenen Henne in Jüchsen has sold the old tap and opened a new one called 'Zur Henne', although I don't have an address. (S. Brazel)

In Kaltennordheim, the former tap 'Zur Brauerei' has apparently been demolished - Zum Hirsch at Wilhelm-Külz-Platz 4 is apparently now the best place to try Rhöner beers locally. (S. Brazel)

Those in search of Gessner beers in Sonneberg should try Gasthaus Stößel at Steinacher Straße 16. (S. Brazel)


12th September 2007


Ingobräu of Ingolstadt are now having their wheat beers brewed by Kuchlbauer of Abensberg, apparently due to bacterial contamination which has rendered their own production undrinkable. (MB)


4th September 2007


I'd seen a reference on Paul Gatzhammer's website that Brauerei Bucher in Gundelfingen closed sometime last year. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the brewery over the past few weeks I'm now able to confirm they are still in business but now have their beers produced in Lauterbach.


Saturday will see the opening of yet another new microbrewery, this time in Hessen. Robert Heuschkel has installed a brewery in his garage in the village of Fellingshausen, 10km north-west of Giessen. Two beers are available - Biebertaler Landbier and Original Dünsberger Keltenbräu. (MB)


3rd September 2007


Plans for a brewpub in Steinfeld (Oldenburg) are at an advanced stage. Norbert Kuhlmann is already having two beers brewed by the Landhaus Brauerei in Lünne (also known as Privatbrauerei Bochert or Emsländer Brauhaus). (MB)


28th August 2007


Joerg Nierbauer has contacted me to report that Kassel's Luther Brauhaus (formerly Zille Berliner Brauhaus) closed on 15th August. Luther beers are now brewed elsewhere and are available at Café im Turm.


21st August 2007


Brewing has started in the former Badischer Hof in Sulzfeld, now renamed Michaeli Bräu. The equipment was transferred from the former brewpub of that name in Bretten.


Sadly, I'm able to confirm that Brauerei Hellmuth in Burgkunstadt no longer brews. This follows the death of both the brewer and his father in the spring.

Oberammergau, famous for its Passion Play, has gained its first brewery since Brauerei Knauer closed in 1973. Ammergauer Maxbräu opened last Saturday in the salubrious surroundings of Hotel Maximilian - the first 5-star hotel in Germany to brew. (AD)


19th August 2007


I've just been told of a brewery that's escaped the attention of much of the world for the past 30 years. Brewing ceased at Brauerei Hösl in the vilage of Rothenstadt (near Weiden) in 1975 but, unbeknownst to most people, resumed a year or so later. One beer is produced - a golden Zwickel. (GH)


16th August 2007


Elisabeth Bräu opened its doors in Marburg yesterday. Hell and Dunkel are the first two beers to be offered. The pub consists of a bistro, which is open from 11.00, and a Braukeller which is only open in the evening. (AD/Werner Müller)


15th August 2007


As the Cuxhavener Brauhaus has now been closed for more than six months and there appears to be no sign of it reopening (the telephone is now disconnected), I've decided to consider it permanently closed. It was open for less than 10 months.


14th August 2007


There's now a second small brewery in Leipheim. The Heimat- und Bauernkriegsmuseum is open each weekend but brews only occasionally. Cider is also produced. (AD)


The town of Rathenow, on the main railway line from Berlin to Hannover, has a brewery once more. There a two house-brewed beers available at the Märkische Bierstuben - a hell in the Pilsener style, and a dunkel. (AD)


The small country museum at Ransel, near Lorch, has a mobile brewery. I understand they only brew a few times a year. (AD)


It's rumoured that Borbecker Dampfbier-Brauerei may no longer brew - any confirmation one way or the other would be most welcome. (MB/AD)


Haßloch, a large half-timbered village east of Neustadt an der Weinstraße, now has a brewpub. Prinz Ludwig offers a hell and a dunkel. (AD)


There are rumours of a brewery in Buchfart, near Weimar, but no name or address had been forthcoming. (AD)


13th August 2007


The planned brewpub in Schweinfurt I mentioned a few days ago will actually be in the Waldgaststätte Schießhaus, in forest north of the city. It is thought brewing may start before the end of the year. (MB/AD)


The 1st of July saw a new Hausbrauerei open in Rotenburg an der Fulda. Ralf Kramer's small brewery is in his house and is capable of producing around 150hl per annum. (MD/AB)

The owner of the Bauernstube in Wölfersheim no longer brews himself. Beer now comes from Brauerei Sauer in Rossdorf (Bayern), although I'm not sure if this is brewed to a special recipe. (AD)


10th August 2007


The new brewpub in Sankt Afra won't be selling house-brewed beer until early September - beers are currently from Brauerei Kühbach. (AD)


New Years Day 2008 is the planned opening day for the Dom brewpub in Neuss. No address as yet. (MB)


7th August 2007


Although a few months later than planned, Brauhaus am Schlößle in Sulzbach an der Murr should open on 23rd September.


König Ludwig have bought Holzkirchner Oberbräu from the receiver with the promise of saving all 40 jobs at the brewery. The name will be changed to 'König Ludwig Brauhaus Holzkirchen'. (MB)

Brauereigasthof St. Afra in Felde opens tomorrow. (AD)

W. Müller has drawn my attention to a very traditional-looking new brewpub that opened last month in Thuisbrunn, near Gräfenberg. Brauereigasthof Seitz is home to Thuisbrunner Elch-Bräu, as well as a small distillery.


A fire destroyed the Altes Brauhaus in Fallersleben on 28th July. Although there are plans to rebuild it, it would appear from photographs that this classic modern brewpub is likely to be closed for many months, if not years. (AD)


The village of Büderich, on the opposite side of the Rhein from Wesel, now has a small and rather interesting-looking brewpub - the Braustube of Walter Bräu is basically the front room of the owners house. Four regular and four seasonal beers are produced. (AD/Bierfreund-1965)


26th July 2007

if you had any problems accessing some of the links on the All Breweries page yesterday, they should all now work properly.


Munich's newest brewery, Bavaria-Bräu, has had its name changed to Hacker-Pschorr Bräuhaus.


25th July 2007

I've added a new page to the site which I hope will be of use. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 'All Breweries' includes all 1,290 breweries I believe are brewing commercially in Germany today, together with links to 1,102 of them. As usual, please feel free to send me updates, etc.


12th July 2007


It will be a year or so before it opens but Minden should gain its first brewery in more than a quarter of a century sometime next year. I understand Krougels will be a brewpub rather than a micro. (MB)


9th July 2007


The Oberpfalz region has a new brewery - Jens Meinzer opened Hausbrauerei Katzerer in Sondersfeld (Freystadt) last November. The two beers (a Lager and Weizen) are available direct from the brewery They are also sold at the Hummel farm shop (Sondersfeld 22) and a restaurant near Regensburg (no details). (AD)


There are plans for a brewpub in what's left of the former Bötzow Brauerei, once Berlin's largest private brewery. Don't expect anything to materialise for a few years. (MB)


Another revival is Brauerei Feyen in Mittegroßefehn (Großefehn). The first incarnation brewed from 1713 until 1989 when the company concentrated on drinks distribution. Two beers are produced - Insider Premium Pils and Braunbier. (AD/MB)


25th June 2007


The atmospheric Herzog Ludwig brewpub in Friedberg has changed hands and no longer brews. The former owners have removed the tiny brewery and are in the process of installing it in their new venture in nearby Sankt Afra, which is expected to open in early August (see 19th June update). (AD)


It's rumoured Sudhaus Detmold may be brewing again, albeit on an occasional basis. Any confirmation welcome. (AD)


23rd June 2007


The tiny Singlebräu microbrewery in Müllheim has unfortunately closed due to supply problems. (S. Brazel)


21st June 2007


Two closures to report today, although one brewery will be relocated.

Michaeli Bräu is in the process of moving 15km north-east from Zum Hirsch in Bretten to the Badischer Hof in Sulzfeld. The latter, acquired by Michael Grimm last year, formerly housed Brauerei Hettmannsberger (which closed in 1904). The last brew in Bretten was done on 8th June - only 20 barrels of beer remained in the cellars last night. They hope to be brewing in Sulzfeld by 3rd July. (S. Brazel)

Bundschuh-Bräu in Untergrombach stopped brewing in 2004 after just ten months. The house beers are brewed specially for the pub by another local brewpub (name withheld for the time being). (S. Brazel)



19th June 2007


You couldn't make it up. The proposed sale of Bürgerbräu in Hof to nearby Scherdel is up in the air. It appears the owner of Bürgerbräu had already agreed to sell to Zeltbräu back in March - the latter actually possesses a signed contract. It's anyone's guess how this will end... (MB/PK)

A new brewpub is expected to open soon to the south-west of Augsburg. Brauereigasthof St. Afra im Felde will be in the village of Sankt Afra, officially part of Friedberg. (Frank Blum)


14th June 2007


Another day, another takeover. Not entirely unexpectedly, Bürgerbräu Hof has been bought by Brau Holding International (in the guise of local brewery Scherdel). Unfortunately, Bürgerbräu will close within the next four weeks - only Edel Pilsener will continue to be brewed by Scherdel. (AD, TH, Peter Kuppers)

Behnle Bräu in Zöschingen closed at the start of the month, although it is expected to reopen at another site locally . No timescale has been mooted. (AD)


13th June 2007


Haus Cramer KG (owner of Warsteiner) have bought the Herforder brewery in Hiddenhausen, although the sale will not take effect until 1st July. The deal safeguards the brand name but I suspect the future of the brewery may not be as secure. (MB)


12th June 2007


Altstadtbrauhaus Marienbräu in Jever has reopened. it first brewed from 2003 until closure in 2005. (SS)


Guldenbacher Brauhaus Nahetal in Windesheim has closed. Owner Michael Jovy has moved the brewery to Bells Restaurant in Ahrweiler, where he now brews 'Echt Ahrweiler Bier'. (AD)


It's been confirmed that the Altstadtbrauhaus in Bautzen no longer brews. The pub is now called 'Bautzener Senfstuben'. (S. Bruns)


7th June 2007


The future of the tiny brewery at the Pietschenmuseum in Killer would appear to be in serious doubt following the death of the owner.


I mentioned back in December that Sudhaus in Dudweiler may be brewing again. Happily, this is the case. Brewing resumed under new ownership around a year ago.


5th June 2007


The anticipated brewpub in Ingelheim has now opened, albeit with a different name to the one I was expecting. Brauhaus Goldener Engel is on the western edge of town, and is currently limited to a beer garden. Full opening is expected in July. (AD)


4th June 2007


Stephen Lock reports that Bals in Oberaudorf no longer has a tap. It's also worth noting that the Alpenrose brewery in the same village brews infrequently, and the beer is not always available.

Beer from Josef Wagner's brewery in Oberthürheim is now sold at the Kartäuser Klause in Erlingshofen, about 12km to the north. I understand the beer is actually brewed by the pub owner, so may be different from that sold at the brewery shop. (AD)

Maximiliansbräu, the only brewery in Traunstein without a tap, closed at the end of 2006. I strongly suspect the beers will continue to be brewed elsewhere. (S. Brazel)


Burgbräuhaus in Belzig has started brewing but I don't think the tap is open yet. (AD)

A brewery has been installed in The Haus am See hotel and restaurant in Diensdorf, on the eastern shore of the Scharnmützelsee. (AD)


Goslar now has a local source for the town's contribution to the beer world. Brauerei Junge started last year and currently brews JuBi Gose and Senatorgose, although the latter is actually a dark wheat beer. The only known outlet apart from the brewery is MacDöner on Marktstraße, but it seems likely there are others. (SS)


There's yet another new microbrewery to report, this time in the village of Wackersleben, between Halberstadt and Helmstedt. Ernst August Böhlke's small operation has no tap but the beer is sold in jugs or barrels. (SS)


17th May 2007


In Vielau, a couple of kilometres south-east of Zwickau, the former village brewery (closed in 1969) was turned into a museum in 2003. Happily, it brews occasionally. Museumsbrauerei Vielau offers just one beer, Vielauer Dunkel. I understand it's only available from the museum which only opens occasionally. I don't have an address. (AD)


16th May 2007


As if to prove that lightning can indeed strike twice, Amönau, a small village near Wetter, now has two breweries. Armin Latzko, a former hobby brewer, has been in touch to say he now produces his beers commercially, albeit on a small scale. The beers are sold direct from the brewery and are also available at some local festivals through the year. Tomorrow, a second brewery will open a few doors away. Dorfbrauhaus is a brewpub, and will kick-off with a four-day 'Erstsudfest.'


15th May 2007


The first of three new breweries to report in Franconia is in the village of Hochholz, a few kilometres east of Solnhofen and just a few hundred metres inside Franconia. Detlef and Kerstin Pövlerein started the tiny Hochholzer Brauhaus in 2005. There's no tap, but the beers are available both bottled and draught, to take away. They offer brewing seminars around nine times a year. (AD)

The second is in Homburg am Main, just over the border from Baden-Württemberg, which until now had been known more for it's wine. I understand Homburger Bräuscheuere is a brewpub rather than a micro, but haven't yet been able to confirm this. (AD)

A third brewery should open in the autumn in Zimmern, a village just a few kilometres from Hochholz. Bernard Hecht's brewery will be called 'Hollersteiner Bräu.' (AD)


With the planning dispute evidently resolved, Hohmanns Brauhaus in Fulda opened last month. Rhönpils and Fuldaer Kellerbier (dunkel) are the regular beers, with at least three different seasonals planned. (AD)


Haltern now has a second brewery. Bücker's Bierbrauerei has been started by Peter Bücker, a local beer distributor. As yet, I've no info on any pubs that sell the beers. (AD)


13th May 2007


A new brewpub should be open in Marburg in late June. Elisabeth Bräu will be in a 400-year-old building, opposite the Elisabeth Kirche. It was formerly the MOX nightclub. (MB)


Jagerhütte, the Magdeburg tap of Spezialitätenbrauerei Eckart (Lindhorst), has been damaged by a fire. It's not clear how extensive the damage is, but it's currently closed. (SS)


8th May 2007


There's an interesting-looking new brewery at the Bauernhof- und Wintersportsmuseum in Neuhaus, near Schliersee, which opened on May Day. This country museum features relocated and restored farm buildings, one of which houses a pub with a brand new wood-fired brew kettle. The whole enterprise is run by Markus Wasmaier, a World Cup winning skier. It's easily reached by train to Fischhausen-Neuhaus, which is only a few hundred metres away. (MB)


Thomas Horacek, a regular contributor to this website, has told me he's starting his own brewery in the seaside town of Barth. Housed in a former ice-cream factory, beers will be produced under the 'Barther Küstenbier' name, and are expected to include Hell, Pils, Amber and Weizen, plus seasonals. It's anticipated several local pubs will sell the beers, the first of which are expected to appear before the end of July. (TH)


A new brewery opened last weekend at Klindworths Gasthof in Sauensiek, around 12km south-west of Buxtehude. The two regular beers are Sauensieker Landbier (Hell) and Sauensieker Keiler (Dunkel). (MB)


7th May 2007


Bad news from Neue Mühle (Königs Wusterhausen). Although the pub will reopen next week, the brewing equipment at Riedel's Landgasthof has been sold. I don't think they brewed beer there for more than a few months. (MB)


4th May 2007


The 'temporary' closure of the Cuxhavener Brauhaus is now in its fourth month, and looks increasingly likely to be permanent.

If you're planning on visiting the Paul-Linke-Treff in Hahnenklee, I suggest you leave it for a while. The owner is a glazier, and runs the brewery as a hobby. Due to the storms which damaged thousands of properties late last year, he's been unable to brew since Christmas due to the demand for his services, so it may be a few months yet before brewing resumes. (SS)


The previously mentioned Hochsimmer Bräu Ackermann in Ettringen (see 1st December update) does not brew. (SS)


2nd May 2007


There's no good news today. Jan-Erik Svensson reports that a family tragedy at Brauerei Hellmuth in Burgkunstadt seems likely to result in the end of brewing, although this is not confirmed. The tap, however, is still open. Also in Burgkunstadt, it appears Gick has definitely closed.


Finally, some news concerning Brauhaus zum Reformator in Lutherstadt Eisleben. I was fairly certain it had closed, but although the pub has indeed shut, the brewery is still active and beer is still sold by prior arrangement. (SS)


30th April 2007


May 23rd should see the opening of the second brewery in Germany with glass brewing kettles. It has been installed in part of the former Augustin abbey at Dalheim, near Lichtenau, which will be home to the Westfälisches Museum für Klosterkultur. (MB)


26th April 2007


Ulrich Schmidt has contacted me to report that the future Brauhaus am Schlößle in Sulzbach an der Murr may not actually brew. Apparently, it's owned by Michael Kuhn of Michaeli Bräu in Bretten, and may be supplied from there.


A visit to Burgbräuhaus Belzig last week showed there was still work to be done, and it seems likely opening may now be in June. (US)


The microbrewery at Getränkemarkt Koth in Röglitz, is now open. The first two beers are Pils and Urquell, with a Weizen planned. (MB)


23rd April 2007


The tap for Brauerei Morsbachtal opened on 14th April. Called 'Bärenkühle', it can be reached by bus 658 from Remscheid-Güldenwerth - get off at Morsbach-Schleife. They brew just the one beer, a Märzen. (PW)


20th April 2007


The world-famous resort of Baden-Baden now has a brewery. Citybräu Amadeus is in the centre of the spa town, which makes it around 5km from the station. The sole beer is a Pils. (AD)


A new brewpub opened in Arzbach, a village south of Bad Tölz, on 4th April. Brauhaus Isarwinkel has started with three beers - Hell, Pils and Weizen. (AD)


Burgbräuhaus Belzig is expected to open any day now. (AD)


Andy Pratt discovered on a recent visit to Kassel that Braupfanne (the Martini brewery tap) has changed hands and is now an Italian restaurant. They no longer sell Martini beers...


Sebastian Sauer reports that the Gifhorner Brauhaus hasn't actually brewed since 2002, and the house beers actually come from Wittinger.

Goslar Brauhaus beers are apparently still being brewed at the recently closed Brauhaus zum Löwen in Braunschweig. (SS)

Klüsker Waldbräu in Röcke stopped brewing in February. It's thought their beers may now be brewed by Röhrl in Straubing. (SS)

The Artland Brauerei in Suttrup will open next weekend. I don't yet have the name of a regular outlet. (MB/AD)


An interesting-looking brewery should open next month in Schwalenberg. The Schwalenberg Brauzunft is a group of eleven locals who have set-up the brewery in a similar way to the communal breweries of Bayern. It's unclear at this stage just how widely available the beer will be. (AD)

In Schwelm, the Spanish restaurant La Bodega recently started brewing. It's in the centre of town, close to the Schwelmer brewery tap. (AD)

Cramer in Wallersheim no longer brew their own beer - this is now done by Sünner in Köln (SS)


16th April 2007


Joerg Nierbauer has contacted me to report the Marler Brauhaus definitely doesn't brew.

Patrick Walters recently visited Brauhaus Mattlerhof in Röttgersbach (Duisburg), only to find no house-brewed beers available. Although the website still lists them, a phone call today confirmed they no longer brew.


The new owners of the Wasserburg zu Gommern castle hope to reopen the former brewpub later this year. Burgbräu last brewed in 2003. The beer garden may open as soon as mid-May, but I don't yet have a date for the resumption of brewing, or a confirmed name for the brewery. (MB)


26th March 2007


The tap of Holzkirchner Oberbräu is currently closed. (MB)


April should see the opening of a microbrewery at Getränkemarkt Koth, in the village of Röglitz, close to the Sachsen border, around 15km south-east of Halle. There are rumours that one of the beers will be a Gose... (MB)


21st March 2007


The village of Hambrücken, to the north-east of Graben-Neudorf, gained it's first brewery late last year. Gasthaus zum Sternen at Hauptstraße 160 produces 'Sternenbräu' beers. (AD)


The small town of Altenstadt an der Waldnaab, a few miles north of Weiden, now has a small brewery. Michael and Veronika Eismann have started brewing in their cellar and currently supply the Rathausstuben, also known as 'Zoiglwirtshaus Zur Henner' (they sell Zoigl on the third weekend of the month). (AD)

Schanzenbräu finally opened their brewpub last week, although I don't yet have opening hours. The beers now seem to make regular appearances in several other bars in the city. (MW)

The small but very traditional Brauerei Behringer in Vohenstrauß has a new owner, Metrec GmbH of Schwarzenbach. This should resolve the uncertainty which has surrounded the brewery for the past few years. (MB/AD)


Dampfbierhaus Rössel Bräu, the smaller of Willingen's two brewpubs, changed hands last month and is now known as 'Prinzipal Brauhaus'. Brewing continues (Thursday is brew day).


Beers from Eick Bräu in Groß Gievitz are apparently usually on sale at Zapfhahn in nearby Waren. (TH)


I've been told the Alstadtbrauhaus in Bautzen closed in December, although I spoke to someone there in early February who said they still brewed. I tried calling again today but they're phone line is faulty. Any information confirming the situation is welcome. (AD)


5th March 2007


The former Brauerei Thome in Wolzhausen reopened last month under new ownership - it's now called Hinterländer Brauhaus. The first beer, a Pils, should be available from April. (MB/AD/TH)


Eick Bräu in Groß Gievitz is apparently open, although I can't establish whether there's a tap or not. (AD)


There's one new brewery between to report. Brauerei Morsbachtal opened last year in the hamlet of Engelskotten, between Remscheid and Solingen. The tap should open in the next couple of months. Despite it's geographical location, Engelskotten is actually in the Wuppertal district of Cronenberg (by a few metres). (AD)


12th February 2007


Dave Jackson reports the Cuxhavener Brauhaus, which only opened last summer, is currently closed. Their website states this is a temporary measure, but the sign on the pub apparently says 'until further notice...'

It's thought Brauhaus Goslar beers may be brewed by Schadt's in Braunschweig. Following the closure of Zum Löwen, the latter's second brewpub in the city, it seems reasonable to speculate the brewing equipment may find its way to Goslar. Any further information is, as always, welcome. (MB)


8th February 2007


A small brewery has been installed in a mountain cottage overlooking Baiersbronn, deep in the Black Forest. Glasmännlebräu is in the new Glasmännlehütte on the Stöckerkopf, south-west of the town. It's accessible only by foot or ski-lift (the 'Sesselbahn'). (AD)

More news on the planned brewery in Sulzbach. It will be called 'Brauhaus am Schlößle' (not 'Sulzbacher Brauhaus'), and will be housed in a former supermarket on Backnanger Straße. (AD)

One place that had slipped my mind until they replied to me today was Stiftungs-Bräu, a small brewery which is part of the Manfred Sauer Stiftung, a charitable foundation based on a small industrial estate on the western side of Waldwimmersbach (now officially part of Lobbach). The complex includes a hotel and restaurant. (AD)


Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht in Regensburg has changed hands. It's now called 'Regensburger Weizenbrauhaus' and brews four beers - Hell, Dunkel, Weizen Hell and Weizen Dunkel. The other five Joh. Albrechts around the country appear to be unaffected. (HS)

A second brewpub has opened south of Kaufbeuren. The Kirnachstuben in Ruderatshofen started brewing at around the same time as Landgasthof Hubertus in nearby Apfeltrang. (AD)

The Ettl brewery tap in Teisnach has reopened. Brauerei-Gasthof Ettl Bräu is at Deggendorfer Straße 1, but I don't yet have the opening hours. (HS)


Belzig's planned new brewery, Burgbräuhaus, is expected to start brewing in the next couple of weeks. The tap will be at Bahnhofstraße 16, and it's hoped this will open in time to sell the first beer at Easter. (AD / MB)


There may be a brewery in the pipeline for the village of Groß Gievitz on the Torgelower See. It's not yet known if Eick Bräu will be a commercial venture or simply a hobby. (MB)


5th February 2007


One to be wary of is Hopfingerbräu at the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Several people have reported it as brewing, but in fact the coppers are fake. The wheat beer comes from nearby Lindenbräu; the others from Hofbräu Traunstein. (S. Brazel)

Following the takeover by Lemke, Luisen-Bräu has been renamed 'Lemkes Brauhaus am Schloß Charlottenburg'. Beer is still brewed on the premises. (S. Brazel / S. Bruns)


One of the two brewpubs in Finsterwalde, Sieben Brunnen, stopped brewing a couple of years back following the death of the brewer. The pub and bowling alley remain open. (S. Brazel)

Brewing has been suspended at Riedel's Landgasthof in Neue Mühle, near Königs Wusterhausen, due to problems with the equipment. The pub will reopen on 1st March. (S. Brazel)


Edenkoben, a small town on the Weinstraße, has gained its first brewery since the 19th century. Jager Bräu is a modern café bar just north of the station. (AD)


Bautzen has a third brewpub. The attractively situated Spree Pension now has a small brewery - as the name suggests, you can also stay there. (S. Bruns)


2nd February 2007


June should see the opening of a brewpub in the old Schlosskeller in Sulzbach an der Murr, with 'Sulzbacher Sudhaus' cited as a possible name. (MB)


There are plans for a brewpub in Fulda at Florengasse 3-5, although these may not come to fruition due to objections from local residents. (MB)


22nd January 2007


Peter Feihl, owner of Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten has been in touch to add a few details about his recently revived operation. The family has owned the brewhouse for 200 years - beer was never brewed in the Kloster itself. Currently two beers are produced - Kloster Dunkel and Kloster Spezial. Both are organic. There's no tap but the brewery is open from 09.00-17.00 each Saturday for sales.


Luisen-Bräu has been taken over by Lemkes. It's thought the pub closed in the autumn but reopened a couple of weeks back. Whether beer is still being brewed on the premises is uncertain. (AD)


13th January 2007


One of Braunschweig's two brewpubs, Zum Löwen, closed on 2nd January. The owners are concentrating their efforts on nearby Schadt's. (S. Brazel)


11th January 2007


Münchhausen Brauhaus in Bodenwerder no longer brews, although the pub remains open. Apparently, it's more than two years since they produced their own beer. (AD)


9th January 2007


Gick-Bräu, one of Burgkunstadt's three breweries, apparently closed last month. I've been unable to contact them to confirm this is the case. (TH)


I belatedly heard about Brauhaus Cleefs in Kleve today, which apparently started brewing back in 1999. Unfortunately, I then discovered it stopped brewing recently, although the pub apparently remains open. (AD)

Krombacher have bought Rolinck in Steinfurt (MB).


5th January 2007


After visiting myself on New Years Day, I finally got confirmation Liebhart's Brauhaus in Poing stopped brewing just over a year ago. All signs and menus are still on display but I suspect they no longer open regularly (there was a private party when I called).


There's a new brewpub in Salmünster (part of the Bad Soden-Salmünster conurbation). The Zum Braumeister pub apparently brews beers under the 'Brauwerkstatt' name - Hell, Dunkel, Weizen and seasonals are produced. (AD)


Brauhaus Alt Wülfrath closed on 22nd December, owner Irene Brass citing personal reasons. The pub and brewery are now up for sale so it may not be the end of brewing in Wülfrath. (GH)


21st December 2006


More on the planned Kulturbrauerei in Gera. The original address I was given has turned out to be the home of the man behind the project. In fact, it will be in the old Sächsischer Bahnhof building, next to Gera Süd station. Although the brewery is not likely to open for a while, the building is already being used for concerts and will also house art exhibitions and other cultural events. (MB)


19th December 2006


The doors closed for the final time at the Moerser Brauhaus on 1st November. Failure to get an extension on the lease has been sited as the reason. (AD)


15th December 2006


I mentioned a few days ago that Nürnberg should soon have a new brewpub. In fact, Schanzenbräu has been brewing since 2005 and the beers have been available at the Palmengarten on Untere Kanalstraße. The brewpub on Adam-Kein-Straße is apparently now open, although I haven't been able to trace a phone number to confirm this. (AD)


Jens Hölzel has been in touch to tell me about the microbrewery he and Robert Kathöwer have started in Gestorf, south of Hannover. Called Robens Kerkerbräu, the brewery is in the cellar of a half-timbered building that once served as the village gaol - Kerkerbräu means 'Dungeon Brew'. As yet, there are no regular outlets for the three regular and dozen or so seasonal beers produced.

In my 6th December update I mistakenly listed Hasperde as being in Nordrhein-Westfalen - it's actually in Niedersachsen.


13th December 2006


The first supermarket in Germany (if not the world) with a brewery is Hieber's FrischeCenter in Lörrach. The equipment formerly used by the town's Kantine Brauhaus has been installed and is used to brew Markt Bier - Pils & Weizen are the two regulars. The company has eight other stores and I suspect the beers may be available in each of them. (AD)


Peter Feihl, the grandson of the former owner of Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten, has revived the name and started a brewery behind the Kloster Gasthof (which housed the original brewery), although the beers are not available there. (AD)


More on the proposed brewery in Nordhausen which I first mentioned in July. The new venture will be in the northern suburb of Salza, close to the station, and will be called Bürgerliches Brauhaus Nordhausen. The first three beers are expected to appear from May 2007, brewed under contract by Landsberger. The brewery itself is expected to open in early summer 2008. (MB)


There's no evidence of the Kulturbrauerei in Gera opening in the near future. (GB)


11th December 2006


Finally, some confirmation of what's happening at Bürgerbräu in Bad Windsheim. They no longer brew at their own brewery, beers being produced for them by Tucher (thanks to Peter Strudwicke for that information). However, they do still brew on a small scale in the former communal brewery at the nearby Freilandmuseum - I believe lagering and bottling of these beers may be carried out at the old Bürgerbräu site. (AD)

The owners of the former Götschel brewery in Bayreuth apparently plan to resume brewing next year. (AD)

Nürnberg should soon have a new brewpub in the western suburb of Gostenhof. Schanzenbräu will be at Adam-Klein-Straße 11. (PH)

As suspected, the former Schäff brewery in Treuchtlingen no longer produces beer, just water and soft drinks. (AD)

One new brewery I was told about months ago but somehow neglected to mention here is the very unusual Metzgerbräu Reichert in Uetzing, near Bad Staffelstein. Manfred Reichert brews around 50hl of beer a year in the sausage kettle at his butchers shop! (MB)


7th December 2006


The famous Weyermann maltings in Bamberg has had a small test brewery for a couple of years but it's only recently that the beer has been available for sale on a regular basis. The Weyermann fan shop is the sole outlet and opens on Fridays only. (JW)

Hermann Vilzmann has a small brewery on his farm at Burgholz, an isolated hamlet around 7km north of Hebertsfelden. Brewing usually takes place only in spring and summer and there are no regular outlets other than the farm. (AD)

One glaring omission from the Guide that's just been pointed-out to me is that of Apostelbräu in Eben, near Hauzenberg. For some reason I was under the impression they no longer brewed and had upped-sticks to Austria but I was wrong. The brewery has given me the extremely attractive looking Hotel zum Stemplinger Hausl in Hauzenberg as the best place to drink their beer. (AD)

I've had it confirmed that Röhrl Bräu in Frontenhausen no longer brews and is merely a depot for the Straubing brewery. No further word on the status of Pöstbräu but I strongly suspect that has also ceased to brew itself - any evidence one way or the other would be welcome. (AD)

There's a new microbrewery in the village of Neuhausen, just north of Kempten. Michlbräu currently brew four unfiltered beers. (AD)

Wechingen, a small town north-east of Nördlingen also now has a microbrewery. Maierbräu (also know as Maier Bier) has apparently been going since 2000, although I suspect it's only recently become a commercial operation. (AD)

Hasenbrauerei in Weißenhorn no longer brews, the owner citing their small size as the reason. The tap remains open. (AD)


One further newcomer to report is Rotingdorfer, a microbrewery in the village of Rottingdorf, near Werther. The sole beer (a Pils) is available in a number of local Getränkemärkte. (AD)


6th December 2006

There's plenty of news again today, courtesy of Alex Deuerlein.


The Koepf brewery in Aalen stopped brewing in 2003 (despite what they told me previously!) and their Kellerberg beers are now produced elsewhere. (AD)

Andreas Mülhaupt has opened a microbrewery in the village of Brombach, north-east of Lörrach. (AD)

Following on from the news of the opening of Germania am Viadukt in Bietigheim-Bissingen, the town's earlier brewpub, Brauhaus Michel, has reopened (following extensive refurbishment) under the original name of Brauhaus Rommelmühle. (AD)

Another brewpub to reopen is Green Corner in Grünwettersbach. Although officially a suburb of Karlsruhe, I've listed Grünwettersbach separately as it's around 9km south-east of the city and there's plenty of countryside between the two. (AD)

There's a small brewery at the Peitschenmuseum (whip museum!) in Killer, a village in the Schwabian Alps near Burladingen. The beer may prove very difficult to come by as it's normally only available at the museum's cafeteria - and that only opens on six days a year (although they will open for parties at other times). (AD)

Another small addition to the scene is Singlebräu a microbrewery in Müllheim. I understand the beer is sometimes available in several local bars (see their website) but I'm not certain it is a regular feature in any of them. (AD)

A brewery has been set up in Offenburg to produce gluten-free beers. Schnitzerbräu is on an industrial estate on the western edge of the city - it looks from the website as though a fair bit of money has been invested. (AD)


The world-famous town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber now has a very small brewery. The owner of the Markusturm hotel is now producing small quantities of virtually hand-made beer which is only available to hotel guests. (PH)

I hope to post a much larger update on Bayern tomorrow, time permitting...


Brauhaus Biberland in Groß-Bieberau has been renamed 'Gersprenz Hausbräu'.


Dennis Kühn has been brewing n Hasperde for himself since 1998 but has now taken his hobby one step further and launched 'Denner Bier' as a commercial venture. He currently brews four regular beers plus seasonals. (AD)


Richard Becker has installed a small brewery in his pub in the Remscheid suburb of Ehringhasen, situated in a forest a few kilometres south-west of the centre. He currently brews Hell and Dunkel. (AD)

Knoorz-Bräu in Morsbach doesn't actually brew but has the beer produced elsewhere. (AD)

Niedermeiers Hof in Reineberg stopped brewing within a year of starting, although the pub remains open. (AD)

A brewery has been installed in the Al Bandy pub in Solingen. The brewery itself is called Walder Bräu and seems to specialise in top fermented beers - an Alt, Obergärige Helles and a Festbier were available when I rang today. (AD)


4th December 2006


Inselbräu, on the island of Frauenchiemsee, opened its doors for the first time last Friday. (AD)


One brewery missing from the Guide which should've been included is Brauhaus Horn, located just north of Horn itself (part of Horn-Bad Meinberg), close to the Wiembecke river. Just one beer (Horner Urtrüb Dunkel) is brewed on the premises.

It seems likely that Marler Brauhaus in Marl-Drewer may not actually brew. As yet I've been unable to locate a phone number in order to confirm the situation.


Although the town's Porze brewery has not yet resumed brewing as had been hoped, Rudolstadt does now have a brewpub. Weißes Roß (the White Horse) is close to the Landratsamt. (AD)


1st December 2006

Alex Deuerlein has been in touch with a load of new information.


First off, Asendorf's 'Lüneburger Heide Brauerei' has been in the pipeline for several years, but is not likely to see the light of day for several more, if at all.

Hotel Frommann in Dibbersen, a village just north of Buchholz (Nordheide), now has a small brewery producing 'Christophers' beers. (AD)

Can anyone confirm where Brauhaus Golslar's beers are actually brewed? It appears the address I listed in the guide (An der Abzucht 1a) is nothing more than a house. (AD)


There may be a brewery in the small town of Ettringen. Details are scant but reports suggest it's on Breitenholz and may be called either Ackermann or Hochsimmer Brauhaus - any further information would be welcome. (AD)

Brauerei Steffens in St. Severinsberg stopped brewing last year, although the tap remains open. Any information on where their beers now come from would be welcome. (AD)


Sudhaus in Dudweiler may be brewing again. This small brewpub (at Sudstraße 7) first opened in 2003 but brewing ceased in May 2005. There have been a couple of changes of ownership since. (AD)

It's rumoured that Stiefel in Saarbrücken brews only occasionally, although they've told me that's not the case. (AD)

Despite having a small plant in the bar, St. Wendeler Brauereihaus does not brew itself. The house beer is produced elsewhere. (AD)


A microbrewery has been installed in part of the former Diamant brewery in Magdeburg, after which it is named. The first brew was done in March and the beer is only available draught. (AD)

The village of Neindorf, just north of Oschersleben, now has a small brewery. Schwarzbier is the regular beer at Dorfkrug but seasonals are also produced. (AD)


Two hobby-brewing brothers in Schwarzenbek have taken a step towards bigger things. Boris and Damir Markovic have opened a microbrewery called 'Das Kleine Brauhaus' in Damir's garage and currently brew two beers and a beer liqueur for sale to the public. (AD)


Linkenmühle in Paska (see 17th November update) get their beers from Rosenbrauerei Pößneck. (AD)


30th November 2006


Michel Senghaas, previously one of the owners of the former Brauhaus Michel (first called Brauhaus Rommelmühle) in Bietigheim-Bissingen, has opened a new brewpub in the town. Germania am Viaduct brews 'Michel Bräu' beers and is in Bietigheim, just off Ellentalstraße, close to Bietigheim-Ellental S-Bahn station (Brauhaus Michel was in Bissingen at Flösserstraße 60). Thanks to John Stant for the tip-off.


There's a new microbrewery in Munich that specialises in fruit-flavoured wheat beer, although they do also sell the wheat beer in its natural state. Bierlabaratorium is on the southern side of the city, a kilometre or so south-west of the Paulaner/Hacker-Pschorr plant. (GH)


It's with no great surprise that I report Thorsten Schoppe has combined his two brewing operations. Schoppe Bräu has effectively ceased to exist and all beer is now  brewed at Brauhaus Südstern, although I believe they will still brew (comparatively) small batches of beer to order.


Plans for a new brewpub near the small town of Nortrup in the Artland region are at an advanced stage, although the name is still to be confirmed. The brewery will be at Hof Renze, a farm in the scattered hamlet of Suttrup, and is expected to open in spring 2007. (MB)


22nd November 2006


Good news from Stuttgart. It's been announced today that InBev are to sell Dinkelacker-Schwaben back to the Dinkelacker family.


20th November 2006


Thomas Horacek has been in touch regarding Bürgerbräu in Hof. You may remember I initially reported on the Rumours page back in August that they seemed to have stopped brewing, and I believed this to be confirmed the following month. Despite appearences to the contrary, around 4,000hl of beer is still being produced there annually, with bottling taking place at the nearby Scherdel brewery. Sadly, it's not all good news - production is expected to cease in the next couple of years due to the dramatic decrease in sales over the last fifteen years (down from 100,000hl in 1990).


17th November 2006


Elchbräu in Riegel has changed name and (possibly) location. The brewery now trades as Römerbräu and the contact address is given as Robert-Meyer-Weg 22 - it's possible the latter is simply the home of the owners, as it's a residential street. The web address remains the same.


Early December should see the opening of a brewery on Frauenchiemsee (also known as the Fraueninsel), an island on lake Chiemsee. Daniel & Holger Hagen hope to open Inselbräu in time for the Christkindlmarkt. The brewpub occupies the former Café Gini. (MB)

Sean Brazel advises me that Hahnenhof, the tap of Ingobräu (Ingolstadt) has closed.

The first of a number of new breweries to report thanks to Paul Harrop and his excellent website is in the Allgäu. Landgashof Hubertus is in the small village of Apfeltrang, 6km south-east of Kaufbeuren.

Building work on a new brewpub to help cater for the tourist boom in Marktl (birthplace of the current Pope) is at an advanced stage. Brauhaus Benedikt should open in the next few months. (PH)

Zum Wohlherrn, the tap of Pfaffenhofen's Urbanus brewery, now only opens for parties and special events. (S. Brazel)

Schloßbrauerei Pöttmes is no longer brewing. It seems likely their beers are now produced by Brauerei Kühbach. (S. Brazel)

Kleinbrauerei Rain now has a small bar at the brewery which opens on Fridays from 18.00-24.00. Their former outlet in the town centre, Bierkutsch'n, is now closed. (S. Brazel)

Thurnauer Schloßbräu's sole beer is currently being brewed by Grasser in Huppendorf, although there are future plans for the beer to be brewed on site in Thurnau. Thanks to Sascha Bruns for the info.


The western district of Charlottenburg has a second brewpub. Owned by the Fransiscan order, Franziskushof Stuben opened in February and brews 'Thaddäus Bräu' beers - named after a Fransiscan monk. (S. Bruns)


Kassel has recently seen the reopening of the former Kasselaner Brauhaus - this time under the name 'Zille Berliner Brauhaus'. Helles, Dunkles and Weizen are the three regular beers. (PH)

Wersau, a village at the northern edge of the Odenwald, now has an organic microbrewery in the form of Brauerei Klinger. (PH)


Several sources list a brewery in Asendorf (Nordheide). Lüneburger Heide Brauerei is supposedly at Am Mühlenberg 30 but the phone number (04183 777466) no longer works. Any further information would be welcome.


Hotel Astoria in Bad Neuenahr now has a pub which gives the impression of being a brewery, although I'm not so sure. A phone call to the Neuenahrer Brauhaus revealed they have house beers but when pressed on their origin, the person I spoke to would only say they come from a small private brewery. Any ideas (I have a sneaking suspicion they may be from Guldenbacher Brauhaus in Windesheim)?


There's a new brewery to report in the hamlet of Hüttenwohld, around 10km east of Neumünster. Landgasthof Kirschenholz brews two regular beers plus several seasonals. (PH)


Some reports suggested that Linkenmühle in Paska was brewing, but a phone call has revealed they do not.

It's hoped the former Pörze brewery in Rudolstadt should reopen as a brewpub within the next year or two. Pörze beers are currently contract brewed elsewhere and are available at Gasthaus Mariental in Cumbach, a village on the southern outskirts of Rudolstadt. (PH)


23rd October 2006


There's a new brewery on the outskirts of Düsseldorf. Vereinshaus Unterbach currently brews just one beer,  an Alt called 'Unterbacher Dröppke', although other beers may be produced in the future. Officially a suburb, I've listed Unterbach separately from Düsseldorf as it's around 12km east of the Altstadt and separated from the city by a forest. (GH)


17th October 2006


Parchim's new brewpub - Brauhaus Kaiserliches Postamt Parchim - opened last Friday. (MB)


There should be a brewery in Ingelheim by this time next year. The 'Ingelheimer Brauhaus' will be located in the western commercial district and should open next summer. (MB)


3rd October 2006


A bit of info I forgot to mention when I was told about it last month is the closure of the Alter Bahnhof in Düsseldorf. According to staff in the nearby Johann Albrecht it shut sometime around September last year. Thanks to Adrian (sorry, your last name got lost when my e-mail system crashed recently) for the info.


2nd October 2006


One takeover that had escaped my notice until now was that of Hopf in Miesbach. Brau Holding International (in the guise of Hacker-Pschorr) officially acquired the brewery on New Years Day. (MB)


28th September 2006


I've just discovered the Thüringer Freilichtmuseum in Hohenfelden has a restored brewhouse. Brewing is done between spring and early autumn and culminates with a brewery festival on the last Sunday in October. It's unclear just how widely available the beer is but there is a pub at the museum.


26th September 2006


Gernot Wildung, owner of Zoigl in Kaufbeuren, has been in touch to report that Wolframstub'n in Windischeschenbach has its own brewery on the premises and does not get its beer from the Kommunbrauerei.


Riedel's Landgasthof is apparently now open following the installation of the new brewery but currently sells beers from the Meierei brewpub in Potsdam. There's no word on when their own beers will be available. (MB)


24th September 2006


Good news from Fred Waltman's website - the younger brother of the late Georg Seelmann plans to revive his old Zettmannsdorf brewery by next summer.


22nd September 2006


Alex Deuerlein has been in touch to advise me the new brewpub in Parchim will be called 'Brauhaus Kaiserliches Postamt Parchim'. It will also include a hotel with 16 bedrooms. Two regular beers plus a changing beer should be available at all times - each under the 'Pütt's Bräu' banner (Pütt is the local dialect name for Parchim).


21st September 2006


Yet another brewery in the state (which seems to be suffering more than most) has stopped brewing. Hirschbrauerei Grammer now has its beer brewed elsewhere but the tap remains open.


The public opening of Harburger Engelbräu has been put back a couple of weeks as there's still some work to be done in the pub. It's now expected you'll be able to drink 'Das Urige' and 'Harburger Schwarzbier' from the first week of October. (MB)


The brewpub in the former Kaiserliches Post in Parchim should open in mid-October. I still don't have a name for the brewery but their first beer will be called 'Pütt's Hell'. (MB)


Waldgasthaus Steinbach in Kirchheim now opens at 11.30, slightly later than listed in the Guide, and also closes on Tuesdays from November to March.

Münster could soon have a second brewery. The owners of Hotel-Restaurant Junior are apparently looking for suitable second hand brewing equipment. (MB)

I found out the hard way last Saturday that the Velberter Brauhaus does not brew...


Work is progressing on a new brewpub in Dresden. The Augustiner Brauhaus is being built by Peter Zeibig (with backing from the large Munich brewery) and will be a stones throw from the Frauenkirche. It should open around this time next year. (MB)


13th September 2006


I've finally managed to contact Hotel Habichtstein in Alexisbad (see below) and they've confirmed they don't yet brew, although there are long-term plans to install a brewery. Thanks to David Thornhill for the tip-off.


6th September 2006


David Thornhill advises me Hotel Habichtstein in Alexisbad (see New Breweries) does not actually brew. The beers used to be contracted to the Museumsbrauerei in Wippra but are apparently now brewed elsewhere - attempts to contact the hotel today have failed.


5th September 2006


John White has contacted me to confirm the closure of both Robesbierre in Bamberg and Bürgerbräu Hof, although Frank Wetzel of the excellent Bierregion Franken website reports there are plans for the former brewery to re-open in a new location, possibly as soon as next year.


There are plans to open a brewpub in a holiday village under development in Gentzrode, a village north of Neuruppin. It's not expected to open until late 2007 at the earliest. (MB)


The Marler Brauhaus opened in Marl-Drewer last Friday (1st September). It seems to have been an Australian bar called Kangeroo until recently - the local Foster drinkers must be gutted! (MB)


31st August 2006


Sadly, there are several closures to report in the state:

Paul Lockwood informs me that Hirschen in Kenzingen stopped brewing in 2004 with beers now originating from the similarly named Hirschenbrauerei in Waldkirch - this was confirmed by the brewery.

News on the other two closures was first spotted on Paul Gatzhammer's website:

Kulturbrauhaus in Lörrach recently closed - it was known as the Kantine Brauhaus until 2004.

Also closed is the small Schwind brewery in Oberndorf, together with the tap (the sole former outlet).


The rumoured brewery in Neviges is now at the trial brew stage. Beers have so far been produced under the names Grützmacher Bräu and Quandlbräu but the final moniker is still to be decided.


27th August 2006


The owner of Brauerei Thome in Wolzhausen applied for insolvency on 14th August. Production had declined rapidly in recent years to just 2,100hl last year. Although the brewery is for sale as a going concern, this seems unlikely as less than 200hl of beer was sold to the pub trade last year. The brewery still has 20,000 bottles and 100hl of draught Thome Pils if you'd like to try it before it disappears forever. (MB)


22nd August 2006


The Göltzschtal brewery (a.k.a. Brauhaus bei der Göltzsch) in Greiz is for sale. (MB)


18th August 2006


29th September should see the re-opening - complete with new brewery - of Riedel's Landgasthof in Neue Mühle, a small village west of Königs Wusterhausen. The pub is on the left bank of the Dahme next to a lock. (MB)


17th August 2006


Harburger Engelbräu is scheduled to open its doors on 15th September. The name may be familiar to some - the previous incarnation of this brewpub was on Schloßstraße and closed in 1998 (not 2001 as mentioned in the Guide) - and the same man, Konstantinos Englezos,  is behind the new venture. (MB)


16th August 2006


There's a new brewery to report in Detmold. Liebhart's Privatbrauerei opened last year in a purpose-built building close to Sudhaus Detmold (see below) and already supplies around 25 pubs and numerous drinks markets. (GH)

Although Detmold had three breweries as a result of the above opening, it's now back to two. Sudhaus Detmold changed hands at the beginning of June and has stopped brewing. Residenz beers from Liebhart's (see above) are now sold at the pub.


14th August 2006


Hartmuth Schindler reports the tap of Brauerei Greiner in Roding (Zum Goldenen Anker) is currently closed, apparently due to a lack of tenant.


A 21-storey building is being constructed on the former site of the Bavaria St. Pauli brewery.  A brewpub is planned - possibly to be called 'Bavaria Brauhaus'. It's not expected to open until next year. (MB)


The former tap of Alte Brauerei Wolfhagen no longer sells the beers. The brewery website lists five alternative local outlets. (MB)


There are plans for a brewpub in the former Kaiserliche Post building on the market square in Parchim. The name hasn't been decided but 'Kaiserliche Post' and 'Kaiserbräu' have both been mentioned as possibilities. (MB)


8th August 2006


There are plans for a new brewpub in the spa town of Belzig. Burgbräuhaus (Wittenberger Straße 1) is expected to open around Easter next year. (MB)


Kaiser Napoleon in Leipzig has re-opened. As suspected, the pub closed last year but has now been bought by Brauhaus Zwickau and now brews a Helles, Dunkles & Hefeweizen.


7th August 2006


Bavarian brewing giant Oettinger has bought Brauhaus Preussen Pils (Pritzwalk) outright. They apparently intend to continue brewing the full range of beers. (SM)


Günther Heinzel, who  recently visited Beerfelden, reports that Brauerei Felsenkeller has not brewed for a number of years. The brewery is in a fairly dilapidated state and a neighbour and local shopkeeper both said the beers now come from Pfungstädter. This was then confirmed on a visit to the brewery drinks market the following day. However, when I phoned the brewery the person I spoke to claimed they still brewed...


2nd August 2006


Adlerbrauerei in Mögglingen has recently stopped brewing although the tap remains open.


Dave Cunningham reports the Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl in Munich was open again in mid-July.


6th July 2006


Advance warning of a new brewery in Nordhausen. The Roland brewery site has been sold to a local developer who plans to demolish the old plant and construct a much smaller (10,000hl capacity) brewery & tap together with 10-20 houses. It's expected the new venture will open in 2008. (MB)


5th July 2006


Franconia has a new brewery - Klostergasthof Klosterbräu in Marienweiher.  The pub is in the centre of the village, next to the small Franciscan monastery which itself brewed until 1898. There's an irregular bus service from Kulmbach. (MB)


4th July 2006

There's plenty of news to report today, much of it gleaned from the news page of Schill Malz (SM), most of the rest from Markus Brinker (MB).


The Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl, one of Munich's most pleasant pubs, has closed due to financial problems. Augustiner are currently looking for a new tenant. (SM)


The Kindl brewery in Neukölln finally stopped brewing a few months ago, all production moving to Schultheiss in Hohenschönhausen which has been renamed 'Berliner-Schultheiss-Kindl-Brauerei'. The former Kindl site has been sold for redevelopment.


The Erbacher Brauhaus (Erbach) will close on 31st August. Owned by Oetker (Radeberger), the beer range had been reduced to just Pils in recent years - this will in future be brewed by Binding. (SM)

Schmucker (Ober-Mossau) has been bought by Brau Holding International. It was previously the third-largest independent brewery in the state. (SM)

The former Euler brewery in Wetzlar has been sold. There have long been plans to turn the site into an art gallery and brewpub but it now appears highly unlikely this will happen. (SM)


Good news from Braunschweig where the future of Hofbrauhaus Wolters has been secured. At the end of 2005 InBev announced plans to close the brewery but stiff local opposition has resulted in terms being agreed for the sale of Wolters to four InBev and Gilde managers. The transfer of ownership will take place on 1st October. (MB)


The long-announced closure of Brauerei Brinkhoff in Dortmund is expected to take place in the next month or so. All brewing is expected to move to the city's DAB plant which should result in that becoming the largest brewery in the country with an output of more than 6,000,000hl.

The Herzogen Brauhaus in Jülich closed last year after encountering financial difficulties. (SM)

Diebels have started brewing Becks beer at their Issum plant - both breweries are owned by InBev. (SM)

The latest Köln brewer to fall by the wayside is Dom who have sold their Altenburger Straße site. Although they are supposedly considering building a new brewery there must be considerable doubt this will happen as the company's financial position is not great. Dom, Rats and Giesler Kölsch are now brewed by Erzquell in Bielstein. Dom's tap, museum & beer garden have all closed. (SM)

One born-again brewery that had escaped my attention until now is Brauerei Königshof in Krefeld. Previously Rhenania, it was bought by a former manager and started brewing again in August 2003. As well as their own range of beers they've recently won the contract to brew Gatz and Hannen Alts and are capable of producing 400,000hl a year. (SM)

Something I missed last year was the takeover of Frankenheim (Neuss) by the giant Warsteiner brewery. The future of the former is apparently secure... (SM)


Markus Brinker reports Bellheimer, Eichbaum & Park breweries may all soon be independent - Actris are apparently looking to dispose of their breweries.

Following a change of ownership, Hausbrauerei Grünstadt will reopen this Friday as Brasserie Grünstadt.


The Oetker Group have acquired yet another brewery. Freiberger Brauhaus has been sold by Actris, ostensibly to Radeberger. (MB)


30th June 2006


Uttenweiler's small Sauter brewery will close tomorrow (1st July) - the owner has cited high competition and lack of funds for necessary investment. The beers will in future be produced by Edelweissbrauerei Farny in Dürren, apparently to the original recipes (three of Sauter's five employees will also move to Dürren).


A couple of days ago I reported plans to re-open the former communal brewery in Undingen (Baden-Württemberg). I must apologise but the brewery in question is actually in Unfinden, a village near Königsberg in lower Franconia. Whether it's intended to be a commercial or a hobby brewery (as at nearby Junkersdorf) is not yet clear.


There've been  question marks over the future of several of Carlsberg's German breweries for a while so it's nice to see that Landskron (Görlitz) has today been bought by the apparently benevolent Dr. Lohbeck Foundation. Dr. Lohbeck already owns Schwelmer (Schwelm).

 Thanks to Markus Brinker for today's news.


28th June 2006


It's finally come to my attention that Brauerei Birkenseer in Burglengenfeld stopped brewing in the summer of 2004. The beers in the former tap are now brewed by Schloßbrauerei Naabeck, although it's unclear if they're simply re-badged or not.


According to, Hermannbräu in Hagenbach finally opened a week ago. It's actually in a new industrial estate south-east of the town on Stixwörthstraße, not Schwarzwaldstraße as previously thought. I suspect the brewery is a micro rather than a brewpub and hope to post more info soon.


23rd June 2006


Excellent news from Hartmuth Schindler - Behringer in Vohenstrauß is brewing once again. Apparently, the brewery closed a couple of years ago after the owner got into financial difficulty and was taken into receivership. The receiver is looking for a new owner but has allowed brewing to restart. There is still no working phone number but the tap has also apparently re-opened.


6th June 2006


Having previously heard rumours of its demise, I've had it confirmed that Leimen's Bergbrauerei stopped brewing in October last year. Their beer had been bottled by Hoepfner in Karlsruhe from early 2003 so I suspect this is where any remaining beers originate.


29th May 2006


The Bauriedl tap in Eslarn is currently closed although brewing continues.

It seems likely Postbrauerei Renkl in Frontenhausen has stopped brewing (as suspected). I hope to get confirmation soon.

The only pub that regularly sells beers from Hösl in Irchenrieth is Gasthaus Renner in nearby Bechtsrieth.

Brauerei Scheubel in Possenfelden closed last year following the death of the owner.

Several local sources report Behringer in Vohenstrauß no longer brews. Thanks to Jan-Erik Svensson for this and the above information.


The website of the Wäldches brewpub in Frankfurt(Main) reports the brewery has been unsuccessful in its plan to relocate to a new site in the Westhafen. Their beers are still being brewed (apparently by Weyberbräu in Weyberhöfe) and are available at Ruhmann's Zum Goldenen Löwen in the northern suburb of Harheim.


28th May 2006


Fred Waltmann of the Franconian Beerguide has contacted me to report brewing has ceased at Brauerei Bähr in Schönbrunn.


25th May 2006

Illustrating just how quickly the German brewing scene can change, the following information has been received since February:


The first of a number of new breweries (many drawn to my attention by Paul Harrop's excellent site) is the Hartwäldle Privatbrauerei in Graben-Neudorf. A microbrewery, it apparently opened as long ago as 2001 but has managed to escaped the attention of the outside world until now (possibly because it started as a hobby?). I don't think they have a tap but will endeavour to find out.

The small Grüner Baum brewery in Biberach (Riß) stopped brewing early in 2006, although the tap next door remains open. If only I hadn't broken the wheat beer glass I brought back from there...

The Kleines Freiburger Brauhaus in Freiburg has been renamed 'Freiburger Bierhaus' and now serves around 100 different beers from around the world. The brewing equipment apparently remains in situ but I understand it's no longer used.

As if it didn't already have its fair share, Karlsruhe has yet another brewpub, this time in the north-western suburb of Knielingen. Königbräu currently produces two beers - Hell and Dunkel, and can be reach by train (Karlsruhe-Knielingen) or tram (Eggensteiner Straße).

Merklingen, a village near Weil der Stadt, has gained its first brewery since 1963. Landgasthof 1610 started brewing their sole beer (an unfiltered Kellerbier) sometime last year. Bus 666 runs from the station at Weil.


I have seen it mentioned that Ibel in Kappel has stopped brewing, but the brewery themselves deny this.

As suspected, Aukofer of Kelheim has stopped brewing. Kulmbacher and Schneider beers are now sold in the pub.

There's one new brewery to report in Bayern - Starkmeth, a microbrewery in the village of Tegernbach that supplies around half a dozen pubs. They currently produce three regular and two seasonal beers, all of them organic.

Also confirmed closed is the Seelmann brewery in Zettmannsdorf.


The former Landskron Brauhaus in Cottbus is expected to re-open shortly under the name 'Hölzchen Brauerei'. The owner has been experimenting with gerkin beer (brewed elsewhere) since 2004 but the pub is expected to brew mainly Pils.

Brandenburg's second new brewery is in Kremmen, 40km north-west of Berlin. Landbrauhof Horak brews 'Scheunenbräu' beers.


Herborn now has a brewpub as well as the fairly large Bärenbräu. Gutshof (a former cow shed) opened at the beginning of the year.

West of Frankfurt, the small town of Langenselbold has had a brewery since early 2005. Selbolder Brauhaus regularly brews a Hell and Dunkel, supplemented by several seasonal beers. They don't appear to have a tap of their own but I may be wrong.

They seem to be brewing at the Bauernhof in Wölfersheim but there's barely a mention on their website. It appears they've got a mobile brewery, though whether beer is produced with any regularity remains unclear.


The northern port of Cuxhaven now has a brewpub - Cuxhavener Brauhaus opened its doors on the 15th March. It's situated in the heart of the docks, close to the railway station.

The Elbblick Pension in Lühe, a village on the south bank of the Elbe opened it's own brewery 'Eckhoff's Hofbrauerei' on 8th January. The two regular beers are a Hell and a Dunkel; seasonals include a cherry beer.


Nieheim is now home to a brewpub. Located in the 'Westfalen Culinarium', a complex of historic buildings that showcase Westfalian produce, the 'Westfälische Bier-/Schnapsmuseum' brews 'Nieheimer Bürgerbräu' beers using equipment bought from the former Pill's Hausbrauerei in Obervellmar.


Hagenbach, a small town on the opposite side of the Rhein to Karlsruhe should have a brewpub from late May. 'Hermannbräu' will be on Schwarzwaldstraße (south of the town and station) but no other details are yet available.


Fritz Bräu in Görlitz now closes on Sunday not Monday - the opening hours remain the same.


The 4-star Harz Hotel Habichtstein in the resort of Alexisbad (Sachsen-Anhalt) has been brewing its own beer since last year. Alexisbad is on the narrow-gauge, steam-hauled, Harz Mountain railway system.

North of Magdeburg, the small village of Lindhorst is now home to a microbrewery. Spezialitätenbrauerei Eckart's beers can be drunk at Jagerhütte, a rustic pub on an island in the Elbe in Magdeburg itself.


Gera, the largest city in the state currently without a brewery, should soon have one. The Kulturbrauerei will be in the Debschwitz area of the city on Rathenaustraße.

Thanks to Paul Harrop, Dave Icke and Dave Jackson for much of the above information.


24th May 2006


I've heard some talk of the demise of Kreuz in Moosbeuren (Baden-Württemberg) but a phone call to the pub has confirmed they're still brewing and have now added seasonal beers to the range (Weizen, Dunkles and others).

As mentioned in the Guide, I've had my doubts over the status of Bürgerbräu in Bad Windsheim (Bayern) for a while. A few years ago someone there told me they'd stopped brewing but I'd since been assured they were still producing their own beer. My doubts have resurfaced, however, not least because I've just drunk a bottle of Windsheimer Hell, the label of which states it was brewed for Bad Windsheimer Bürgerbräu. Can anyone shed any light on this?


My suspicions that Brauhaus zum Reformator in Lutherstadt Eisleben (Sachsen-Anhalt) is no longer open have been reinforced by the return of the letter I sent to them several months ago. In addition, neither phone nor fax numbers work anymore. Their website is still online but hasn't been updated since 2004, although I understand they were still open in July 2005.

It seems there are plans to open a brewpub in part of the former Diamant brewery in Magdeburg but I've got no details as yet.